How to compose an effective training split?

Most bodybuilding magazines can confuse inexperienced young athletes who are trying to make their training program. For example, in a magazine you find an article about the program to build the huge pectoral muscles, and you certainly want to have it, but other magazine advice to try supersets for back and chest and it also sounds tempting.

Journal articles only make us confused by guiding us in an infinite set of different directions. One guy advises train triceps after back, another to train biceps with triceps and the third insists on work on triceps after chest and shoulders. Who is right?

Well, they are all right. If we discard all unnecessary and take into consideration the basics principles then remain – Train all your muscles and they will be big. Of course with condition that you have adequate diet. But the food – this is a topic for another article.

To give the right direction for beginners, and maybe to experienced athletes who want to experience a new and effective training program, let’s have a look at the method of composing split, in which each muscle group from trapezoids to the calf muscles, gets intense and effective workout.

The basic idea of this method is very simple – the body should be divided into parts, provide a direct load on each part of the body, build big and strong muscles, and feel like a winner. So let’s see how it can be realized.

Eleven groups of muscle

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How to build and tone arms

If you would like to improve the shape and size of your arm muscles the solution is to work them regularly. Training the arms right will tighten them up, and create more balanced and eye catching shape. How far you go in terms of size development is your call.

If you took a cross section of the upper arm you’d see that the triceps (the back of the arm) makes up about 2/3 of the ‘meat’ of the arm, the biceps (the front part) only makes up about 1/3 of the arm mass. So it makes sense to spend at least the same amount of time working the triceps as you do the biceps. If you’ve become obsessed with biceps training start putting more effort into your triceps as well.

The best way to train arms is through resistance exercise with weights or machines. With limited equipment a barbell or some dumbbells are enough to do the job.

If you lift weights regularly you might have recognised that when you do a pulling movement for back (like a row, pull down or chin up) you are also working your biceps. When you do a pushing movement for chest or shoulders (like bench presses or shoulder presses) you work your triceps. So it’s important to consider this indirect effect when planning how you’ll fit your arm training in.

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Triceps’ relationship to biceps is like Scottie Pippen’s relationship to Michael Jordan. No matter how efficient or flashy 33 was, he was forever overshadowed by 23. Likewise, even when the triceps do more work than the biceps, assisting in chest and shoulder presses, and even when they’re flashier, separating into strands of beads in a side tri shot, invariably the bi’s still garner the most praise. This month, HUGE is giving triceps mad props. Our five fresh ways to train your tri’s can guarantee that they’ll Always attract rapt attention.


One excellent but little-used way of changing the angle and/or range of motion of triceps exercises is to do them at either an incline or a decline. For example, if you do triceps pushdowns while lying on an incline bench, facing away from the weight stack and keeping your elbows slightly in front of your body, it places more emphasis on the contraction. Performing triceps extensions while lying on a decline bench allows you to lower the bar further than in the flat-bench version

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Roc Solid Triceps

Spend a day with Rashid’Roc’ Shabazz and it starts to make sense. Not the dream of a short skinny kid from a small southern Mississippi town who thought he could become a professional bodybuilder, but how he made it come true despite a thousand reasons why it would never work.

Once you hear how he thinks and see how he lives, you can’t help but feel it too Shabazz’s belief that if you want something to happen, you have to take full responsibility for the result, then work as long and hard as it takes to make it happen.

That’s why it made perfect sense for a 5’5″ 132-pound guy barely out of his teens to leave his family and hometown of Bay St. Louis behind in 1991 to go find the reigning Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney, so he could learn how to become a pro bodybuilder. In Mississippi, there were no professional bodybuilders, Shabazz says. All I knew was what I saw in the magazines, but I needed to see for myself. Lee Haney had been Mr. Olympia for years, and he was in Atlanta, Georgia, so I packed up everything I had and put it in my little truck a 1988 Suzuki Samurai and I moved.

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Build your lower triceps!

Have you noticed that most triceps exercises work the upper part of the area, yet it is the lower part of the triceps that should be worked if you really want your upper arms to look and feel impressive?
When you add mass to the lower tris you add balance to your arms, and balance makes a good arm look utterly amazing!

The other day a young man came into my office with a perturbed look on his face. “I’ve got big arms,” he said almost apologetically, “but they still don’t look impressive. People comment on the size of my arm mass, but no one tells me my arms look great.”

“Let’s take a look,” I said and, with little enthusiasm, the shirt was slowly removed. His arms were big all right. Each arm the size of hams hanging from his side. But, as he said, they lacked impressiveness. At first I considered that his arms were not eye-poppers because his bodyfat level was too high, but the young man soon kyboshed this idea when he flexed his triceps. They were cut to ribbons. Then the answer came to me. The appearance of these big arms was wrecked because there was a lack of balance. His triceps had no development in the lower area near the elbow.

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