Jeff Seid: Taking Steroids or Natural?

Jeff Seid is a 24 years old bodybuilder and a Men’s Physique competitor who has made big history when he became the youngest pro in the IFBB history. I do think that this is a huge achievement, especially when you are writing history. To my opinion, Jeff is looking like a real life Goku (hopefully we all know who Goku is?) and that’s because he is having long, spiky hair, huge muscles and all shredded to the bone. If there’s someone thinking to make a Goku movie, please take Jeff as your actor. In the end, he resulted in becoming an icon for a lot of gym rats world wide who are hoping to get as huge as Jeff is and to keep the aesthetic look that he has. Here’s the way he looks like and remembers me of Goku:

As much as it seems, guys like Jeff have no interest in trying to look like Mr Olympia contestants where they are mass monsters and waists measuring 36 inches and having the pregnant looking belly. The aesthetic classic looking is having the V taper look involving to have a tiny waist, being super shredded and having broad shoulders. The Mr Olympia contestants have changed a lot as this look has been originally inspired by the previous Mr Olympia champion – Frank Zane.

Jeff Seid is not a mass monster and yet, he is really big with a good size and is being ripped to shreds while having near to perfect proportions! Jeff’s physique is the dream body for a lot of ectomorphs/ hard workers all around the world who have previously been idolized as Aziz Shavershian also known as Zyzz. In case you already know who Jeff is then you are going to know that he is embracing the YOLO (you only live once) lifestyle to the maximum. Very often, you can see the videos of him while randomly posing in public (obviously, without his top) and he does it for no actual reason. And plus to that, he loves to give the impression that he is pulling more women than Barney Stinson making me wonder who had more women in their lives, although Jeff is really young.

Jeff has got a huge database of fans as he is having more than 2 million of fans on his Facebook page alone and with this being said, it is obvious that a lot of guys all over the world are accusing Jeff of taking steroids, although many of them, loyal fans, are sure that he is all natural. In the end, the natural consensus is that he could be taking steroids with a lot of guys out there that are regularly accusing him on social media that he is taking steroids and even calling him a liar. Here’s an example of that:

So, with all of this being said, we started to investigate and try to determine if Jeff is really natural, or he is only a guy who is trying to impress girls and make videos no matter what he needs to pay (money and health).


What’s proving he is Natural or on Steroids?

One thing to mention here is the fact that he is having genetics from the God. A good sign to say that a guy is taking steroids is the fact that 99% of the time when someone takes them, it is obvious that their muscles are always blowing up and this happens in a short space of time.

Natural guys know very well that to add muscles in natural ways it is a very slow process and that’s why there are simply no fast gains, except when you are a newbie when you can gain faster. After you plateau from newbie gains, the fast gains simply do not exist. Jeff is really young and even so, he has started to lift off weights at only 12 years old. With this being said, this guy has been lifting for the last 12 years.

What really matters is that he doesn’t seem he ever made a huge gain in size. I have analyzed his photos and it is pretty clear that he hasn’t gained too much size since he has been 17 years old. This is what Jeff was looking like at 17 years old.

So, what is telling us the fact that he hasn’t really put on too much muscle size since the age of 17? This tells us that he has got some insane genetics and this is when it is coming down to building muscle and burning fat. And as we all know, extremely good genetics is extremely important to bodybuilding. This is indicating that he has not been small after the first few years when he tried to lift off weights and then, out of a sudden, he blew up. It is obvious that he was growing since his first year of training but he is more or less the same size compared to how he used to be as a teenager. Analyzing the photo above, it looks like Jeff has been weighing around 195 lbs and was having a body fat of approximately 5%. It is obvious that nowadays at 24 years old he is having more weight, yet he hasn’t got any huge gains. Here is the transformation that Jeff had in 9 years, from 12 to 21 years old.

As much as we can see, the biggest jump for Jeff in the terms of muscle growth has been from 12 to 13 years old. I doubt that at that age he was using steroids, especially because this makes perfect sense he would have got that huge muscle growth because it was his first year of training (the period when you see most of your gains as a natural guy) PLUS he was 12 years and was growing. So, checking his gains timeline I can’t see anything that might indicate Jeff Seid has been taking steroids.

Let’s check other evidences such as body composition.

No Acne

I think that this is extremely important to mention since Jeff has admitted one time in an interview with in the past that before he has ever started to lift weights (at around 12 years old), he has been a nerd who has been addicted to the World of Warcraft game and during that time he has been suffering from acne. What does this tell us and what does it have to do with him taking steroids? it tells us quite a lot. That’s because a lot of the juicers are experiencing acne, that is mostly appearing on the face, back and shoulders. And the acne side effect is experiencing a lot of juicers who never previously had any acne issues. Here’s an example:

It is obvious that there are still many juicers who could run multiple cycles and never experience acne, but not in Jeff’s case. That’s because as we can see, nowadays Jeff doesn’t have any acne issues. We know that he is prone to have acne and he doesn’t. if he would have used steroids then chances are 99.9% that the acne would return back. Why is that?

The steroids are increasing your body androgenic hormones (that’s why they are called anabolic steroids) and in turn this is stimulating the sebaceous glands in order to produce more oils. Acne is extremely genetic and acne from steroid use is even more genetic. That’s why, if you have not experienced acne growing up there, there is a good chance that you are not going to get any acne when taking steroids either (although there are still some). That’s why, if you did have suffered from acne during your childhood and you were to run a steroid cycle later (regardless when exactly) then you are going to almost surely have at least some breakouts!

