Toney Freeman Statement regarding his Sweden Trip

Toney Freeman, decided to respond to what happened when we went to Sweden. Here, in his own words, is what occured, and why he felt that Sweden, and the police in Sundsvall have their own agenda.

To all my fans out there, all around the world.

As we close out 2010, I wanted to take a little time out to talk to you from my heart. There is so much out there that is misunderstood and misquoted. So here’s the truth. Two weeks ago, I was invited to Sweden, along with other major bodybuilders to a fitness expo in Gothenburg, Sweden, I had just completed a successful four-day tour in Denmark, so 1 got there early, to meet the fans and Sundsvall was one of my stops.Toney Freeman

You can imagine how shocked I was. Right in the middle of an in-store signing, about 10 police officers walked in and asked for me to come with them to the station. There was no warning, and I could not think why the police would want me. I thought it was a practical joke. But right there in front of my confused fans, I was escorted to a police van. Some paparazzi were there, as well as a TV crew.

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Toney Freeman arrested in Sweden for steroid use.

Beginning of Toney’s Freeman tour in Sweden was not the best one. He is going to attend Fitness Festival in Gothenburg. Famous bodybuilder also called “The X-Man” gets in trouble this Wednesday. Freeman arranges some meetings with his funs, one of them was held in Sundsvall shop. But interesting discus was interrupt by police that took Toney Freeman to police station. The police group planned the raid and took the help of the ads to locate the X-man. They were conducted by Henry Blusi.

Being asked why police interrupt Toney’s Freeman event, Henry Blusi answered that they just knew that professional bodybuilder will be in Sundsvall shop for some hours, after that he would have gone further.

The X-Man was calm during the arrest and he was surprised thinking that this is joke. By getting the police office he has to pass urine drug test, which was positive.

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Expect a Tough Decision & a Few Surprises at 2010 Mr. Olympia

It was just about a full year ago that we were all talking about how deep the 2009 Mr. Olympia line-up was going to be. Dexter Jackson was coming in as the defending champion, Kai Greene was making his first appearance on the Las Vegas stage after dominating at the Arnold Classic, Phil Heath was returning for his second shot at the Sandow after taking third in his maiden O, Dennis Wolf was the ‘sexy’ pick and Jay Cutler was hardly being mentioned.

We all know what happened, with Cutler besting Branch Warren to reclaim what was once his. Jackson fell to third, with Greene and Heath following. Wolf did not even place and has been quiet of late. With such unexpected results then, who knows what is going to occur this time?

The men who have qualified so far are Cutler, Jackson, Warren, Greene, Heath, Wolf, Melvin Anthony, Erik Frankhouser, Toney Freeman, Marcus Haley, Victor Martinez, Evengy Mishin, Robert Piotrkowicz, Craig Richardson, Ronny Rockel, Roelly Winklaar and Hidetada Yamagishi.

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