Winstrol – Going Through Cutting? Check it Out!

We all dream to have a body like the guy on the fitness magazine cover or as our favorite actor who seem to have a perfect body that millions of people envy. Their muscles are all pumped out, they have defined muscles, abs visible and an overall perfect body that is perfect for summer time when going to beach and everyone stares like “I want to look like that too”.

You may have tried to bulk up, by eating a lot and working out a lot and you may have achived that. Then you tried to cut down body fat in order to get more visible muscles and shredded. But you still haven’t achieved such a body because you lost body fat alongside with muscles too and that’s really annoying.

So how those guys look so great? How they manage to lose body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass and get shredded to bone?

The answer is, most likely, Winstrol.

This is a steroid that can be taken for up to 2 months, and you would get insane results. That’s why is an extremely famous steroid that’s considered super powerful and immensely beneficial.

If you’re still wondering if Winstrol really works or you simply want to learn more about it, then check the article below which would offer an answer to your question.


What is Winstrol (Stanozolol)?


Winstrol which is often called Winny is an anabolic and androgenic steroid (AAS) that is considered very powerful and extremely helpful for cutting and hardening cycles. Winstrol is just the brand / trade name and is the first one that has ever been manufactured, therefore is the most famous and well known brand for the active substance steroid known as Stanozolol.

Stanozolol (the chemical name) can be found being sold as many other trade / brand names, however we all call it Winstrol (or shortly Winny) since is most famous. In the end, if another brand/ trade name is also containing Stanozolol of high quality, then we’re referring to the same Winstrol.

This compound got discovered many years ago and bodybuilders quickly revealed that is super effective for physique and performance enhancement, especially when talking about physique and performance enhancement purposes, mainly for cutting and hardening cycles.

The active substance Stanozolol is derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and as all other DHT derived steroids – it cannot aromatize intro estrogen. Other than that, it has a high anabolic activity combined with low androgenic activity and plus to everything – its unique structural change, mainly to the A ring composition, makes it unique for cutting and dropping down fat as it greatly helps to burn fat.

Winstrol is still used in medical settings for various medical conditions, but is very widely used for bodybuilding purposes.

Is very important to remember that Winstrol (Stanozolol) is an orally active steroid mainly. Or at least, is the most famous form of steroid. There is injectable Stanozolol (known as Winstrol Depot) form, but is mainly used in veterinary settings. However, some people still decide to use the injection saying that is more powerful than oral tablets.


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Nonetheless, oral Winstrol (Stanozolol) pills, still remains by far the most famous and widely used form of the steroid taken in consideration that is much easier to be administered and there’s almost no benefits of injections over pills, maybe with the exception that injection Stanozolol may be slightly stronger.

Why Use Winstrol (Stanozolol)?

If you’ve read the beginning of my article, then most likely, you already know why is a good idea to use Winstrol (Stanozolol). This steroid is going to greatly help you to reach your goals a lot much faster when talking about losing body fat, getting shredded and keeping muscle mass intact.

  • There are lots of celebrities, actors, sportsmen, bodybuilders etc. etc. who used Winstrol as well as simple guys who wanted to get shredded. You can check the reviews and reports proving that they all got a lot of help to burn body fat in the time they managed to maintain their muscle mass.

Winny has been proven amazing at helping to burn body fat really fast and in the same time, to maintain the muscle mass tight and full – that’s something extremely hard to do naturally. It requires years of huge dedication. Multiple bulking and cutting cycles with extremely intense workout and not to mention the extremely clean diet that doesn’t allow you to eat almost anything else than pure protein.

That’s a different story with Winstrol. You’re still required to have a proper workout plan and a clean diet, but you can achieve it much faster and much easier, without as much dedication for years.

I guess is quite obvious what I’m trying to say… I mean, is quite obvious that we’re all trying to reach our goals as fast as possible in the easiest possible way. And there’s nothing that would help you achieve the results as fast and as effective as Winstrol would. After all, who would like to wait years with 100% dedication (almost sleeping in the gym) for achieve the physical appearance that we want?

That’s in the time that our idol (be it a sportsmen or an actor etc.) achieves same results within a matter of weeks or maximum months, with the same diet and workout plan.

I personally, and millions of other people all around the world refused to wait as much and that’s why, we’re all taking the advantage of the famous compounds like Winstrol (Stanozolol). The steroid is going to highly help me to achieve the performance and physical appearance that we are all dreaming about.


You can make sure that it would, you can read millions of reviews online about it. Just make sure to use it properly whilst having a good diet and workout plan. Without changing your diet and exercise plan (because you should be doing it for a few months before actually starting with Winstrol) you would surely notice how fast the compound would kick in and would speed up your progress.

