Is Terry Crews Natural or Does He Takes Steroids?

Hello there everyone, now we are going to try to answer the question if Terry Crews is on steroids or he is natural. I guess we all know Terry – the muscular actor who played a lot of roles including being a member from Expendables. Terry is a jacked man who is well known worldwide mostly for his acting career, yet, a lot of his fans are wondering if he ever took steroids to achieve such a body.

The anabolic steroids, if are being used wisely, will allow you to pile on muscle like you’ve never been before, while in the same time helping you to build strength and to burn fat. Yeah, the anabolic steroids are pretty amazing when it comes to build muscles and for this reason, they are very well used in the world of bodybuilding and fitness, as building muscles is just one advantage it gives and there are many others. Nonetheless, they are not without risks and side effects.

This article is not meant to make someone start or stop taking anabolic steroids, but I just want to give a friendly advice and say the following – if you do use steroids, please do it carefully, correctly and wisely. That’s because people have been known to die from anabolic steroid abuse, and not to mention the fact that there are lots of people all over the world who have caused irreversible damage to their bodies because they were using anabolic steroids.

The use of anabolic steroids is a taboo topic, especially in the fitness and bodybuilding world and yet, a lot of people are still known to use steroids. That’s because even though everyone knows the steroids are dangerous, so is alcohol and tobacco and yet, you just don’t see anyone in the world getting crazy when there’s someone who lights up a cigarette or is drinking a bottle of beer in public. It does looks like steroids are highly misunderstood and they are very unfairly demonized by the mass media in some instances, this is the reason why we are trying to educate. Some of the biggest mistake is the fact that people seem to think that every jacked dude in the world should be using steroids in order to build such a physique, nonetheless, I’ve proven countless times by writing a lot of articles about a lot of different big dudes that this is not always the case.

There are huge guys who are not on steroids, but you can meet a fairly average guy who is known to be taking steroids. That’s why, if you’re a person wondering if Terry Crews is on steroids or not, you might find this article very interesting. There are a lot of people who are wondering this as much as we know because Terry Crews, the popular US actor, is very often being accused of using anabolic steroids, and in this article we are going to try to find an answer to either are these accusations unfair or they are justified. So, let’s continue with it.


Legal Disclaimer

Before we can continue any further and start investigating about Terry Crews and whether or not he ever used steroids, we need to take care of the legal stuff. We are not, in any way, associated with Terry Crews and there are nearly no chances that we ever will be.

With this being said, we have no 100% conclusion about whether or not he has ever used steroids in his life and unless Terry would ever say it himself, we most likely would never find it out. We have no access to his medical history or personal information. Our conclusion is going to be based purely on speculations and factors that everyone can see by researching about the actor online through information for public access.

We are having no insider info or secret proof that could indicate Terry is on steroids or natural, we are here only to look at his physique and at what we know about Terry in a bid in order to make an educated guess as to whether he could potentially be on juice or be all natural.

In order to make it all clear – the information that is going to be shared below, is purely speculative on our part and it definitely shouldn’t be taken as factual evidence for, or against, the use of steroids on Terry’s part.

Who is Terry Crews?

In case you still don’t know who Terry Crews is then a quick google research would greatly help you. But I can give you a summary about this guy. Terry is currently a very popular US actor who is happening to be seen, mostly, as a hilarious guy, but he can be zany as well as pretty nuts too. He is a guy who always smiles, he is having an amazing sense of humor and plus to that, he is known to have one of the best physiques in all of Hollywood.

When it comes down to talk exclusively about Hollywood actors and movie stars, I guess that the biggest guys out there are The Rock (probably the biggest), Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hardy, Zac Efron and of course – Terry Crews. In fact, Terry is so seriously big and is so jacked that he is also sometimes known as the “Black Hulk” and I am sure not everyone can be nicknamed like that.

