Human Growth Hormone Cost

Growth Hormone (GH) is an extremely important hormone for every human and animal. This hormone is responsible for making our bodies grow and maintain proper function of it, when reaching maturity. That’s why children with insufficient Human Growth Hormone (HGH) are suffering from stunt growth and impaired development in children. Therefore, they are given Human Growth Hormone as a prescription to deal with this issue. Lots of adults are offered HGH in case they are suffering from HGH deficiency. This is a condition that can be a result of poor lifestyle choices, surgeries, etc.odintropin-100-hgh-odin-pharma

With all of this being said, Human Growth Hormone is crucial and has lots of different benefits.

That’s why it is often used by a lot of different people for a lot of different purposes. Is given to children and adults as a prescription. But is also used by both men and women both for physique and performance enhancement purposes and for non fitness needs (anti aging and other related benefits).

However, regardless what’s your purpose of running HGH – this is an extremely costly compound.

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The product is costly to manufacture and produce. Is more pricey compared to most other androgenic and anabolic steroids (AAS) out there. That’s why by far not everyone can afford it.

Human Growth Hormone For Sale

If you’re going to buy HGH from, we make sure that you’re going to find the lowest Human Growth Hormone cost here. We’re a source that is trying to make HGH maximum affordable to everyone.


Human Growth Hormone cost can be ranged anywhere between 2.7 USD per IU up to around 12 USD per IU of HGH.

  • NOTE! Prices might change from the time when this article was posted.


The dosages of HGH range between 1-4 IU for weight loss and anti aging purposes and anywhere between 4-8 IU for fitness purposes. Thereby, customers would need to pay a lot of money to run a single cycle of HGH. Especially because a cycle should be no less than 3-4 months but up to 8 months. Sometimes even longer.

With this being said, as much as you can see, you’re going to need to pay a lot of money.

The Human Growth Hormone cost differences of $2.7 up to 12 USD per IU you can get from our site is because of different brands. We can’t lower the brands’ prices so we have no control over the price offered by the specific manufacturer. Different manufacturers (brands) with different prices.

Nonetheless, you would still find the best prices on compared to all other sources.

That’s by taking into consideration that we are not as greedy as other sources. Plus, as mentioned – we believe that HGH is an extremely helpful compound that should be available and affordable to everyone.

That’s at the time that the prices at other sources start at 15 USD per IU. And you may find it in local drugstores with prices as high as 45 USD per IU if you have a prescription for it.


That’s why we highly recommend buying Human Growth Hormone directly from regardless what’s your purpose for running HGH. Either you have a prescription for it and need to use it for a health condition, or you don’t have one and need it for fitness purposes or for anti aging purposes. 

In whatever the case – you’re going to save a lot of money by doing business with our store.


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Human Growth Hormone cost is very high, but we try to keep it the lowest possible for our customers. Unfortunately, we can’t offer it for a lower price considering that it is pricey to produce HGH. Each manufacturer sets their own prices – but on our end, we’ve made everything possible to keep HGH prices as low as possible.

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