Anadrol Results

Anadrol is the anabolic steroid that would blow your mind if you never used anabolic steroids. In fact, there are people’s reports suggesting that they did used other steroids in the past and they still got shocked by the Anadrol results they received.

Most shocking is the fact that there were people who used powerful steroids like Dianabol and they thought they know what to expect, yet Anadrol results were pure gold. That’s why, if you’re a beginner to steroids you’re going to find this compound crazy good. But even if you ever used steroids like Dbol and you think you know what to expect – go for Anadrol and check it out.

Truth is you’ve got to learn about the compound as much as possible. With each Anadrol cycle you’re going to have more experience and you’re going to do better and with more experience you would notice that Anadrol results are glorious.


Learning About Anadrol

First, you’ve got to learn about the product itself.oxymetholone-anadrol-anapolon-zphc-us-e1566408913214

Anadrol is the brand name for the chemical name and active substance in the compound called Oxymetholone, which is an androgen and anabolic steroid that was derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by having 2 structural modifications of the hormone.

  • You could find Oxymetholone being sold as other brand names either, however, Anadrol is by far the most famous brand name. Do not think that you can get lean with Oxymetholone as you can with other DHT derivatives. The compound is not aromatized, yet is still having a high estrogenic activity.

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The compound was firstly made in 1959 and it was made for treating a wide variety of therapeutic conditions, mainly for muscle wasting conditions. Anadrol is still used nowadays for such needs and is used for treating anemia because the steroid is capable to increase red blood cell production in a very short period of time.

Main Uses and Anadrol Results

Anadrol is having a huge popularity as a bulking steroid because it offers a lot of benefits when talking about aggression, strength gains and adding size to your frame. There are a lot of results that you can expect from going through the Anadrol cycle but check the most common and sought-after results.

Below we would share only the most prominent ones.

Strength Gains

The strength that you would increase whilst running Anadrol cycle are often comparable to those strength gains that you would make on a Dianabol cycle, nonetheless – they would be even more.

When everything is done correctly, you could easily expect to add at least 10 lbs to your frame and increase lifts by at least 10% in the first week of running Anadrol. You would notice that you’re going to become overall stronger and faster. Anyone who is searching for huge results, should go for Anadrol.


Muscle Mass Gains

This is perhaps the most important Anadrol result that most people search for: muscle gains, and you’re going to get a lot of muscles on it. Anadrol is very different from all other DHT derived anabolic steroids, being a bit closer only to Superdrol. The steroid is going to help you add some very fast wet gains.

The exact numbers of how much you would add greatly depends on various factors, but is not uncommon for a person to add 15-30 lbs of muscle mass from their cycle. Truth is that a part of those gains is water and glycogen. However, most of it is muscles, that’s why, when you would shed the water weight, you would still notice much bigger muscles.

If there’s someone saying that you would lose everything you gained on an Anadrol cycle – that’s a lie, or they don’t know what they are talking about.



Everyone who is running Anadrol and is asked “how do you feel on this steroid” you’re most likely going to hear: Big and Angry. It won’t offer some kind of euphoria, but it would increase aggression which is extremely good when controlled and kept inside the gym.

This aggression is amazing for offering energy during your lifts, staying focused and training harder.

There are various other Anadrol results that were not discussed here. The compound is working differently for every person as it depends on various factors.


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