Terry is currently 50 years old, however this number shouldn’t fool you around and that’s because he is still in a great physical condition and he is still in a better shape than a lot of men that are 20 years younger than him. By talking about his stats we can say that while he stands at 6 ft 2 and weighing in at an average of about 235 pounds, there is barely any fat on his body meaning that most of that is all muscles as he has a low body fat percentage. All of this is exactly what had led many people accuse him of taking steroids in order to become so big and jacked as we can see him.

Before we can continue, we need to go back in time and check what Terry Crews was looking like in his younger years as this is a great method to tell if a person is taking steroids or not.

Terry Crews Yearly Life

Currently, Terry Crews is a very popular actor for playing big roles in Hollywood movies, and he is instantly recognized in the process. Nonetheless, many years ago this was not the case so there are very little people who know what Terry was looking like back in the days when he wasn’t famous and big.

Terry has been born in Michigan, which is currently one of the poorest states in the US. For this reason, the unemployment and crime were rife in that region and to say that life has been just “tough” for Terry and for his entire family would be a big understatement. Unfortunately, Terry never really had a father figure in his entire life and that’s because, by doing research for this article, I found out that his father has been addicted to alcohol and for this reason he used to be abusive, pretty violent and distant. This is the reason why he was mostly raised by his mother only.

Even though he was used to grow up in poverty in one of the harshest parts of the country, Terry was still able to stay on the straight and narrow and has attended school, has been playing sports and has been doing the things that all regular kids are doing. He has then earned his diploma and has received 2 art scholarships, then followed by a scholarship for American Football at the Western Michigan University. Thanks to his great physique, even in his early years, he was fascinated by sports and was playing football. He was a big dude even during his teen years and it was clear that he is a genetically gifted guy and naturally athletic – this is essential in building muscles so the way he looks like nowadays is mostly thanks to this.

Terry has been a very good football player – therefore he got the scholarship and he had aspirations of one day making it in the NFL, as a pro football player.

His Football Career

Back in the late 80s, he has played as a defensive end for the Western Michigan University football team and has won a lot of honors and championships. He has been very well known for his extremely high speed and power, this is what helped him in quickly starting to make a name for himself out on the field. This is the reason why, his dream of making it in the NFL, has soon became a reality. A few years later in 1991, he has been drafted into the LA Rams team and so, very soon he has made a debut for them and as usually, Terry impressed everyone.

He was playing football professionally in the NFL from 1991 and it continued 6 years through to 1997 while he managed to play for different clubs such as: LA Rams; The San Diego Chargers; the Washington Redskins as well as the Philadelphia Eagles. Nonetheless, in the late 90s his mind seemed to have changed as his focus started to go different directions, therefore he had new goals.

Hollywood Aspirations

After he has left the NFL, Terry has moved to LA and has had an attempt to earn a living from the Hollywood. He had a lot of aspirations including not only getting into acting, but he was also trying to get into the film industry in general. Terry originally was thinking about getting a secure job working behind the cameras.

Only one year later, he has written and helped fund his very own independent film, which he is crediting as confirming to himself that he did indeed want to make it in the world of the Hollywood.


I am not very sure if there is anyone who is going to remember this, but back in 1999 there was a show which started named Battle Dome. This show wasn’t running a long time as he got canned only 2 years later in 2001. If you are wondering what this show has to do with Terry Crews then – yeah, Terry was an actor in there. You might not remember him in that show but he was originally one of the Battle Dome warriors as he was playing a character in there named T Money.

If you are going to think of American Gladiators on steroids with just a hint of pro wrestling thrown in for a good measure, then this is what Battle Dome was. Every week, plucky contestants would do battle with the ferocious Battle Dome warriors, in a series of physically demanding events. T money has been basically a typical baller, as he would enter the Battle Dome every week, with his big entourage while he was wearing expensive and flashy looking velvet suits and lots of jewelry.

Then, he would start to pretty much, maul, his (most often) much smaller competitors and to defeat them in the emphatic style. This show, as said earlier, was not lasting for too long, nonetheless, it has still been televised and has been filmed in a studio, in front of a live audience, Terry now knew very well how it felt to play a character, compared to how it was to play football as himself, which he was used to do in the years before that.