With this being said, we can see that Jeff’s skin is remaining very clear, is all natural and consistent looking in all of his photos. And there are a lot of them – with him shirtless. If there would have been any signs of acne – we would have seen it. that is why it is likely that he has not taken steroids because his sebaceous glands are not producing that excess of oil that he is genetically prone to produce.

Another thing to mention here is that Jeff not only claims that he never took steroids, he claims that

steroids are against his philosophy

. Jeff has said it in one of his really long videos on YouTube where  he is talking about steroids. the video is nearly one hour long and he says it at the 51 minute. Here take a look:

as much as we can see in that video, Jeff is saying that he is not understanding why there are guys that are going for that aesthetic would ever take steroids and that’s because as he says – everyone can naturally get jacked and have an aesthetic look. To be honest, it does sounds logical. Nonetheless, he does mention the fact that he is understanding those people who are using steroids that are wishing to look like the Mr Olympia guys, guys such as Phil Heath and Ronnie Coleman who are mass monster – completely differently looking than what Jeff looks like so that’s a different goal.

In addition to that, Jeff is adding saying that the look and the lifestyle that he wants to have is a healthy one and with this being said, the steroids will most likely compromise that, something I definitely agree with because we all know that steroids can damage your health (and natural look). Plus to that, I have to say that a lot of bodybuilders were caught lying about steroids in front of a camera because there are symptoms indicating they are lying. But there are no signs that Jeff is lying and he generally seems to be very genuine when is speaking about the topic.

I must mention that this is quite a solid advice from Jeff and that’s especially because he is encouraging all young people around the world to go down the natural route and I think that this is worth our respect! Nonetheless, not everyone is going to have the Jeff amazing genetics, unfortunately, and that’s why not everyone will have the same physique as Jeff does. I do know very well that there are a lot of guys that are using steroids and they do not look even half as good as Jeff does. There are 2 main reason why this happens: because those guys do not have such amazing genetics as Jeff does and because they do not have expert knowledge regarding nutrition and training as he does.

No physical signs of steroid use

I also must mention here the fact that if Jeff Seid has ever been juiced then it must have been from a younger age and that is because he has only had extremely small gains since the age of 17 and that’s something very “natural”. With this being said, the steroid users are usually having at least some steroid symptoms and that’s why if he would have ever taken steroids then he would have had at least some visual steroid side effects. These steroid side effects include:

Receding hair

– something that definitely doesn’t apply to Jeff as he’s GOKU – extremely thick and long hair. Taking steroids for at least a year would have had effect on his hair making it receded, especially by taking such drugs before finishing puberty.

Acne –

 as I already said, he is having clear skin even though he’s prone to acne.


– Jeff has no case of gyno at all.

Red looking skin (flushed skin) –

analyzing the photos of Jeff, he has no red looking skin that could indicate higher body temperature/ blood pressure as a result of taking anabolics. We all know that taking steroids are usually making your body have the red looking of the skin.

Water retention

– as much as we can see, Jeff has never had a sign of bloat or water retention. That’s another common side effect of steroids.

Altered/ manly face

– when taking steroids a lot of guys experience altered face so you get a more manly face. A good example of that is Zac Efron. But this is not the case for Jeff Seid that still has a baby face. Steroids users are getting a manly face because they often get more wrinkles and ageing and that’s because a lot of anabolic steroids are decreasing the amount of the collagen that your body is producing. If you want to check it – go on Zac Efron’s article and check it. Analyze how he changed since he took steroids for the Baywatch movie.

Serge Nubret Look-alike

A lot of guys worldwide suggest that Jeff Seid has no chances to be natural because he is looking very similar with pretty much same stats as Serge Nubret – Serge is one of the best Mr Olympia contestants of all the time but he has been known to be juicing. Here are some of the comments that is indicating this:

For those wondering – the approximate stats of Serge and Jeff (when they are competing) include: height of 6 foot; weight of 200 lbs; body fat 6% and the arm size of 18 inches. To be honest, I was shocked to see such comments saying that Jeff is having the same body as Serge. Just take a look at them. Serge Nubret has been a lot much bigger than Jeff Seid. First of all – we don’t know if those numbers are 100% legit but even if they are so, numbers are very often deceiving.

It is very easily seen in pics that Serge Nubret was much bigger than Jeff in terms of muscularity, but I think in real life the comparison would have been much more obvious. Here’s the pic comparison.

What’s the conclusion?

My final word is that Jeff Seid is actually natural. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that could indicate Jeff is taking steroids. That’s why my verdict is Natty.

Many people who say Jeff is taking steroids forget about one main and extremely important thing – some people are having some extremely good genetics. And that’s something that we need to keep on remembering when talking about bodybuilders. I just think that a lot of guys out there who keep on claiming “he’s 100% on steroids” or “he’s in too good shape for a natural” are having nothing at all to back up their words. Just remember that only because there’s someone who is really jacked up it doesn’t mean they are surely taking steroids.

If you do still think that “Jeff Seid is 100% on steroids” then write it in comments backing up your words. Tell us what do you think about Jeff in the comments below. Thanks to the following sources and references:

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