Testosterone Suspension

Testosterone suspension represents water based injectable steroid. In our days some pharmaceutical companies produce it as an oil or propylene glycol solution.
It is considered to be the efficient and powerful drug by bodybuilders especially because of its characteristics – it has no ester attached.
As all testosterone drugs, suspension is both anabolic and androgenic. But its anabolic proprieties will be sensed much more quickly than could ever be expected with many other steroids. Testosterone suspensions active life is about 24 hours. Having the proprieties to rise the storing of glycogen in the muscle cell and because it is dissolved in water, Testosterone suspension becomes effective immediately after administration. Bodybuilders/athletes choose this steroid in pre-contests period. This drug clears the body quite quickly, its detection time is one day and it is one of the most potent mass agents. Suspension provides the incredibly rapid and best results in terms of body mass building. This is the reason why it is part of most bulking cycles. Testosterone suspension is often taken to increase aggression and strength.

Testosterone suspension has the proprieties to shut down the HPTA and as all testosterones can convert to DHT and estrogen. That’s mean that its side effects are typical with any other testosterone: water retention, gyno, hair loss, prostate enlargement, oily skin, acne and oter. To minimize or even to exclude negative effects sportsmen stack Testosterone suspension with Nolvadex and Proviron. More sensitive bodybuilders/athletes should take the anti-aromatize supplements, as Arimidex, Femara, or Aromasin.

Because of its short life in order to obtain good results, testosterone suspension should be administered daily. Effective dose for male bodybuilders is 50-150mg/day in dependence of the experience. Suspension is not really recommended to be used by female bodybuilders.
Testosterone Suspension is produced by many reputable pharmaceutical companies such as Geneza Pharmaceuticals (GP Test Suspension), Sciroxx (Testodex 100), Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Aquatest), Generics Pharma (Testosterone Suspension), Axiolabs (Testaplex S 100), British Dragon (Aquabol Suspension).

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