Is Tom Hardy Natural or Takes Steroids?

In this article, we are going to talk about Tom Hardy and whether or not is he on steroids. There are people speculating that he used some steroids in order to get the get the body he has nowadays, while others are adamant he is all natural. We are going to try and put all the speculation to bed.

Before continuing I must mention that regardless if you like them or not, the steroids are playing an important role of the bodybuilding world and regardless of how dangerous you think they might be, they are used by many people and I guess that’s because the results they are giving speak for themselves. Such results are the reason why people keep on using them, although steroids are dangerous and there’s nobody who can deny this. In fact, steroids have even caused deaths in the past. Nonetheless, there are people who think that if you are using them correctly and wisely, they can actually be very beneficial so they use them. They think that pretty much like anything in this life, if you are abuse steroids and would use them incorrectly, they you are inevitably going to pay the price. In short – it all depends on you.

With that being said, I have to mention that a lot of steroids that we can find nowadays were actually designed (originally) for medical purposes. In fact, some of them are still used that way as doctors are prescribing steroids up to this day to people with certain health conditions. With this being said, if you’re a person taking steroids for a health condition nobody looks your way, however if you’re a person taking steroids in order to build muscles then everyone starts to lose their heads.

Either is that a correct thing to do or not, we don’t know as we are not judges, so we are definitely not going to encourage anyone to use steroids and we won’t discourage anyone in doing so. But the fact that steroids is a taboo topic makes everyone who use them to keep it in a big secret. Nonetheless, if you are looking at some bodybuilders out there, it is pretty much all clear that they are using steroids in order to build muscles and to burn fat. That’s because, usually, those people are having steroid symptoms and they are lean, ripped, vascular and very and very big.

However by far not all steroid users are like that. There are people where it is very hard to say if they are using steroids or not. That’s why, looking at Tom Hardy there’s definitely nothing that could scream “STEROIDS” so we can’t say if he uses anything or not simply by taking a quick look at his body. People are often asking if Tom Hardy is on steroids or he is natural, but honestly, we just don’t know, at least, so far.

However, we can search for pieces of evidence both for, and against, the use of steroids on Tom’s part.


Legal Disclaimer

Before we can continue any further, there’s the legal disclaimer that should be mentioned as we need to get the legal stuff in the right place. I must mention that the content of this article is based purely on speculation and it definitely should not be considered as factual evidence, even though I am pretty sure that my verdicts are most likely true, since they are based on evidences.

Nonetheless, the evidences do not include any facts.

We do not have the access to Tom’s medical history or any of his personal information. We are in absolutely no way associated with Tom Hardy or to anyone close to him, and most likely we never will be. We have no real proof suggesting that he is actually natural or taking steroids as we never conducted tests or anything in this matter.

Plus, we neither condone the use of steroids nor condemn the use either. By writing this article, we are not trying to judge anyone, we are here just to look at what we know about steroids and to attempt to conclude whether Tom Hardy may have used steroids for some of his roles in the past.

With this being said, let’s continue further.

Who is Tom Hardy?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years or so, then you almost surely know who Tom Hardy is. But in case you are not a movie lover (at all) and you’ve just discovered the Internet then just go to the nearest female and ask her- you’re going to know who Tom Hardy is in no time.

Tom Hardy is a Hollywood superstar, a really talented actor and one of the most known guy by women out there, especially in the recent history. Tom Hardy is one of the most sought after actors in the Hollywood and plus to that, he also looks very good with an amazing body that most men would envy.

Tom has played in a lot of movies with some of the most well known movies including: Bronson; Batman: The Dark Knight Rises; Mad Max; Fury Road; Legend; Inception; Warrior, Venom and Dunkirk, Tom Hardy have been in some of the most popular movies in the recent years. Except for big roles in big movies, he appeared in some very popular TV shows as well, including Peaky Blinders as well as Taboo. Tom is a method actor, and this means that when he is playing a character, he is not simply sitting at home and is reading the script trying to memorize the lines he should be saying with different accents. A method actor is completely different which means that he is undergoing a psychological transformation and is essentially trying to become the part of that character they are playing. But except for that, the “method actors” (alongside Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto and many others) are also making the necessary physical changes too, and since Tom Hardy has went through really serious and hard physical changes – that’s why a lot of people are looking at Tom Hardy and wondering if he managed to make all those transformations naturally or with the help of steroids.

Well… in some of his roles, Tom has bulked himself up a lot and has built an incredible physique, this is the reason why a lot of people started to suspect that he may have used steroids in order to make all of those changes. We are going to return to this soon, but first of all, let’s take a look at Tom’s early life and his career.

Tom’s Early Life

Tom Hardy, is an English actor who was born in the East End of London in Hammersmith back in 1977. By doing this research, I discovered that Tom has led a troubled life as a youngster. Tom has been regularly getting in trouble at school and has started to hand out with the wrong guys. Similar to Mark Wahlberg; Zac Efron and Terry Crews; Tom used to have some really big and serious problems when he was young.

