Is Ulisses Jr Natural or Is He Taking Steroids?

In this article, we are going to take a look at a rather controversial subject while we would try to answer the question (given real evidences): “Does Ulisses Jr take steroids or is he all natural?”.

Ulisses Jr is having one of the most amazing physiques in the fitness industry and in the entire world, claiming to be all natural. Being so swole and having a specific haircut, Ulisses is resembling the predator from the Arnie movie making him look as if he could play predator with a bit of makeup. Having such an amazing physique, it has resulted in some people speculating online and accusing him of taking steroids. Right now, we don’t know for sure if he has taken steroids or not, but that’s the point of this article so we are going to try and find it out.

But before saying it, I would like to point out another problem, a problem with bodybuilding. What I am trying to say here is that bodybuilding it is not only a simple sport or a hobby, bodybuilding is much rather a lifestyle and then more you are going to put into it, the more you are going to get out. This is the reason why there are some guys who put everything into it, guys almost sleeping in the gym. What I am trying to say is that there’s no easy way or quick fix, if you want to find one in order to help you build a body to be proud of in no time and with little effort, bodybuilding definitely isn’t something for you. Very often, when people are accusing other people of taking steroids, including Ulisses Jr, they are doing it thinking that they could take a few steroids and look exactly like them in a few months. A huge mistake is to think that anabolic steroids can provide you with a quick fix – keep in mind that this is definitely not true.

Well, people have been taking steroids in order to improve their physiques for decades now, and that is not going to change anytime soon, but you still should know that you simply just can’t take steroids and simply sit all day long just watching how your muscles grow. If you’ve been working out hard before steroids and you started to take them, then you should work out even harder if you want to see some results. By checking his body a lot of people assume “he has to be on steroids – he’s just too big” but that’s a huge mistake. I, by checking his body, can assume “Ulisses Jr is a bodybuilder that knows all about the hard work”. Nonetheless, what we don’t know: Does Ulisses Jr take steroids or he is natural? Let’s check it.


Legal Disclaimer

Before we are going to continue any further in writing of this article, we first need ro get the legal stuff out of the way so there shouldn’t be any problems in the future. I must mention here that the content found in this article is based purely on speculation on our parts and it should not be taken as factual. Although I am going to try to give evidences and my verdicts are often said to be true based on those evidences, they are still not facts.

In addition to that, we are in no way associated with Ulisses Jr (or any other person I’ve written articles about, so far) and we are most likely never will be.

We are having absolutely no access to his personal information or especially his medical history, and we certainly don’t know for sure whether he has, or hasn’t, used steroids in order to build such an amazing body, based on such information.

In the end, the aim of this article it is to look at Ulisses and to look at some certain pieces of evidences which might indicate both for and against, potential steroids use on his part. So, now that we have got the legal part out of the way, let’s try addressing the question if Ulisses Jr is taking some steroids or he is all natural.

Who is Ulisses Jr?

Well, Ulisses Jr is one of the most recognized bodybuilders and fitness models in the recent history. He has also found himself being the target of a lot of abuse and accusations as of late and that’s because he has found himself being entangled in a steroids row. But why did it happened? Well, Ulisses Jr has been claiming to be a natural bodybuilder for a lot of years. He had an amazingly looking body, great physique and was claiming to be absolutely all natural so he ended up as an inspiration to all natural bodybuilders all over the globe, while was giving them hope!

Of course, there was hope for a natural bodybuilding if you could also build a physique like Ulisses did but “without taking any anabolic steroids” and very well, the short answer is – perhaps not exactly. Let me explain it. As of late, there have been a lot of accusations of steroid use on Ulisses part and while he used to be a huge claimer that he’s all natural, now he didn’t responded to those claims, never denied the use of steroids. Now, the fact that he never denied those accusations surely doesn’t prove anything, nonetheless, I still think this should be taken in consideration as it surely casts doubts, but more on that later. What I am trying to say is that it is a very strange decision to decide to ignore all of the accusations if you know that there are a lot of people who deny your hard work while you know that you are all natural. Being natural, you would try to let an entire world know that you are all natural.

So, Ulisses Jr is a bodybuilder, fitness model, social media fitness icon as well as a personal trainer with a reputation for having one of the most aesthetically pleasing physiques on the face of the earth! And it does seem that Ulisses Jr, as a fine wine, is getting better with age as now in his 30s, he is looking better and getting better as he ages. This guy has also competed in a lot of bodybuilding competitions and in many of them has taken the first place. He competed against other big names in bodybuilding such as: Lazar Angelov; Sergi Constance; Simeon Panda and many others.

Ulisses is mostly renowned for his amazing condition and for his small waist. So having such an amazing body it has ended up getting a sponsorship and has also graced the cover of a lot of fitness magazines. So, before continuing, I wanted to check his stats. By checking them, I have to say that they are pretty impressive, but I wouldn’t say that it is something amazing!

