Side Effects Of HGH

One of the best and most popular life-improving as well as physique and performance enhancement compounds out there is Human Growth Hormone. It is commonly called shortly HGH.

This compound seems to get only more and more popular both in bodybuilding and athletic settings as well as for various medical conditions and life improving needs.

HGH is a very important hormone for every human. It is naturally produced mostly when we’re sleeping. In fact, one of the most important processes, when we’re sleeping, is the release of HGH. The hormone was proven to facilitate the growth, repair as well as expansion of muscles as well as various different tissues in the body.

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Gender Distinctive HGH Issues

This is a peptide or protein hormone and is very different from all other steroids. That’s because it is not anabolic, androgenic, or estrogenic. The compound is not sex-specific and this means that regardless if you’re a man or a woman – you can get a lot of benefits from HGH. It has a lot of different benefits regardless of your gender. Human Growth Hormone is very likely to help with a lot of different things.

Taken into consideration that is not a steroid (anabolic, androgenic, or estrogenic) hormone, then the side effects of HGH are going to be very different from all other steroids. Due to this, everyone can administer HGH without distinction of side effects.

HGH side effects are very unique and specific. Obviously, since the compound itself is so unique and specific.

  • The good news is that most people tolerate the side effects of HGH very well. Actually, many don’t get any side effects at all. Even those who do, generally, can tolerate them very well.

Explaining Side Effects of HGH


Do not assume that Growth Hormone is an absolutely safe compound. Like anything under the sun – administering too much of it is going to offer negative side effects. That’s why we highly recommend to properly learn how to use it first.


One more thing to mention – HGH can have synergistic effects with other compounds and that’s why it is often stacked with anabolic steroids. Whilst their combination can offer greater results and benefits – their side effects may be stacked and boosted either. In short – by administering HGH with other compounds you’re likely to increase the risks of side effects take place to a greater rate.

For example, you could get gynecomastia from steroids. But HGH can accelerate and worsen the condition. The same applies to growing muscles – HGH can accelerate the muscle growth process too.

In short, make sure how you stack HGH and how you use it.

HGH Side Effects

Despite HGH being very popular due to high efficiency and low side effects as it was proven to be fairly mild and well tolerated in general – it still has side effects. Purchasing the best quality HGH lowers the chances of side effects, but it still doesn’t guarantee you’re absolutely safe.

Here are some side effects that you may get at higher doses of HGH of around 6-15 IU. (Remember that lower doses are also likely to offer side effects, but much less likely, and much milder):

  • Water retention
  • Headache and dizziness
  • Pains in joints and tendons
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Soreness at the injection site

Also, taking into consideration that the HGH is a Growth Hormone responsible for growing tissues – longer periods of administering higher doses of HGH may lead to abnormal growth of internal organs. Therefore, abuse may lead to:

  • Various abnormal growth of organs
  • Growth of face, nose, ears, feet, and hands, etc.
  • HGH Gut – the beer like the stomach of huge bodybuilders with low body fat and abs


But as I said, you may get side effects even at lower doses of HGH. Usually, it happens when a person is very sensitive to HGH naturally. Insensitivity or personal intolerance to HGH (as well as allergies to the compound) may lead to allergies-like symptoms as well as:

  • Fainting, a spike in blood pressure
  • Muscle cramps and stomach aches
  • Pains and swelling at the injection site

In addition to that, there are other HGH side effects such as:

  • Sleepiness
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Risks of type 2 diabetes
  • Insulin resistance increase

Also, this is a Growth Hormone and if you’re having cancerous tumors – it may make them grow too. That’s why HGH is strictly forbidden to people who are having cancers.


Keep in mind that the side effects of HGH are reduced the better the quality of HGH you get. You are able to buy HGH for sale directly from making sure you would buy the best quality Human Growth Hormone for the cheapest price on the market.

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