Steroid cycle and stacking

steroids Steroids, for years, have run rampant through the sports world. UT Southwestern Medical Center scientists have revealed that a combination of corticosteroids with traditional antimicrobial therapy may help people with pneumonia recover more quickly than with antibiotics alone. That is meaning that using steroid sometimes is useful for our health. People start using steroids to create a more direct, fast acting way to stimulate strength, enhances their glycogen levels after a workout and increases the way of their body synthesizes protein, for achieving tone, leaner looking muscles without having to sacrifice size to aerobic works out. To obtain the more efficient and maximized result and in shorter time they started to combine steroids.

When two or more anabolic steroids are used at the same time, it is called “stacking”. The time period in which a person uses anabolic steroids is called a “steroid cycle”. Sometimes using different anabolic steroids have different effects on the body, that is why before you started to stock steroid, you should find out about them as more information as you can.

The positive side is effectiveness. Combining more than one steroid at a time often produces synergistic effect – each drug magnifies the other’s effects. Instead of two steroids producing 10 new pounds of muscle each (20 pounds total) they may produce 30 or 40 pounds when taken together. Some bodybuilding steroids like growth hormone don’t seem to be that potent on their own but when combined with steroids the results are nothing short of outstanding. Another positive reason for taking more steroids at the same time is tied into passing drug tests. Different steroids have different clearance times in the body. Injectables, particularly the ester-based versions, may linger in the body for nearly two years after their last usage. Orals on the other hand may clear out of the body in a few weeks. Bodybuilders and other athletes in sports with drugs tests work with this by stacking the different types of steroids together. They’ll use higher dosages of injectables initially and then decrease their dosage while increasing the dosage of orals. This way they can maintain their muscle size and strength while standing a better chance of passing a drug test.

There is a negative side too. With each steroid that is added to the body, the liver has to work harder to metabolize it and remove it from your body. This is why heavy alcohol users often develop cirrhosis of the liver. Their livers literally burn out from having to process all that extra drug. Also the thing that for somebody can be positive side, for another person can provide negative one. For example if you don’t want to gain many pounds at the same time, it would be better for you to take jus one kind of steroid, otherwise you will gain more weight that you want.
And finally – synergy, which implies that two (or more) steroids used together will often compliment (and amplify) each other, providing a greater muscle gain than if they had been used consecutively.

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But administrating steroids in a sensible and logical manner are most effective. That means that steroids must be divided into cycle. Steroid cycle mean a 10- 12 week application of a single compound or a combination of two to three different steroids, followed by an interval of discontinuance of the same length. It was also proved that the combination of two to three steroids in moderate dosages is much more effective and also guarantees a longer duration of effect than when only one steroid is taken in a high dosage.
With the correct combinations one will be able to obtain a synergetic effect if the athlete pays attention to selecting steroids which have different influences on the factors of strength, tissue build-up, and recovery. A stack which fulfils these requirements, for example, would be Deca-Durabolin as an anabolic basic steroid with depot character, Sustanon to promote recovery and general mass build-up, and Oxandrolone to increase body strength. A long and even reduction of the doses at the end of the cycle helps in normalizing the body functions and preparing the organism for a suspension of the intake.

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