Is Jamie Alderton Natural or Taking Steroids?

Jamie Alderton is also known as his nickname “Grenade Jay” that he obtained after he got sponsorship with supplement company called Grenade since he is a English fitness model and bodybuilder.

For those who are not familiar with Grenade supplements company – they are best known for their popular fat burner supplement which is packed up looking as an actual grenade (which I find it pretty cool, and many around the world seem to think the same). In addition to that, this company is also famous by bringing to any bodybuilding EXPO’s… wait for it… an army tank to their stand! And I think this is even cooler.

Anyway, unlike a lot of other fitness models and bodybuilders out there, Jamie is trying to be a honest guy as he is very open admitting about eating less clean foods and he did admitted he has some love for alcoholic drinks such as the Grey Goose and Guinness but that’s, obviously, during the off season. Those people who are already following him on social media already should know that at any time some really amazing cheat meals might appear in your newsfeed, so epic meals that even the Rock would agree with. In addition to that, Jamie has also publicly expressed his immense love for the little “cheaters” – Skittles. In the end, what I am trying to say is that the fact he is admitting to eat all of those devilish treats are making him appear more honest and open than many other guys out there in the fitness industry because in the end, we do know that many of them are cheating, but not all of them are honest enough.

Jamie’s weight and especially body fat are fluctuating up and down very much and that’s because he tends to gain a lot of weight during the off season. That’s something not specific for many bodybuilders who want to keep looking shredded to bone all year round. But Jamie isn’t that type of bodybuilder so he is approximately 40 lbs heavier during the off season and that’s compared to when he is dialed in for a competition. And he seems to be an expert by doing it all very well as he does know how to put on weight (as much as it seems) but he definitely knows how to lose it. So, is Jamie Alderton taking something to go up and down in this weight rollercoaster or he’s just a pro in putting on weight and then losing it?


The 2014 Huge Transformation

Up until 2014 Jamie didn’t seem to get any speculation of taking steroids but after a huge transformation he went through that year (which truly seem to be an incredible transformation) a lot of speculation heated up. He went through a body transformation that anyone would envy in only 6 months. Here’s what he went through:

As much as you can see, this guy has lost a lot of weight in only 6 months while not losing a single lbs of his muscle. Jamie went from being bulky and smooth to extremely shredded in approximately only 25 weeks and that’s, supposedly, without the use of any type of steroids. As I earlier said, this huge transformation was the point when he started to receive accusations of taking steroids. He got quite a few negative comments on his Facebook page and everyone were saying he took steroids. Jamie replied back to one of them, using a joke (meme), denying the use of steroids.

Today, I am going to try determining (using facts and not opinions) if Jamie has indeed taken steroids or everything he is taking is only protein and skittles so thanks to his knowledge on how to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time he is getting false accusations. Let’s take a look at the evidences.

The 6 Months Transformation – is that Unreal (without steroids) or is Attainable?

So, the biggest question is – what he went through is possible at all or not? Jamie seem to transform from a guy looking 6/10 to 10/10 in only half a year so many nattys started wondering how they can do it themselves? Well, the first thing that a lot of naturals were thinking (pretty sure about it) – the quick gains are impossible in the bodybuilding world unless you are going through the newbie gains or you are using steroids.

But what I need to mention here is the fact that we should analyze his transformation carefully and by doing so it gets pretty obvious that Jamie hasn’t actually built any muscle mass during these 6 months, his amazing transformation is thanks to the body fat he lost. In both photos (before and after) he has the same amount of muscle weight and muscle size. So, all that he has done is lose the body fat drastically and this has increased his muscle definition and vascularity much more. So the real question is – is it possible for a natural guy to lose that much of body fat in 6 months or not? and that’s because, as we can see, he didn’t put on any muscle mass.

