Anavar For Women – Super Popular

Every girl and woman is dreaming about a perfect body and although everyone dreams about it – not everyone does something about achieving that perfect body.

Most often, that’s because a few attempts of achieving it turned out to be extremely hard with very little results. Dieting and regularly exercising also might not be enough and that’s despite that you’ve been trying to achieve your goals for a long time now.

That’s why there are women who resort to steroids too and most often to Anavar. Anabolic steroids are way more famous among men who want to grow muscle mass and get ripped but it doesn’t mean that steroids are not used by women – that’s because steroids can be super helpful for them either.

Today, we would talk about women on steroids and most specifically about Anavar (Oxandrolone) as this is steroid got nicknamed “the girl steroid” and that’s because this is the top 1 most widely used and famous steroid among women.

In this article, we’re going to share more information about Anavar for women. Either you simply want to find out more general information or you’re looking for getting your physique to the next level, hopefully, this Anavar for women review would help. We would share the pros and cons of the compound.


Why Anavar is Most Famous Among Women?

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is the steroid with the highest demand among women because females are generally having a very limited options list of steroids that they could choose from in the first place. Although there are many various steroids – many of them can be used only by men and they are not recommended for women. That’s because other steroids would offer virilization symptoms in women.

Anavar may offer such symptoms too, but is the steroid with least chances to offer the negative side effects and with the less intensity even if they occur. That’s why, if a woman wants to keep their femininity untouched, their best bet is Anavar. This steroid is the most famous for use in women, but they are using various others too, however they risk more with virilization side effects.

In case you don’t know what virilization is – this is the process when a woman is turned into a man. She starts receiving manly traits both physically and psychologically. Through virilization, a woman is starting to look, sound, think, behave and overall feel more like a man.

Some few examples of virilization side effects can include:

  • Deepening of the vocal chords
  • Increased hair growth on body and face
  • Shredding head hair
  • Smaller breasts
  • Getting a more masculine face
  • Enlargement of clitoris and there are others.

So why Anavar? Because this is a steroid that is having very low risk of offering those virilization symptoms in women using the steroid, but that’s in case some moderate dosages are applied. Abusive dosages would still lead to various negative side effects including strong virilization (masculinization) symptoms.


Read below more about Anavar, what is Anavar exactly, how to use it, it’s positive and negative aspects including other important information.

What is Anavar?

Anavar which is often shortly called Var is containing the active substance Oxandrolone. This steroid may be found being sold as other brand/ trade names except for Anavar, but this is the first and by far the most famous brand name – that’s why it remains being called Anavar by everyone.

This orally active androgenic and anabolic steroid was firstly manufactured many years ago in 1962 and it was made for helping patients to recover back from various muscle and weight wasting diseases.

Nowadays, this steroid is extremely popular. Is used in medical settings for many different medical needs given as a prescription drug (one of few steroids still used in medical settings – this proves its safety profile) and is also used in bodybuilding settings too. Is used for various physique and performance enhancement needs, both by women and men, beginners and professionals, for bulking and cutting cycles.

This steroid is considered super effective in the time that is pretty safe to administer. In medical settings, you can find Anavar being given to men, women and even children.

Despite the fact that Anavar (Oxandrolone) is banned for being used for bodybuilding purposes, this steroid remains among the most popular steroids in the world.

Anavar is coming as oral tablets and although there is an injectable version – is extremely unpopular. Oxandrolone is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived steroid, which cannot aromatize and therefore offer no estrogenic activity in combination with favorable anabolic to androgenic ratio of 320:25.

Benefits of Anavar (Pros)

The reason why Anavar is so famous is because the anabolic steroid is considered fairly safe in terms of side effects when administered properly but in the same time, is offering a lot of different benefits.

Although Anavar is having a lot of different benefits, we would pay attention to some of the most common and biggest benefits that a female user would benefit from using it.

  • Helps Build Muscles
  • Burns Body Fat
  • Boost Strength
  • Most Female Friendly
  • Increased Clitoris Sensitivity

Helps Build Muscles

As shared earlier, Anavar is highly anabolic (3 times more anabolic than testosterone) and therefore, the steroid is going to be amazing for helping you to gain lean muscle mass.

Keep in mind that you won’t get the ridiculous amount of muscles making you look into a bodybuilder woman. Anavar is not having the properties for making a woman grow such big amounts of muscles.

With Anavar (Oxandrolone) both women and men would notice that the muscle gains are going to be moderate and one of the best part is that all the muscle gain that would occur is going to be lean and quality. This means that the anabolic steroid would make you boost muscularity without giving the bulky look. Anavar is so highly appreciated because it won’t give the bloated look, instead it improves muscle tone and would help maintain current muscle mass when you’re dieting.


Anavar is used in bulking cycles, but is used alongside with other bulking steroids because alone, is not very helpful for such needs. Instead, Anavar is mainly being used as a cutting steroid because is known to greatly preserve current muscle mass, build a bit of lean muscles and offer muscle tone.