Hollywood Years

After Terry has left Battle Dome; he got an agent and has landed small parts in different movies such as Friday After Next; Training Day as well as different music videos and commercials.

Eventually, this has helped him to get bigger roles, of course. Therefore, Terry has been starring in such movies as White Chicks, The Longest Yard, the TV series named Everybody Hates Chris and some of the most famous such as The Expendable series etc. these are just a few of them.

In addition to that, everyone, I guess, can remember the Old Spice commercial. He helped this company a lot by creating some of the most creative and hilarious TV commercials that you could ever see. Terry has appeared in a lot of other TV shows and movies, he has even had roles in Marvel movies which are getting super popular as of late.

So, Terry is very well known for acting, movies and TV shows, however we are currently going to try to determine if Terry has been helped by steroids to build such a physique which boosted his way to famousness.

Is Terry Crews Natural or on Steroids?

Now, if we all know who Terry is and that we found out more information about him, we can continue and take a look at evidences which could indicate – is Terry on Steroids or he is natural. Below, you are going to see a couple of different evidences which could play both for, and against, potential steroid use on Terry’s part. Before continuing further, let’s check what he says about steroids himself.

Natty Claims

The first thing to mention here is that claiming to be all natural when you are actually using steroids then it takes some really big balls to my opinion. What I am trying to say is… most of the bodybuilders that are surely on steroids will avoid to talk about steroids as if it’s a plague. They all who are on steroids mostly tend to avoid speaking about it and they are trying to ignore the question if they are directly asked. Nonetheless, those who are natural and are being accused of taking steroids are coming out and are talking about it very frank and are talking about it very often.

Talking about Terry’s situation, he has publicly stated on social media (even though it was a long time ago) that he is 100% natural and absolutely steroid free. He claims that he always has been steroids and always will be. So he takes absolutely no steroids or illegal drugs but he does claim to use vitamins instead. Here’s what I am talking about:

He is not ENORMOUS 

Terry, as I earlier mentioned is indeed big. It is obvious that standing over 6 ft 2 and having around 230 pounds whereas a very low body fat %, Terry is a very big guy. But, although he is very big, he doesn’t have such a huge body that could indicate he is taking steroids. what I am trying to say is that with some right training and a right diet, most of the experts, I am pretty sure, would agree with the fact that getting to Terry’s size and condition all naturally (without steroids) is a very real possibility.

And that’s especially taking in consideration the fact that Terry is having superior genetics. This means that he might not even workout too much and this guy would still be big. This doesn’t automatically mean that he is not using steroids, but “how big he is” definitely doesn’t indicate he is taking steroids either. What might indicate he is taking steroids or proving he’s natural?

He Is Taking His Health Very Seriously

As strange as it sounds, I guess everyone knows that by far not all sportsmen are the healthiest. It mostly depends what kind of sport we are talking about but if we talk about bodybuilders then I guess we all know that generally, they are not very healthy. That’s because they are eating a lot, they are taking in a lot of proteins, their organs are under a very big pressure, exactly as their joints are and generally they actions are taken in order to become bigger, not healthier, and those are 2 different things. In addition to that, if they are also adding steroids to their regimen, then they are under even more pressure because taking steroids is having a number of health risks.

However, Terry Crews is known to be one of the most health conscious men in all of Hollywood and with this being said, it would be super strange if a guy who is so health conscious uses steroids that are so health damaging. He goes running every single day, he is playing sports, he is trying to eat right, clean and healthy and he is one of few men out there who are big advocates of cardio as he is believing that there are by far not all bodybuilders who are taking their cardio seriously enough – and that’s a mistake as it plays an extremely important role.