So well, Jamie Alderton seems to have gone from what looks like 15 % of body fat all the way down to around 3 % or 4%. Keep in mind that we are talking about the universal body fat percentages here that everyone is able to relate to. These are not actual precise data as no DEXA scan scores were offered (which, obviously, are much more accurate). Nonetheless, I still think that in the photo before he was around 15% while in the photo after he was around 3-4%. To my observation, Jamie has lost 37 lbs and approximately 11 to 12 % body fat. With this being said, it seems like Jamie should have lost approximately 2 lbs or so a week to achieve such results when he got through his extreme cutting. With this being said, from my own experience, I know that losing about 2 lbs of weight per week is going to result in a loss of approximately 0.5 % of body fat. And as much as I can see, this is pretty much exactly the same that Jamie’s results are.

In fact, losing 2 lbs a week would have made him lose even more weight because assuming Jamie was losing 2 lbs a week then at the fastest he would have achieved his ideal competition weight at 20 weeks which in the end would make him lose about 40 lbs in only 20 weeks. But he only lost 37 lbs in 24 weeks. That’s because, as much as we all know, dieting is not plain sailing ahead. The weight loss plateaus from time to time and there are a lot of psychological things that a person must overcome. This is the reason why I think that it is quite a logical thing to assume that such a transformation is going to take a bit longer than 20 weeks in order to account for such things.

So as much as it seems, it took Jamie 24 weeks to lose around 37 lbs but as the data from above suggests – it is possible to lose even more than that. For this reason I think that such a transformation is pretty realistic for any natural guy (with an very disciplined cutting) and remember – he was not building muscles because he already had them – he was losing weight.

There are 2 reasons what makes Jamie’s transformation to look so amazing and seemingly out of this planet without the use of steroids.

First of all is the fact that he had a big amount of muscle mass that was covered by all that fat in the before picture. Such a huge transformation wouldn’t be possible for a skinny guy without any muscle mass. Second is because he got his body fat % extremely low in the second picture. If there’s a fat guy without muscle mass, then such a transformation (without the use of steroids) would indeed be impossible. But we can see Jamie was already jacked – and with lots of body fat.

I do know that some people out there would naturally think that he had an average sized muscles in the picture *before* due to the fact that he has got more body fat and it is hiding his entire muscle definition. I think that’s wrong. plus, unless you have absolutely no muscle on your frame then anybody is going to look amazing at 4% of body fat. Just check how amazing some of the boxers are looking when they are getting super lean. And they are not having any significant muscle mass as we can notice.

In the end what I am trying to say is that in case you DO have the muscle mass beforehand and you are getting your body fat to 4 % then your transformation is going to look amazing. And if you do have muscle mass beforehand and a somehow normal body fat of 15 % like Jamie’s then 6 months is enough to go through this epic transformation.

Jamie Alderton Good Genetics

Many might wonder how do I know Jamie has good genetics? In the photo above Jamie is 13 years old. He has posted this pic of himself as a 13 year old kid and it is obvious that he has not got the muscularity that he is showing nowadays, nonetheless he is definitely very muscular for a 13 years old guy that is just starting to go through puberty. I am very sure that for a 13 years old kid, he is looking big and really good because any kid looking like that at 13 would guarantee him respect from all the boys in his year and all the girls would “love” him.

With this being said, Jamie has good genetics – by far not all guys in his age look that big. That’s why, a combination of good genetics, good knowledge, intense training and a lot of bulk for so many years I doubt it is a surprise that he has a lot of muscle mass and that he’s so jacked. Then an extreme cutting for 6 months definitely can make you look like that.

Jamie Got Drug Tested

Jamie has been competing in bodybuilding competitions such as BNBF and Musclemania. Both of these federations are drug testing their competitors and the BNBF federation is well known to be particularly rigorous in catching the steroid users since they are implementing urine tests and polygraphs (lie detectors) at random times. It is very well known that in the sports world, a lot of athletes were beating drug tests while taking steroids. It is especially easy to beat the drug tests when the athlete is told the date of the test. With this, they have enough time to stop taking the substance so it can leave their system – that way the drug test is passed while the athlete is on steroids.