Tom has started to drink at an early age and he was also admitted to use drugs recreationally. Since he had such a lifestyle; he has found himself in trouble with the law on more than just one occasion. His drug use slowly started to go out of his control and so, he found himself dealing with an addiction that has consumed several years of his life. He has had a fairly good upbringing, and he definitely has a creative blood in his body and that’s because of his mother who was an artist and his father who was (and still is, in fact) a script and screenplay – writer.

Eventually, Tom has managed to overcome his addiction and has started to channel his mass amounts of energy into acting. He has studied drama and theatre in London and has attended the London Drama Centre for some years. There, he has been taught his craft by the same teacher that has taught sir Anthony Hopkins, or if you don’t know who this actor is then you might recognize him as Dr Hannibal Lecter from the Silence of the Lambs. He has graduated with great results, got himself an agent and has done whatever it is what actors are doing to land their big break in the Hollywood.

Acting Career

Tom Hardy has been having several small roles but his big break was when he was cast in the Spielberg/ Hanks epic WW2 HBO mini series called Band of Brothers. This has appeared in 2001 and while sticking with the war topic, Hardy, once again, has played a soldier. However, the second time he has played a member of Delta Squad unit who had a mission in Somalia. This was in Ridley Scott’s award – winning Black Hawk Down, which was based on a true story!

His role in that move was relatively small, nonetheless, it was enough to impress the critics and the directors of more famous movies this is how, slowly but very steadily, his career was going up and more offers just kept on appearing in Tom’s way. With this being said, only a year later, he has got an even more of a prominent role in the very famous movie – Star Trek: Nemesis as there he played a bad guy named Reman Pretor Shinzon. Obviously, this brought him even more famous and fans so he continued to act and has appeared on the TV in the Virgin Queen, so he took to the planks of theatre, where he even managed to win an award.

Only a few years later, Tom Hardy’s popularity starting to grow with incredible speed and people started to realize how talented and committed he is and so, he started to be considered for some more leading roles rather than just some supporting roles. Therefore, some of the most famous movies where Tom Hardy had a really important role include: Warrior; Inception; Bronson; Mad Max: Fury Road; Dunkirk; Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and a lot others.

The most recent movie was the Marvel Superhero movie called Venom starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock (also known as Venom). Tom Hardy had to go through physical change to become the big star for this movie.

With all of this being said, mostly because of the appearances that he has had in some movies and his body transformations (most notable are Batman; Warrior; Venom and Bronson) people are very often asking the question: is Tom Hardy on Steroids or is he Natural?

Tom’s Physique

I have to mention that the title of this article may be a little bit misleading and that’s because if you are going to see Tom when he is not preparing to play a role that is requiring him to look bulked up, then he looks pretty average. However, the body transformations that he goes for many of his roles is what makes people wonder if he takes some steroids. In addition to that, there are huge guys out there who never took steroids but you can see average males who might be taking steroids. That’s why, only checking someone’s body isn’t enough in determining the use of steroids for their side. But analyzing this can give us some hints.

It is obvious that Tom is working out a lot and is staying in shape, however you can see that he is not a bodybuilder by nature, such as Chris Evans is or others. For example, some actors such as The Rock or Chris Hemsworth (Thor), have literally been jacked all of their lives and they are going to continue be jacked until their times are going to shuffle off of this mortal plain. But on the other hand, there’s Tom who is clearly training really hard like a bodybuilder only when he has to. With this being said, it is quite obvious that Tom cannot be on steroids all of the time, but the question is – has he ever used them?

A good example is when Tom played a MMA fighter in movie Warrior (a great movie by the way), he has impressed many of his fans and especially female fans, with his physique which great changes compared to some other of his roles. For that role, he was very lean and toned and has been carrying a really good amount of muscles. But then came movie Bronson where his physique greatly changed. In that movie, Tom has been playing an infamous UK Criminal Charlie Bronson, who is considered to be one of the most dangerous and violent criminals in the UK history. For this role, he bulked up a lot and has added a good mass to his frame and he had to sacrifice quite a good amount of his definition. For that movie, he surely added some size to his physique, nonetheless a lot of it appeared in form of fat and water. For this role, he was looking more like a bodybuilder who is deep in the offseason – huge, but with big amounts of fat and water.

But after that, the role of Bane in Batman was offered to Tom and he, then again, had to change his physique. That’s because as seen in the comics, Bane is literally an enormous Batman’s enemy who has a big frame and has a physique that would make a prime Ronnie Coleman look average. There’s no way that Tom Hardy could make that big and that’s obvious since he doesn’t have the genetics to make it look like that, however, he sure as hell did bulk up a lot for that role. For that movie, his traps and delts were looking huge and he surely looked a lot much more ripped and much more defined. Lastly, there is Tom in Venom movie where he’s not very noticed without his shirt but we can still easily see that Tom dropped a lot of fat and he’s by far not as huge as he used to be in Batman. Nonetheless, he’s physique is still very impressive!

Is Tom Hardy On Steroids?