In case your goal is to grow as much muscles as possible (immense amounts) then you would find that other steroids are going be more beneficial (for example, Anadrol is much better for such needs). Just keep in mind that by administering other steroids (more suitable for growing immense muscles) they are way more likely to offer negative side effects.

After all, that’s why Anavar is so famous – few women want to get the bodybuilder type of look with huge amounts of muscles. That’s why, Anadrol type of steroids are mainly used by men.

Anavar is helping you to build lean muscle mass and that’s the reason why you may notice that your overall weight is not going to change, in fact, it may even increase on Anavar – that’s in the time that you’re looking overall much better. The steroid helps you to burn a significant amount of fat, in the same time you add lean muscles – your weight remains approximately the same, but your body appearance greatly changes.

Burns Body Fat

I mentioned earlier that Anavar burns body fat, in the time of helping you to build lean muscles, so let’s check its fat burning properties. Oxandrolone is helping you with such needs in 2 different ways. First off is offering anti glucocorticoid properties and secondly is offering insulin regulating effects – both of them being amazing when talking about fat loss.

  • Because of Anavar’s anti glucocorticoid properties, the steroid is going to help you reduce the cortisol levels dramatically.

If you’re interested about steroids there’s a high chance that you already know what is cortisol and what it does, but if there’s still someone who don’t – this is a catabolic hormone and one of its main roles in the body is to cause fat storage – all around your body. If you’re having quite a lot of stubborn fat, there’s a high chance you have quite a lot of cortisol.

Stubborn fat is the one that is hardest to lose. Is that type of fat that doesn’t seem to go away. Usually, for men that place is at the bottom of the abdomen and for women, usually, that’s in the hips/ legs/ bum areas. Most men and women have issues losing fat specifically in those areas – but Anavar is known to reduce the cortisol levels and therefore, would target specifically those areas when talking about fat burning.

  • Other than that, I mentioned that Anavar is having insulin regulating effects too. Insulin is a hormone too, and similarly to cortisol – it would offer fat storage effects too.

Anavar is not going to reduce the insulin levels as much as it would reduce cortisol levels, but is still going to regulate the insulin properly and won’t allow them to go beyond a certain level – that’s going to be really helpful at boosting the fat loss process.

  • Important to mention is that Anavar is going to greatly help you to burn body fat because of its amazing ability of increasing T3 levels.

Once again, I guess most of you already know what this hormone is, but in case you don’t… T3 is a thyroid hormone which is extremely helpful at burning body fat. This is the reason why Anavar is a better fat burning steroid than most others, although is a form of exogenous testosterone exactly as other steroids.

But that’s not all – Anavar is going to help you burn subcutaneous fat all along with the visceral fat too.

Those who don’t know the difference – the subcutaneous fat is that type of fat that you’re able to see on the surface (the one that we’re all trying to get rid of for looking good), but the visceral fat is the one that is being collected around your internal organs – Anavar help you melt this type of fat too.


What’s the point? Well, you may have seen a lot of bodybuilders and steroid users looking very bloated and that’s despite the fact that they are extremely lean and with low body fat percentages. That’s because a lot of steroids will reduce the subcutaneous fat and increase the visceral fat. As a result, the user gets very lean, but still looks bloated known as the “steroid gut”.

That’s something that Anavar can greatly help you with- you won’t see a woman or man having this issue, in fact, their waists will become smaller.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect magical results. Expecting that Anavar is going to work without regularly exercising (cardio workout) and without a diet – you would make a huge mistake. How much of fat you would lose depends on many factors with your diet and workout being the most important ones. Anavar just boosts the process and roughly it can help you lose about 2.5 lbs or so of fat per week.

Boost Strength

Despite the fact that this might not be a huge plus for women – Anavar is greatly going to help the user to enhance strength. Anyone, including women, are going to notice that their strength levels are boosted quite noticeable, and that’s despite the fact that you won’t increase weight and moderately increasing muscles.

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is believed to increase the strength levels so much because of the fact that is a DHT derived compound. Dihydrotestosterone is 5 times more androgenic than testosterone and is an extremely important hormone when increasing strength levels. DHT derived steroids including Anavar (but there’s also Winstrol, Anadrol etc.) are known to be very effective for boosting strength levels.

Because of the improved glycogen storage as well as ATP in the muscles (as a result of using Anavar), that’s going to greatly help the user to increase the endurance and strength levels with an overall increasing the muscle fullness. Without any water retention from Anavar, the user is going to notice that strength levels would be boosted but in the same time, the muscles would look better and toned, and they won’t get exhausted as fast.

That’s one of the reasons why Anavar is overall such a popular compound. Nowadays, it seems like there are few people who want to get the bloated huge muscular look. Instead, people try to look more aesthetic with a decent amount of muscle mass – that’s what Anavar helps you with. And especially when talking about women’s standardized ideal body.

Most Female Friendly

As I have mentioned earlier, Anavar is the top 1 most famous steroid for females. So famous that it got named “the girls steroid” (although is very widely used and popular for men too). That’s because Anavar has been proven to be one of the most female friendly steroids in existence. Although there may be other steroids that are weaker and with less risks of virilization – they are way less beneficial.