But as I said, the BNBF is using random tests at random times throughout the year so no competitor knows when they will be tested so they won’t have time to cycle off. Here is what it is being stated on their own website:

With this being said, BNBF is among the most credible natural bodybuilding federations out there and as I earlier said – Jamie Alderton competed in it. With such rigorous drug testing policy it would be impossible for Jamie to take steroids.

Other Symptoms Proving He’s Natty or Taking Steroids

Jamie has weak traps.

No offence to this guy as he looks amazing but his traps are weaker if comparing them to an average steroid user. This is a sign of a natural bodybuilder as the weak traps look natural. As I often mentioned – the deltoids (traps) are having much more androgen receptors than any other muscle groups. With this being said, when the person start juicing up, the traps are going to be the first muscle group that you can see growing as it responds to anabolic steroids much better and faster. Hence – an average steroid user has much bigger traps than Jamie.

In fact, I think that if a juicer would took stuff in order to enhance DHT/ test levels without even training his traps then they would still be bigger than Jamie’s.

Another sign that suggests Jamie is actually natural is the fact that he has

NO Flushed Skin

and I think that this is why some people might start arguing: “assuming that he might not have used any testosterone enhancing substances – there are good chances that he might have been using clenbuterol when he was cutting (helps you lose a lot of body fat and won’t affect traps size as it is not androgenic”.

Yes, I do agree with the fact that clen do not make your traps go bigger, but I still think there are very little chances he took clen. That’s because it would have been flagged in a drugs test (as I said, he went through rigorous drug test policies) and even if he did somehow passed them (through I think there are nearly no chances) – very often a clen user would experience a significant rise in the body temperature because of the clen’s thermogenic effects. That’s why, we can always see a guy that is being cycling with clen to have the red – looking/ flushed skin effect.

If you are going to carefully check through photos of Jamie (videos and photos from different points of his life), you are never going to see that red looking effect to his skin (except from the photo that has been taken straight after his holiday which is clear that he got it from a mild sunburn). I just don’t see how he could avoid this very common side effect and pass the drug test all while taking clenbuterol.

Except for the fact that there are no obvious signs of taking steroids by checking his body (usually, an average steroid user would have at least a few steroid symptoms on his body), Jamie has another sign that is actually confirming the fact he is natural and it is

Thick Hair

that a lot of steroids users won’t have. Check Zac Efron’s article as it is the best example that steroids are able to cause your hair to recede and thin a lot, in only a few months of using steroids. But if you keep on cycling steroids for many years then bald head is what awaits you.

This is the reason why a lot of guys in the Mr Olympia are bald or have shaved their heads (so they could hide their high hair lines). Jamie is currently 34 years old and he is having thick hair and is having no signs of receding. Some natural guys at 34 years start receding. All of this is a prove that Jamie is having normal (or better said natural) DHT levels.

What’s the Conclusion?

My verdict is that Jamie Alderton is all natural since there is no evidence at all that can suggest the idea that Jamie is taking steroids. Analyzing his body transformation, his body composition, his history and steroid symptoms there’s absolutely no sign that he might have taken steroids. Jamie also went through rigorous drug testing policies from the federations he competed in and that would make it near to impossible for him to take anything at all.

In the end, after I have done a lot of research all around and trying to combine all sorts of information, there is absolutely no factors or evidences that could indicate Jamie is taking steroids. It seems that the way Jamie looks like is thanks to his amazing genetics, a lot of dedication, a lot of hard work and a good knowledge on how to diet, with, seemingly – a lot of skittles. In the end, it seems that drinking Grey Goose and Guinness and eating lots of skittles could make you have your dream body. LOL.

In the end, what do you think about Jamie Alderton? Have you found any other evidence that he is actually taking anything? Right it all down in comments below. Thanks to lots of sources that helped me in writing of this article:

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