Winstrol Benefits

Winstrol (Stanozolol) is having a lot of different benefits when talking for the needs of an athlete. However, make sure you know that you should get a real Stanozolol compound. There are scammers offering under dosed or under quality Stanozolol said to be the same as Winstrol but that’s far from true. There are scammers charging too much price, even for a real product, and there are also supplements companies that try to scam you saying that their dietary supplements mimic the effects of Winstrol (Stanozolol) in a legal and 100% safe way.

You can be sure that this is fake. Never ever a dietary supplement can work even 10% the way a real Stanozolol (Winstrol) compound would. They claim that the supplement works in the exact same way as Winstrol – all 100%, but we can ensure you that’s false, as it won’t work not even 10%.

If you want to get real results with real benefits and amazing benefits then trust us – you need to go for a real compound. Only a real Stanozolol compound (be it Winstrol or any other trade name of high quality Stanozolol) is going to be such an amazing product that is going to offer mind blowing results for cutting, hardening and getting shredded.

Supplements or fake products won’t ever be able to produce the same effects of Stanozolol, its chemical structure is what gives you the amazing benefits. Its high anabolic activity, low androgenic activity, combined with no aromatization and unique structural changes, especially at A ring modification, being a dihydrotestosterone derived steroid makes you get the following benefits.


  • Amazing at preserving lean muscle mass even during the harshest diets
  • Helps to boost muscle growth, even during the caloric deficit periods
  • Highly speeds up the fat loss processes allowing you to stay big but lean
  • Enhanced recovery, you would notice that you can be ready for next workout much faster
  • You would notice huge physical changes with enhancer vascularity and lots other benefits
  • Highly increases endurance level, strength, agility, energy and overall the way you feel
  • Although offers side effects – they can be either reduced, controlled or completely avoided

Winstrol (Stanozolol) mainly comes as tablets and they offer a short half life of 9 hours. That’s why most people use it 2 times a day. The most common dosage is 50 mg a day, but it ranges between 30 mg and 100 mg daily, depending on your tolerance and experience with the steroid.

This steroid kicks in extremely fast and that’s why, you won’t be waiting too much until you would start feeling it and you definitely won’t need too much until you would start noticing the results.

A cycle with Stanozolol is usually between 4 and 8 weeks with 6 weeks being the sweet spot for most people. This cycle length is going to be enough to offer you huge results, making you much shredded than you ever were before starting with Winstrol.

Most important things that you should do for not increasing the risks of side effects is not to take it for too long time and/ or in too high doses. 50 mg a day for 6 weeks of Winny is sweet spot for almost everyone for achieving crazy results without side effects.

In addition to that, there are more professional athletes, which stack Winstrol with other compounds. This way, the user is highly increasing the steroid cycle effectiveness and it doesn’t increase the side effects.

For example, is much safer to add another steroid in normal dosage than using a single steroid in higher dosage. Winstrol 50 mg with Anavar 50 mg per day is going to be much safer than 100 mg of Winstrol and most likely – more beneficial.

So, for maximizing performance and results, Winstrol can and is often stacked with other cutting steroids. Winstrol is sometimes used for bulking cycles too in order to get lean whilst getting big. But Winstrol itself is not suitable for bulking cycles.

First off, it cannot aromatize, secondly, is associated with joint and ligaments pains (dry joints) which is not a good thing for bulking cycles when you want to lift as much weight as possible.

That’s why, some people decide to add a low dosage of Deca (which is known to help with dry joints) to fight off this side effect.

But most often, Winstrol is stacked with Testosterone, Anavar and Trenbolone.

Winstrol Reviews

Before starting to use Winstrol you already need to be quite big. You should have a muscle mass. Winstrol can help you to gain lean muscles, but it definitely won’t help you to gain as much as for example Dianabol (Dbol) or Anadrol or many other steroids.

Generally, before going through a cutting cycle, is well known that you should go through a bulking cycle. People firstly have huge results with bulking steroids like Dianabol, Testosterone and Trenbolone stacked allowing them to gain more than 25 lbs and most of that is lean muscle mass, and then they go for cutting cycle with Winstrol and often stacked with other cutting steroids.

This way, you’re getting super big, then you go through something that is helping you to get very lean in the time that you are holding onto muscle mass. In short, you don’t lose muscles while you do lose a lot of fat, you get super shredded this way. Winstrol is known to be among the most helpful and most famous steroids for such needs.

A cycle length of 6-8 weeks of Winny is going to be enough to offer huge results that would blow you away.

That’s because, as said, Winstrol kicks in super fast. It builds in your system almost immediately and you are going to feel it working from the first day of administering it.

