Hidetada Yamagishi Workout Routines

How did you get started with bodybuilding?

I played rugby in my teens and I wanted to gain weight to enhance my performance. At the time, I only weighed around 130lbs but through weight training, I was able to gain almost 50lbs by the time I had graduated from high school.
“After I graduated, I was looking for something new I could pour my energy into, and finally found my passion, bodybuilding.”

Where does your motivation come from?

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Hidetada Yamagishi Biography

Full Name: Hidetada Yamagishi
Nickname: Hide
Place of Birth: Sapporo /Japan
Date of Birth: June 30th/1973
Residence: Los Angeles CA
Height: 5′ 5″ /165cm
Contest Weight: 220lbs/100kg
Off-Season Weight: 240lbs/108kg

Hidetada Hide (pronounced’ Hee-day’) Yamagishi was born in Hokkaido Japan, where is northern island of Japan. It is not big and modern city like Tokyo or Osaka but there are still a lot of nature. Hide always had been very active to play many kind of sports since he was a little kid, started with baseball, soccer, gymnastics, Syourin Kunfu Black belt, Judo then Rugby football. When Hide played Rugby football in high school, he finally met his passion, Barbell and Dumbbell! He had been always muscular since he was little but really skinny before started lifting weight but by the time he graduated from high school, he gained almost 50lbs of muscle on his 5-7 frame.

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Freak Injury Knocks Hidetada Yamagishi Out of 2010 Mr. Olympia

Perhaps this may be a valuable lesson learned by Hidetada Yamagishi. The six-year pro’s career has definitely been on an upswing but has been derailed with an untimely leg injury. While preparing for the Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Tampa Pro, he was doing seated bicep curls and felt a “tear” type of feeling in quadracep while finishing off a set. This appears to be related to the upper quad strain that he suffered after the New York Pro in May.

Yamagishi is scheduled to undergo an MRI exam on Monday to ascertain the extent of the injury. As it is, he had to pull out of two shows because of it, in Tampa and Connecticut. He is said to also look to take this time off with getting hernia surgery that he was putting off until the offseason.

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Expect a Tough Decision & a Few Surprises at 2010 Mr. Olympia

It was just about a full year ago that we were all talking about how deep the 2009 Mr. Olympia line-up was going to be. Dexter Jackson was coming in as the defending champion, Kai Greene was making his first appearance on the Las Vegas stage after dominating at the Arnold Classic, Phil Heath was returning for his second shot at the Sandow after taking third in his maiden O, Dennis Wolf was the ‘sexy’ pick and Jay Cutler was hardly being mentioned.

We all know what happened, with Cutler besting Branch Warren to reclaim what was once his. Jackson fell to third, with Greene and Heath following. Wolf did not even place and has been quiet of late. With such unexpected results then, who knows what is going to occur this time?

The men who have qualified so far are Cutler, Jackson, Warren, Greene, Heath, Wolf, Melvin Anthony, Erik Frankhouser, Toney Freeman, Marcus Haley, Victor Martinez, Evengy Mishin, Robert Piotrkowicz, Craig Richardson, Ronny Rockel, Roelly Winklaar and Hidetada Yamagishi.

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Hidetada Yamagishi Wins Europa Show of Champions/Orlando Pro

Right after the pre-judging was completed at the 2010 Arnold Classic, Hidetada Yamagishi was not satisfied. “I tried my best but I want to win this show so I [hoped] to be in the first call-out,” he said backstage. The six-year pro made the second call-out and eventually placed eighth in a very deep line-up.

But that all changed six weeks later when Yamagishi stood in the winner’s circle at the second annual Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, Florida. The native of Japan was looking much sharper than he did in Ohio and was rewarded by the judges. Marcus Haley and Evgeny “Eugene” Mishin – two bodybuilders that needed a strong show at this point in their careers – finished second and third, respectively.

Eduardo Correa Da Silva won the 202 class and was followed by Roc Shabazz and Jose Raymond. Erin Stern prevailed in the figure category, with Marcy Porter and Cheryl Brown next. In fitness, a few surprises occurred with Erin Riley and Nicole Duncan not even placing, while Camala Rodriguez was named the winner. Regiane Da Silva was the runner-up while Myriam Capes finished third. Nathalia Melo Moreira won the bikini division and Jamie Baird (second) and Missy Coles (third) right behind her.

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