In order to try to be even healthier – Terry is consuming a lot of health supplements, including green tea and he is also practicing intermittent fasting. In short – Terry Crews is trying to keep his health as healthier as possible. I doubt that such a guy can take steroids. On the other hand, the bodybuilders who are taking steroids know very well that steroids can and are dangerous, nonetheless – they are still using them anyway.

It does not look like it is the kind of approach to health and well being that Terry would agree with and that’s because it is very clear that Terry is really valuing his health. A short video which can play as a prove:

He is Very Lean

I am not very sure if much of you have noticed this but Terry Crews is very lean and he’s lean pretty much all the year round. He is having some very visible abs and he is having some great amounts of definition, this is very often creating the illusion of someone might be larger than they actually are. I’ve seen guys who lost 40 lbs purely of fat only and because they have lost a lot of body fat % without losing their muscles – they were looking a lot much bigger while being 40 lbs less heavier.

With this being said, if Terry were to gain around 20 pounds of body fat then, ironically, he would look smaller and less muscular and that’s only because of the fact that he would lose from his much definition.

As we have previously mentioned, Terry is taking his health very seriously and he is watching what he is eating, drinking green tea and is doing a lot of cardio as well as lifting too. What’s more is that while doing intermittent fasting, he proves to know very well and how exactly to keep his body fat percentages under control.

In the same time, there are some bodybuilders who would use Clenbuterol or Winstrol in order to burn fat and to stay lean. We definitely do not think that this is the case for Terry Crews of using such steroids and that’s because using such steroids won’t allow you to stay lean all year round and would make you gain a lot of water as soon as you stop the cycle with them, plus he has no symptoms of using such steroids such as flushed skin or being vascular. With this being said:

He’s Not Vascular

When you see Terry shirtless, and he is taking his shirt off any chance he gets (trust me), you are going to see that he is very lean and that most likely he’s body fat percentages is in single digit. What I am trying to say is that most of the bodybuilders who are taking steroids, as soon as they are getting so lean as Terry is (thanks to boost circulation as a result of taking them), they promote vascularity, therefore their veins are popping out like they never did before.

But this is very different for Terry Crews. Especially for a guy in his age. That’s because you can see older guys in your gym who are extremely veiny and that’s even though they are all natural. The reason is the less collagen production over the years. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen which means we have less skin covering the veins. That’s why – the less body fat we have, the more veiny we get, as there is less skin covering the veins. Terry is a different case. No matter how lean he gets – he is having very minimal amounts of vascularity.

You can see guys in their 20s being a lot much more vascular than Terry is and often, that’s because of steroids. But if you are in your 50s and you are having very low body fat percentage then it won’t be a surprise for me to see you’re veiny. What would really surprise me (since that’s something that most likely is impossible) if you’re a 50 years old dude with low body fat %, using steroids and you are still not veiny.

That’s why, it would be very unusual if he was on steroids. Genetics do have an important role in vascularity, but so does age and steroids.

So, is Terry Crews on Steroids Or Natural?

Based on the evidence that I have managed to find, there’s nothing which could indicate Terry Crews is on steroids. Since there’s nothing which could indicate he uses steroids, my verdict is that Terry is natural. Terry is a very big guy, he is in a great condition and yet, we still believe that he is natural.

Terry is getting a lot of accusations of taking steroids because he is bigger than an average guy, but this definitely doesn’t mean that he is taking steroids. With this being said, I have to say that it is surely possible to get in his size naturally without the use of anabolic steroids, however, I have previously mentioned that Terry had great genetics, for this reason, not everyone can achieve his size as he fulfilled his big potential which not everyone has.

Plus to that, Terry has been known to work out for a lot of years now (as a kid), so his transformation isn’t an overnight surprise or suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He worked hard and had a good diet. That’s why, to make it clear – Terry Crews most likely built his body all naturally, exactly as he claims.

Tell us in the comments below what do you think about Terry Crews? Is he among your favorite actors? Have you found any other evidence proving him being natural or taking steroids that I might have missed? Write it all down in the comments section below. Special thanks for different sources helping me to write this article:

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