Winny is going to start working immediately searching for fat to destroy it. When you eat clean and working out, the steroid is going to be highly effective at accelerating your fat loss progress. After a while of going through the cycle, you may notice that even the stubborn fat that is extremely hard to get rid of, is going to be targeted by Winstrol and would help you to melt it off.

The effects are purely amazing, you won’t be able to achieve such results in natural ways and definitely not as fast as you can do with Winstrol. If you’re preparing for a beach summer body or before a show or contest preparation – there’s nothing else that comes into my mind to help you as Stanozolol can.

Winstrol greatly helps you to lose weight, however, you wouldn’t look smaller, in fact, it works the other way around making you appear much bigger. The reason for that is because your muscles are going to get much more visible – they are getting a hardening effect, being defined and in the same time there’s less fat that covers it. You would definitely look much better with fuller muscles but that’s not all.

You would notice that you feel much better too. The energy levels, agility, speed, performance, endurance and confidence as well as confidence are all going to skyrocket.


A lot of people report that a single cycle with Winstrol of 6-8 weeks is going to be enough for them to lose about 10 lbs of pure fat without losing a single pound of lean muscle. That sounds amazing when thinking that you can hold absolutely all muscle mass and strength despite the fact that you drastically drop weight and fat but that’s not everything.

There are people who report losing weight and fat, and in the same time, they gain a few muscles. That’s not anything unheard of when using Winny.

People can achieve all of that in the time that they have no side effects at all, if they would learn how to properly administer Winstrol, what they should do and so on and so forth.

  • This steroid is just perfect for those who want to be shredded. Stanozolol is going to be amazing for helping you to get lean as much as possible, is an super effective compound for losing fat and in the same time, maintaining muscle mass.

Remember that Winstrol (Stanozolol) is getting even more effective and helpful when is being stacked with other steroids. Which steroid exactly to add depends on your preference and ultimate goal, but is most often stacked with Testosterone, Trenbolone and Anavar (Oxandrolone) and some other steroids.

Can I Use Winstrol (Stanozolol)?

In case you’ve been working out for about 3 months and you have a clean diet, without health issues, especially related to cardiovascular system and liver and you want to get shredded (and obviously you are over 18 years old) then most likely yes – you can use Winstrol (Stanozolol).

You want to get the most out of your cutting cycle without receiving side effects, and that’s why is so important not to have pre existing health issues and to work out on a regular basis with a healthy diet. Also, because Stanozolol is C17 alpha alkylated and therefore it is liver toxic, we highly recommend to add liver protecting supplements. Adding other supplements for your health and avoiding side effects is highly recommended too.

You can use Winstrol without any issues of all of the above rules are followed. Also, we recommend you to carefully read and learn how to use it without receiving negative side effects. Remember that this is a steroid and therefore, it can be bad for health, but only as long as you abuse it.

If you know how to administer it and you’re planning to go through the best cutting cycle – Winstrol is going to be perfect for your needs and you can use it safely.

Do not use Winstrol if you’ve never worked out or have health issues. You would make progress in the beginning naturally – there’s no need for a steroid. Add the steroid after going through the cycle and add it only when going through the cutting cycle.

Most often, that’s after you’ve already went through the bulking cycle. There are a lot of extremely helpful steroids for bulking cycle that you can check on this website such as Dianabol, Anadrol, Deca Durabolin, Equipoise and many more.

You would get big and muscular with water retention and some fat. Then change your diet and workout cycle with Winstrol – you would take your progress to next level, progressing much more and much faster.

Where to Buy Winstrol (Stanozolol) For Sale?

There are various online sources where you can get real and high quality Stanozolol compounds, they might not be sold as brand Winstrol, but they still can be high quality the same as Winstrol. Problem is that they may have high prices. You could go for Winstrol from where you would get those steroids for sale for a low price of a very high quality.


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Make sure to use only trustworthy and reliable sources in order to get your steroids including Winny. This way you would make sure that you won’t pay too much and won’t get scammed.

The supplements company may try to manipulate saying that their dietary supplements work the same as Winstrol being 100% safe – that’s fat from true. Nothing works as Winstrol, except for Winstrol. is offering various other things such as friendly customer support, fast shipping, promotions and deals etc. while offering only real steroids for sale.


Anyone who is allowed to use Winstrol (over 18 years old, not having pre existing health issues, enough knowledge etc.) can go for it and they would go through the best cutting cycle.

There are various methods that can make Stanozolol an amazing compound without side effects, but offering impressive results for fat loss and retaining lean muscle mass.

You would notice that the steroid is amazing at performance enhancement as well as conditioning, making your body appear much better, muscle fuller and increased vascularity and overall conditioning.

Use Winstrol safely, and get it only from reputable online sources like our steroid source for best prices and highest quality if you want to receive the benefits mentioned above.

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