Testosterone Undecanoate

Testosterone Undecanoate is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is used in medical settings for treating low testosterone levels in men, and is also used by bodybuilders for physique and performance enhancement purposes.

Anyone who wants to get stronger and to build an aesthetic and muscular body – they need to have as much testosterone as possible, because this is an essential hormone in the process of building muscles, losing fat and increasing strength levels.

  • That’s what Testosterone Undecanoate does. This is just another esterified form of testosterone among many others but what’s really special about it is the fact that it comes in both form of oral pills as well as in form of injection.

That’s why, Testosterone Undecanoate comes in form of pills so it can be administered orally by swallowing those pills and therefore, you do not need to inject yourself with anything.

When Testosterone Undecanoate is coming in form of injection, this testosterone is known to be the longest form of testosterone – offering the longest half life compared to all other forms of esterified testosterone.

The half life of testosterone undecanoate in form of injection is anywhere between 21 and 33 days which is the longest known form.

However, there’s oral testosterone undecanoate pills with a much shorter half life of about 18 hours or so, nonetheless, the serum T levels were highest approximately 3-6 hours after dosing, that’s why is recommended to use it multiple times a day.

Oral testosterone undecanoate is known as Andriol mainly, but you could find it as many other brand names such as Jatenzo and others. The brand name greatly depends on the manufacturing company. In the end, as long as the active substance is a high quality testosterone undecanoate – the brand name doesn’t have any role.

Injection testosterone undecanoate is mainly known as Aveed or Nebido, but then again, it also could be found as many other trade names too.


Testosterone Undecanoate Benefits

Testosterone Undecanoate, either injectable or oral, is used for increasing testosterone levels of the user. Based on this, the compound can be used for treating low testosterone levels, but it also could be used in performance enhancement settings. That’s because the users are receiving a great amount of testosterone.

With higher testosterone levels in the body, the user is receiving various benefits.

  • Improved IGF-1 Production
  • Boosted Protein Synthesis
  • Enhanced Nitrogen Retention
  • Increased Red Blood Cell Count
  • Decreased Levels of Glucocorticoids

These are only a few examples of what processes are getting boosted by the increased T levels. There are various others, but these are processes known to be extremely helpful when talking about physique and performance enhancement as they can help you grow muscles, increase strength, burn body fat and generally- get a bodybuilder looking body.


Other than that, it helps you to deal with the low testosterone symptoms, which can be super bothering and even unhealthy for a man.

Testosterone Undecanoate Dosage

testosterone-undecanoate Testosterone Undecanoate dosage greatly depends on which form you choose to administer.

The injections should be administered rarely with a dosage of about 1000 mg per week or so. There are people using 1000 mg every 2 weeks. The compound can be administered once per week or once every other week.

Oral Testosterone Undecanoate pills should be administered on a daily basis and it seems like you would require a dosage of about 240 mg per day, at least, to make it effective. There are people using higher dosages too.

Cycle lengths depends on your own goals but is extremely important to run a PCT plan after each cycle with steroids.

NOTE! Watch out for the side effects. They are exactly the same as with any other form of testosterone – the side effects of increased testosterone levels in the body.

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