Masteron Test Cycle

People that are having experience in the fitness industry, bodybuilding and with anabolic steroids already know very well that Masteron used on its own is not going to be as effective comparing to when is combined with other steroids.

Enantat-400-Dragon-Pharma They also know that Testosterone (often shortly called Test or T) is a hormone that can be stacked with any given anabolic steroid to receive an amazing result. Therefore, when Masteron and Testosterone are stacked in a cycle, you can expect mind-blowing results.

  • Testosterone alone is pretty good, but it may not be enough for people who want to get shredded.

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Masteron200 Masteron, on the other hand, is an anabolic steroid that is not going to be good enough for showing full potential on the body if the user is not already lean with a lower body fat percentage. That’s because Masteron (Drostanolone) would dry out and offer hardening effects of the muscles, as long as there’s too much fat covering the muscles, the effects won’t be noticed.

  • Therefore, using Masteron alone is going to be pretty worthless for people who are not having a toned physical appearance and is definitely not going to be as good when used alone.

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NOTE! Plus to everything, there is no anabolic steroid that is going to work good enough without eating clean and training on a regular basis. Steroids are not alternatives to having diet and exercise on check, they are boosting the effectiveness.

Make sure to eat properly and train hard and by adding Masteron Test cycle, you are going to get the maximum benefits.

Masteron Test stacked into the cycle would receive great cutting results, but you also need to know how to properly stack them.

Usually, both compounds are used with the same ester variant. Masteron comes as Masteron Propioante and Masteron Enanthate. Which version of Drostanolone you choose, same version of Testosterone is usually added.



Masteron Test Cycle For Beginners

Such a cycle would last anywhere between 6-8 weeks. Longer cycles may offer side effects for people without experience.

The dosage would be same for both steroids. Usually, that’s 200-300 mg per week of both compounds.

Masteron Test Cycle For Advanced Users

Such a cycle would last anywhere between 8-10 weeks. Rarely people would require to use longer cycles.

The dosage is also the same for both steroids and that going to be anywhere between 400-600 mg per week of both steroids.

Masteron Test Cycle For Professionals

Such a cycle would usually last anywhere between 10-12 weeks. Longer cycles lengths are not used, unless you are having a vast experience and know exactly what you’re doing.

The dosage is still the same for both steroids, usually anywhere between 500-800 mg per week.

Nonetheless, is still important to mention here that Masteron Test cycles are often used in combination with a third steroid. In such a case, dosages may be different. Whilst doses remain the same for Masteron, dosage of Testosterone is usually different.

Also, the third steroid is usually added only by people with more experience. Not recommended for beginners, but may be recommended for professionals. Advanced users add it upon their wish, goals and tolerance.

Advanced users may add Anavar in doses anywhere between 50-70 mg a day, but usually, Testosterone dosage is reduced, or it could remain the same if user has enough tolernance.

Professionals may switch Anavar to Trenbolone – the ultimate cutting steroid that is extremely powerful, but may be nasty in terms of side effects.


Here’s a good example of Masteron Test cycle when Trenbolone is added:

This is one of the most powerful cycles, but should be run only by people who have enough experience.

Propha-Masteron-Beligas Propa-Testosterone-Beligas

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But Masteron Test cycle along is going to be enough to offer crazy results in terms of physical improvement and performance enhancement, especially for beginners.

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