Sustanon 250 Pill

It seems like there are many people who are searching for Sustanon 250 pill and that’s why is so important to write this article. We need to warn you that there doesn’t exist any Sustanon 250 pill and anyone claiming to sell you such a thing is a scammer.

Sustanon 250 pill is actually a supplement that is not Sustanon at all and therefore, you won’t receive the results and benefits that you would when running actual Sustanon.

First off, let’s check what Sustanon 250 means in the first place.

What is Sustanon 250?


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Sustanon 250 is the brand / trade name of the 4 esterified testosterones combined together firstly manufactured by Organon company. Nowadays you can find Sustanon as many other brand names too. This is an androgen and anabolic steroid that is offering synthetic testosterone working the same way as natural testosterone.

  • When the synthetic testosterone of high quality enters your system, the body doesn’t see any differences between natural and synthetic one, so it works by boosting total testosterone levels.

That’s how you receive results and benefits – by having increased testosterone as a result of using Sustanon 250.

OK, but why there can’t be a Sustanon 250 pill?

Well, as mentioned, there are 4 testosterone esters combined together in a single product and they are being effective only in form of injection. Drinking the oil solution is worthless as the liver would destroy it and therefore, it won’t have any bioavailability when reaching the blood system.

Generally, esterified testosterone comes only in form of oil solution that is meant to be injected intramuscularly. There is an oral version of testosterone (methylated) which is liver toxic, but without esters attached. Therefore, the compound is less effective, much shorter half life and posing liver damage.

Therefore, oral testosterone pills are by far not as popular and widely used as injection.


What is Testosterone Ester?

The ester is a small chain attached to the main compound (it can be testosterone or any other such as nandrolone, boldenone or other steroids) which is meant to delay the release of the main ingredient in the body after it was administered.

For example, testosterone base (also known as testosterone suspension) which doesn’t have any ester attached and comes in pure form, has a half life of only a few hours. It means you’ve got to use it (as injection) by pinning it multiple times per day to maintain stable blood levels.

  • Esters are attached so the individual could use the compound once and the esters would make sure that you get stable blood levels for a longer time.

Different esters have different release times. In Sustanon 250, there are 4 esterified testosterone combined together in order to maintain as stable blood levels as possible whilst reducing the need to frequently administer the compound.

Therefore, once or twice a week administration of Sustanon is going to offer stable testosterone levels.


Nonetheless, Sustanon 250 comes only in form of oil base solution that is meant to be used intramuscularly.

There is no Sustanon 250 pill and then again, anyone claiming to offer you such a thing is a scammer.

You will purchase a compound that is not offering synthetic testosterone – and therefore, you definitely won’t get any similar results to the one you would get from using actual Sustanon 250, which obviously comes as injection.

We recommend to avoid buying Sustanon 250 pill and generally, purchasing anything at all from sources that claim to offer such pills because if they try to scam with such a compound – they will try to scam you with whatever method.

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