Ulisses stands at a height of 5 ft 10 (pretty much like Layne Norton size) and he is weighing at an average of 210 lbs. His weight is generally going to fluctuate up or down (as many other bodybuilders), main depending on whether he is dieting to cut down or he is bulking up. So, he is 5 ft 10 with 210 lbs at the body fat of anywhere between 5 to 7 % and that’s even when he is bulking. That’s why, as much as you can imagine, he is looking pretty shredded in any case.

So, thanks to the fact that Ulisses Jr is having such an amazing look, he got a lot of famousness and success in his life, however he also got some accusations of using steroids.

Ulisses Jr Physique

Ulisses Jr is having one of the most desirable bodies in the entire world. That’s because, as much as we can see in the photo above, he is very muscular, he is ripped to shreds and he has an 8 pack set of abs, something that most men can only dream for. Although he is indeed jacked, it is very easy to understand that his body is nothing that could resemble your typical mass monster bodybuilder.

Those mass monster bodybuilders out there are simply having another bodybuilding philosophy than what Ulisses Jr and other bodybuilders (like Jeff Seid and others) have. Mass monsters’ philosophy is: the more muscles you gain the better so they try to gain as much size as they possibly can, and will, eventually, go on the steroid cycles that are having very and very powerful steroids, like for example trenbolone, which is one of the most famous oral anabolic steroid out there. We can easily see that Ulissesis not such a bodybuilder and that’s because if he wore clothes and would stand next to the IFBB pros such as Big Ramy, Shawn Rhoden or Phil Heath – he is going to look average at the best. So, he’s different but not having the wish to get as huge as possible doesn’t mean that you do not use steroids.

Ulisses is giving up to around 70 or even 80 pounds in weight to those big guys, or maybe even more, and this definitely shows off. But, it is a different thing when he takes his shirt off because he very well could hand with those mass monsters in terms of condition and that’s because of the Ulisses’ freaky shape – the reason why he might be taking steroids.

I think that it is pretty easy to say that some people are having impressive physiques, but it is not so easy to say so about Ulisses Jr as he’s in an indeed freaky shape. Plus, he is constantly ripped to shreds, he is really really big and he is very powerful. But what’s a big giveaway to my opinion is the fact that he seems to get slightly bigger with each passing year. By quickly analyzing his body, it wouldn’t be a big mistake for you to think that he is all natural, and that’s especially if you’ve just been looking at some IFBB pros that are like 70 pounds or even more, heavier than Ulisses.

Nonetheless, not all of the steroids are created equally and for same purposes (there is an extremely big number of different steroids) and there are some of them that are less powerful than others. Plus to that, the genetic factor plays at role too. With all of this being said I tried to come to this: there are guys out there that have tested positive for steroids that were looking average at best. They were not huge, they were not impressive, and not having any steroid signs on their bodies – still tested positive. But on the other hand, we have different types of guys that are looking huge, impressive and as if they are on gear, nonetheless those guys have passed a lot of drug tests etc. and all of the results were negative for any steroids.

What I am trying to say is that very often, we might make conclusions that are based only on what we can see, but very often they are wrong conclusions. We need to find evidences proving that a guy is juicing or not.

Ulisses does look amazing, and he could very well be natural as he claimed, or it also could be that he has used something, or is still using steroid, in order to build up such an amazingly looking body and maintain such a condition.

Does Ulisses Jr take steroids or he’s natural?

We can sit here and talk about how good someone looks speculating if they are on sauce or not forever, however, without any real evidence that can back up those assumptions, that’s for no avail and we would simply lose time. So, for making a good conclusion and a biased verdict about either is Ulisses Jr taking steroids or not, we are going to take a look at some pieces of evidences which could indicate both, for and against the potential steroid use on his part.

He Claimed to be Natural

In order to start with, we are going to need to say what we do know for sure. and what we know for sure is the fact that Ulisses was claiming to be absolutely all natty for many years. In fact, he wasn’t simply saying that he’s natty and that’s it. He used to be adamant that he was an all natural bodybuilder and very often he was responding to the “internet trolls” on the social media who were calling him out for using steroids putting them back to their places with his answers.

He would always shut them down and was talking about how he has been able to build his body through hard work and through big dedication. He always said he’s natural and always tried to make sure that everyone following him knows he is natural. He has even had “natural bodybuilding” on his Instagram bio where he is currently having millions of followers. I guess you have noticed that I used “had” in the past tense, and I am always using it in the past tense. Well, there is a reason for doing it and I will talk about it a bit later.