So, now, with everything said earlier and that we do have a little bit of information about Tom, let’s take a closer look at whether Tom Hardy did used some steroids in order to help him achieve the body he had to for playing certain roles, especially those roles requiring him to put on a decent amount of muscle.

Hardy’s Body Transformation

If you want to check if a person may have used steroids in the past or not, then it is very helpful to check at how their body used to be in the past and then to compare at how they are looking like now, before looking at how long it took them to make a good transformation.

And as much as I have already made it clear a bit earlier, Tom’s physique is literally transforming from role to role and that’s why – in terms of time when he is changing his physique, we are talking about just months rather than years. Let’s take a look at his stats.

Tom is having a height of 5 ft 9 inches and he is weighing in, on average, at approximately 175 pounds. I do understand that with such stats, it is pretty hard to say that this is considered big, so such stats are definitely not very impressive. Nonetheless, at his heaviest; Tom has been weighing in at a close to 230 pounds while pretty much everything was only muscles. Such a huge increase in weight of nearly 40 pounds which most of it used to be only muscles is near to impossible if Tom has plateaued from newbie gains. It is very hard for a natural guy to gain that much muscles naturally, especially in a relatively short period of time.

Don’t get me wrong because such cases are possible, for sure, especially if you are taking on consideration the “newbie gains” thing, however it surely makes us doubt on the entire “natural transformation” claims made.

His Traps

When there’s a person who is starting to use some steroids and training hard in the gym then you are going to notice (most of the time) that the first body parts that start growing for them is the deltoids and their traps. The reason for that is that the Trapezius muscles and the shoulder muscles are the part of the body with the highest amount of androgen receptors. Since you take anabolic steroids, these body parts are growing with the highest speed rate. With this being said,

If you are going to look at Tom in Warrior, Bronson and Batman, you are going to see that his traps are looking extremely impressive and extremely huge, I mean, much bigger than what a guy with his body composition should be. Plus to that, what’s even more strange is the fact that in a lot of his reported workouts, he did not actually target his traps all this much. Since they are extremely hard to be trained naturally and since he didn’t tried to train them that much, especially taking in consideration his body composition – huge traps is extremely strange.

It is obvious that they did included the odd set of shrugs here and there, but they didn’t included anything too crazy which could get them that big. One thing is that his traps are genetically impressive whatever the case, that’s pretty obvious by checking his older photos where he wasn’t really working out a lot. However, could they increase in the size as much all thanks to his genetics and very hard work or he has also added steroids to this helpful cocktail.

No Obvious Signs of Steroid Use

If you are taking a look at some bodybuilders out there, it is pretty much very clear that they are taking some steroids and are taking them pretty darn hard. That’s because there are obvious signs of steroid use on their bodies. Some of those symptoms include huge traps as well, but that’s not always the case. Plus to that, those bodybuilders’ faces will look purple and as if they are ready to explode through high blood pressure at any given minute. They are having veins everywhere spiraling through their bodies, they are having delts that are resembling more cannonballs than delts and there’s a good chance that they are going to have acne on their bodies and faces, very often they are going to have at least some mild cases of gyno and water retention as well.

Nonetheless, you can carefully check Tom Hardy and you are going to see that he doesn’t really have any of those signs, and that’s even when he is really looking jacked a lot. His physique is indeed looking bigger, however we cannot say anything else other than this because this is absolutely all we can say. Usually, steroid users should have at least some signs of taking steroids, but he doesn’t.

He is not having absolutely any signs of gyno or acne, he is not extremely big, he is not having a flushed skin effect and he’s definitely not super veiny, he is not in a freakish condition and there are definitely absolutely no signs of steroid abuse at all.

So, Is Tom Hardy On steroids or He’s Natural?

From looking at the evidence that I have managed to find above, as well as our own existing knowledge of steroids (more research about steroids can be done online), we do believe that Tom Hardy is natural at least 99% of the time. I know this sounds strange so let me explain what I am trying to say by that.

So, I do think that he is nearly always natural and there are some low chances that he did used steroids, nonetheless, there are such chances. That’s why, I think that he may have used something in order to help him to bulk up and perhaps, quite a mild steroid at a very low dose. Among such steroids I can mention Winstrol or maybe Anavar. But even if he never used any anabolic steroids like Winstrol or Anavar, I can suspect that he could have been running some low dosages of HGH and Testosterone. These things could create the perfect anabolic environment for building muscle. It is very clear that he is not using any powerful steroids in low doses because he would have some steroid signs that we would be able to see… and we also believe that he could very well have gotten in shape naturally, even though we wouldn’t be too shocked if he had used something other than creatine and whey protein  and in fact, he never used anything at all. it is just a guess that he could have used some mild steroids in very low doses because of his huge transformations he got and because of his traps. Other than big transformations in short periods of time and big traps there’s nothing which could indicate steroid use. But both such transformations and such traps can be achieved naturally, it is just the fact that they are really hard to get.

Tell us in the comments below what do you think about Tom Hardy. Is he among your favorite actors? Do you think he’s all natural or using steroids? Provide evidences by writing it all below in the comments. Special thanks to all the sources which helped me in writing this article.

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