Home workout advantages

Home workout program

Home workout has many lacks in comparison with commercial gym workout. Nevertheless, a lot of us prefer to start bodybuilding workout at home. There are many reasons for this decision because of home workout advantages.

Home workout advantages:
– Any time. If you workout at home, than you are not depended on the daily schedule. Moreover, you always have a possibility to change home workout time in any direction. It is very convenient for many busy people, because they do not know, when their working day will end or will begin.
– Workout Duration. For beginners it should be less than one hour. 45 minutes – will be better. Various professional programs sometimes demand few workouts per day. To do it in commercial gym you should spend all the day around. Not the best prospect. Isn’t it?
– Privacy. If you don’t like be under attention, than home workout program is what you need. Often it is important, especially for beginners. I began my oven workout at home gym and I know, how it is important for good mood that anybody does not prevent to concentrate on exercise performance.
– Do not haste. You shouldn’t harry in order to give barbell or gym machine to those people who wait you behind. It allows you to concentrate mind on a working muscle and exercise technique. When workout at home you are the own master and can do anything you like with such speed as it comfortable. Home workout give you possibility to try different techniques without haste.

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Exercise, and feeling under the weather

It must be that time of year. My training partner has been off training for a week. Another couple of friends are recovering from food poisoning – and the gym is looking deserted. What’s going on?

Ok, it looks like the bugs and lurgies are back in force – meanwhile I’m 100% and training as usual. Lucky me! I must admit I take some pride in always being healthy and protected from illness. I put it down to a balance of exercise, good nutrition and supplementation – or maybe I’m just lucky, either way I never get sick these days. Although I once did (up to about 4 – 5 years ago), when I was not as well organised. So what are some things you can do to protect yourself against bugs, and how should you approach exercise and training if you do get hit with sickness?

First off, if you aren’t already on a fitness program then get on one. Anecdotal evidence has shown that people who are fit have less bouts of illness, and less accidents too (the latter probably due to better coordination and flexibility, so less strains also). Another benefit – of resistance/weight training exercise (anything where you move weight against gravity) – is less bone breaks! Resistance exercise boosts bone weight and strength. A very good reason to be including some weight training in your plan – if you happen to take a spill off the snowboard you are more likely to escape a plaster cast and an extended lay off!

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High-Intensity Interval Training is Twice as Effective as Regular Exercise

(NaturalNews) Recent research is indicating that traditional approaches to exercise that involve spending hours in the gym every day may not be the best way to stay strong and healthy. Interval training, a high-intensity type of workout that was originally created for Olympic athletes, may actually be twice as effective as regular exercise, and it can be done in a fraction of the time.

Most people are familiar with workout regimens that claim to build strength and endurance in mere minutes a day. Though seemingly deceptive, there may be more truth to such claims than one would have originally thought, depending on the technique. A few minutes of strenuous exercise a couple days out of the week is actually more effective than spending an hour or two every day in the gym.

According to Jan Helgerud, an exercise expert at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, interval training is far superior to traditional exercise. She believes that everyday people should aim to do four, four-minute workout sets with three-minute recovery times in between. In order to maximize results and achieve optimal muscle response, these sets should be intense and somewhat straining to the body.

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Stronger Muscles With Exercise, Nutrition, Anabolic Steroids

Aagaard P. Institute of Sports Sciences and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark and Sports Medicine Research Unit, Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark. As described in this review, maximal muscle strength is strongly influenced by resistive-types of exercise, which induce adaptive changes in both neuromuscular function and muscle morphology. Further, timed intake of protein in conjunction … Read more


Q: I’ve been bodybuilding for four years and I’m still not sure how fast or slow I should perform my repetitions. I often read that the reps should be slow, controlled and steady, only to turn the page to find another pro who says the reps should be fast and explosive. Who’s right, who’s wrong, and why?

A: Both are right. The speed, smoothness, consistency and control of reps vary according to the exercise, its purpose, the bodypart and the ordinal position of the set in your workout.


Repetition speed will vary, depending upon whether the exercise is performed with cables, free weights or a machine. Since resistance with cables is consistent over the entire range of motion, the most effective use of cables is by means of slower repetitions, with a pace that is consistent through both the contraction and extension phases.

With free weights, the moment of force, or resistance, varies through the arc of the movement: At some points, the weight feels heavier than at others, just the opposite of the sensation associated with cables. You have to apply more power at those higher resistance points than at others, which means you have to accelerate or decelerate your repetition. Free weights are thus more effectively employed by repetitions that are controlled but slightly more explosive.

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Pull Ups Best for Upper Body?

If you were only allowed to do one exercise for upper body, what would it be? To answer this question, you would probably want to consider a movement that worked as many major muscle groups as possible, something you can do just about anywhere and that allows you to adjust the intensity.

Probably the best exercise to satisfy all of these needs is the pull up. Pull ups primarily work the lats (the upper, outer back) and the biceps but they also involve the rest of the back, the traps, chest, deltoids (shoulders) and forearms. No other single movement can work that many upper body muscles. You also don’t even need to belong to a gym to do pull ups, you can use an inexpensive chin up bar that fastens easily into a doorway, rafters in a garage, the branches on a tree, you could even rig up a bar or rope between any two sturdy objects.

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