Well, there is anybody who can claim to be natural, in fact, there is anybody who can claim to be Superman but as much as we know, claiming something is by far not always true. Go to a psychiatric hospital and you might find Hitler, Spiderman and Superman at the same table if we believe in everyone’s claims.

However, for Ulisses to make such a bold claim and to draw so much attention to the fact that the steroids are on people’s mind then he would have to be very brave and/ or pretty stupid. That’s because most of the bodybuilders who are juicing simply decide to keep their heads down and their mouths shut. They just try to avoid talking about steroids and I guess that’s because they simply do not want the extra stress. But Ulisses did talk about steroids along with Simeon Panda. You can check the YouTube video below.



Competition History

Another piece of evidence which might suggest that Ulisses may be a natural guy after all, it is the fact that he has been a tested bodybuilder. A lot of people after finding out that Ulisses has often been drug tested might question: “what’s the point to continue this article?”

Well, there’s a strong point. So, Ulisses has been dominating the stages while he was competing in the Musclemania federation alongside other famous athletes such as Chul Soon and Brad Castleberry. So, before you are going to take this as a proof that he is all natural and there’s no need to further investigate, let’s take a look at Musclemania federation.

In fact, Musclemania’s drug testing policies are so unreliable that I would rather believe the athletes own words. There are very strict bodybuilding federation which are having rigorous drug testing policies where it would make it impossible for a juicer to beat those tests. But Musclemania definitely isn’t among them and plus to that, Ulisses never competed in a bodybuilding federation which very rigorous drug testing policies.

So, Musclemania does test its athletes, but the problem is the fact that they are always testing them after they are stepping off the stage and have competed. What I am trying to say is that every bodybuilder knows when they are going to compete, therefore they know very well when they are going to be tested. This means that anybody can beat such a drug testing protocol. The idea behind the random drug testing, pretty much like many legitimate sports out there, it is the fact that any athletes could literally be tested at any given time and that’s why, you just can’t risk to use some steroids because you might be tested the very next day. And if you think that you can easily start taking steroids because you’ve got tested today, you are in a big trouble because you could be tested 2 days later after you’ve got your last drug test. It is completely random and that’s why, you just cannot plan a cycle.

However, knowing when you are going to be tested is going to give you a really huge advantage and that’s because you can very easily plan your cycle. This way, you can stop taking the steroids in time so all of its trace is going to leave your system by the time you are going to step up on the show and then be tested. That’s the way how a bodybuilder can very and very easily beat up a drug testing if they know the dates of them. You are still going to have all of the muscle that you have built with the help of steroids, but the drugs are already going to be out of your system and therefore, they are not going to show up when you would be tested.

For this reason, the drug testing policy Musclemania has is not reliable, that’s why I would much rather believe in their athletes words because if they are lying, they can have some symptoms of lying. So, the fact that he has competed in Musclemania federation doesn’t actually say anything at all about either he did used steroids or not. Competing there, obviously, doesn’t indicate that he has used steroids, however it might be so because not taking steroids and competing in a federation when you know that everyone else might be on sauce leaves you with very little chances of winning. Anyway, it still doesn’t prove that he’s on steroids and doesn’t prove that he’s natural so let’s check further.

Ulisses’ Gains Timeline

Checking someone’s body transformation or “gains timeline” it is by far the most effective method to determine if a person has used steroids in any point of their life. So, I have checked his body transformation over the years and although we all have heard about muscle maturity and such things like that, it does looks like Ulisses Jr is taking it all to a whole new level to my opinion. Let me explain. There are some pics of Ulisses as a teen (which is very good as it helps us a lot) and we can see that he is in a very good shape even there. As a teen he is defined and he does carry a bit of muscle. Then, we can see there’s a picture of Ulisses in his 20s where he definitely looks much more better, much more defined and with much bigger muscles. This means that he already plateaued from newbie gains. However, then there’s his photo 10 years later during his 30s where we can see him in an even  better condition as he looks like he gained a good 20 pounds or so. Here’s he’s transformation:

He is much bigger, as much as we can see, and he is much more defined, he is indeed looking really really good, much better, comparing the first and second photo. However, then there is the third photo of him in his 30s where is even better and generally looking amazing, like a man that could very easily land on the cover of fitness magazine.

Ulisses is looking as if he gained another 20 pounds of muscle in the time he was simultaneously shredding a lot of body fat in the whole process. He is very ripped and in amazing shape, that’s what suggests he might have used something. It could be very well that his transformation was through tweaking his diet and hard training, but that’s very unlikely. That’s because as we all know, a natural bodybuilder who plateaus from newbie gains will stop from seeing any further muscle mass gains. especially without bulking up extremely hard. That’s why, most likely the answer to that is that he simply perhaps decided to jump on a cycle and not the fact that he gained it naturally, which is very little possible.

Signs of Gyno

Except for the fact that his gains timeline doesn’t sound to be too natural, there are steroid symptoms on nearly any juicer, as there are very little chances that a steroid user won’t get any symptoms of taking steroids. plus to that, if you want a very easy way to determine if a person is using steroids or not, or if he has ever used steroids, just check out his nipples. Yes, I do understand that this might sound very creepy and very weird, however, just stick with us. A side effect of steroid use is gynecomastia, where men will basically grow breast tissue. That is being caused by the aromatizing enzymes in the steroids which is causing the testosterone to aromatize and to convert into Estrogen. Then, Estrogen is going to result in the growth of breast tissue.

What I am trying to say is that those men who are suffering from Gyno are going to have puffy nipples, and that’s even if they are shredded! If you want to get a better idea of what this looks like then just imagine a ripped physique with a tiny blob of fat under the nipples – that’s exactly what gyno is usually looking like. Ulisses is indeed very ripped, nonetheless, he does appear to have quite a little bit of gyno on his chest. But, another thing that I think is pretty important to notice here is that gyno can also be caused by fluctuations in the hormone levels, this is the reason why there are many teenagers out there who are suffering with it for a good while when they are going through the puberty period.

So, as I said earlier, the gyno is caused by increased estrogen which is the result of hormone level fluctuations or thanks to big testosterone in the body which is converted into estrogen. So, weight training, as we all know, does boosts the testosterone level, that’s why, even if you are training all naturally, this could be the reason why Ulisses nipples are looking a little bit swollen and puffy.

This evidence is not 100% proof that he is taking steroids, however that’s something that should be taken in consideration to my opinion. Here’s an example of what I am talking about:

He is no longer claiming to be natty?

Remember earlier in this article I was using the past tense when talking about the fact the said he is natty. Plus, I mentioned that Ulisses used the claim natty on his Instagram bio. As much as you might have already guessed it, the reason why I used the past tense is because he doesn’t claim it anymore. Well, right now, for no obvious reasons, he has removed the sentence mentioned that he is a natural bodybuilder. This, obviously, made a lot of his fans wonder why and even those people who used to think that he is natural started to ask questions and as I earlier said – he was responding to such questions or accusations but he doesn’t seem to do it anymore.

What’s the reason that he simply stopped claiming to be natural? Could it be the fact that he simply got sick of being accused of using steroids… or maybe that is an admission of guilt? What I am trying to say is that it is strange he stopped, out of a sudden, fighting with such accusations. Plus, if it were me, I doubt I would ever stop, in case I knew that I am all natty. I would try to make everyone understand that I am not a juicer and I would try doing it with all possible methods.

Is Ulisses Jr on Steroids or he is Natural?

Well, my verdict is that Ulisses Jr could be taking steroids, and that’s based on the evidence that I have provided earlier.

First of all, Ulisses Jr has made some insane gains, and he has made those gains a long time after he has firstly started to lift off weights, that’s just not normal for a natural bodybuilder. In addition to that, the gyno Ulisses seem to have is another sign that he may be taking steroids. Even though gyno is not a strong evidence that he is taking steroids, taking in combination the fact that he made amazing gains after the newbie gains phase (which is an essential sign of steroid use), I could very well make my verdict that he takes steroids.

Ulisses has also described himself as a “hardgainer” and that his knowledge on the nutrition and supplements are why his physique’s improved so so much. Nonetheless, this just doesn’t make sense because those supplements that he is recommending/ using are only whey protein, fish oil and BCAAs (will share the link if you’re interesting proving it). It doesn’t make sense because those are the same supplements that every other weight lifter in the world is using on a daily basis. This is the reason why we can easily understand why it naturally just doesn’t add up.

Potential Steroids Taken

Checking his gains, steroid symptoms and everything else it seems that he most likely used testosterone. Not sure and I doubt that he has used anything else but he most likely used testosterone. That’s because test is going to give you some serious gains in size, pretty much as Ulisses had. I do believe that Ulisses may have most likely started to use testosterone in his 20s which has enabled him to transform into the best that we can see him today. Plus to that, it explains the gyno side effect too and the lack of other steroid side effects.

Test will make you look big and full without causing any huge amounts of water retention or bloating (if taken in reasonable dosages). This is the reason why in case you are going to run this steroid in some moderate doses then you can still look somewhat natural and aesthetic, pretty much as Ulisses Jr looks like. This explains it all – his gains timeline, aesthetic and natural look, lack of side effects except for gyno etc.

Write down in comments what do you think about Ulisses Jr yourself. Do you respect him? Do you aspire to look like him? Do you still think he is natural? If you have anything else to add about Ulisses Jr, please do in the comments below. Special thanks to all the sources and references which helped me a lot in writing of this article.

International Fitness Model Ulisses Jr Talks With

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