Anavar is having an “ideal balance of extremely low virilization risk and high effectiveness” unlike other steroids with “low virilization risks and low effectiveness” or “high virilization risks and high effectiveness”.

There are researches done which prove that Anavar is still having the chances of offering masculinization in female users, but it seems like the dosages should be high and the steroid should be used for a long period in order for those symptoms to appear and be strong.

That’s why – by administering moderate dosages for a short period of time, according to both the researches done and to women’s experiences who already used it – the chances are very low to get virilization symptoms.

NOTE! Virilization symptoms do not occur overnight – this is a gradual effect that may appear with time.

With this being mentioned, in case a woman starts noticing that she gets any virilizing effects, (for example, decreased breast size or increasing hair growth), then they should decrease the dosage. Doing so, they would prevent further virilization. In case the woman decreases the dosage/ stop administering the steroid at the onset of such symptoms – they usually go away.

Most often, virilization symptoms are temporary, even if a woman does receives such side effects, by stopping the administration – the symptoms are reversed. Nonetheless, a continuous use of the steroid even after the symptoms appeared might lead to permanent (non reversible) symptoms.

Deepening of the voice is not going to disappear, but is not the first stage of virilization – it appears if the steroid was administered for a while, virilization side effects appeared, and the woman continues using the steroid. That’s why is important for a woman not to administer Anavar or any other steroid after she has already experienced some virilization side effects.

According to studies, deepening of the voice and clitoral enlargement which are considered rare and severe virilization symptoms, appear after administering Anavar for an extremely long period of time – about one year. With short cycle lengths and moderate dosages – you don’t have such risks.

Anavar is cycled for about 4-6 weeks.

Increased Clitoris Sensitivity

As earlier mentioned, increases in clitoral size is a rare and severe virilization symptom and that’s why, when Anavar is used properly, this side effect won’t occur, instead the increase in clitoral sensitivity might.

This is often seen as a benefit. It could be a negative for women that are having low sex drive, but those women with regular sex (active sexual lifestyle) this is an advantage, as it would lead to more intense organs on a regular basis.

It helps woman to reach orgasms faster, and makes it more intense. But the reason why that’s mainly a benefit, is because Anavar is also going to increase libido too.

Many women who used Anavar reported that they are feeling more horny on this steroid, they reported to experience an increased desire for sex. Is believed that’s happening because Anavar is increasing exogenous testosterone.

The higher levels of testosterone is going to increase the sex drive in men and that’s a very well known fact, but it increases sex drive in women too.

That’s the reason why generally, men are having increased sex drive (due to higher testosterone) and due to the same reason, black women are having and increased sex drive too, compared to white women, on average. That’s because generally, black females are having more testosterone production.

Increases in libido is sometimes considered a negative effect by some women (usually, those who are single or without an active sexual lifestyle, obviously) but on a general basis – that’s often considered a positive effect.

Drawbacks of Anavar (Cons)

Is impossible for a product to have exclusively only positive aspects and that’s especially when talking about steroids (even when talking about the safest ones like Anavar). Except for the fact that Anavar (Oxandrolone) is having various negative side effects, Anavar has other drawbacks too.

We would discuss about Anavar’s negative aspects and effects so you could know what to expect if you’re trying to use it anytime soon. Among drawbacks, we should mention the virilization symptoms, which are the worst side effects for a woman using steroids, but we’ve already discussed about them enough so we would omit masculinization here.

  • Commonly Faked
  • Offers Liver Strain
  • Suppresses Natural Testosterone
  • Higher Cholesterol Levels

Commonly Faked

Anavar (Oxandrolone) is a steroid that cannot be obtained without a valid prescription and in case you need it for physique and performance enhancement, you won’t be given it by your doctor.

You should browse online for finding a trustworthy and reliable source that is going to offer you real and high quality steroids including Anavar.

The compound is extremely popular and very widely used all over the world and plus to that, is believed that Anavar is fairly pricey compared to other steroids. Due to high demand and high price for the steroid – it ended up being commonly faked.

You would need to make sure that you get a high quality and purity steroid in order to make sure that what’s written on the label is true both in terms of quality, purity as well as dosage strength.

Luckily, you can find various online sources being recommended here which you can find real and high quality Anavar for sale. You don’t only make sure to get the highest quality Oxandrolone compound, but you would also save a lot of money.

With a good source that you can find on the website, you would end 2 problems – its high price and the fact that is commonly faked.

These are 2 main drawbacks with Anavar (Oxandrolone) but except for them, let’s also check Anavar’s side effects that are most common.


Offers Liver Strain

Remember Anavar was mentioned to be orally active steroid which comes as pills. Exactly as many other orally active steroids – Anavar is C17 alpha alkylated and this is what allows the compound to survive the liver and a high amount of it to enter the system (without being destroyed by the liver).

This is what causes liver strain – increases liver enzymes. By using C17 alpha alkylated compounds in abusive dosages and/ or for very long period of time, that may lead to various liver issues even including liver failure.

The good news is that Anavar is much milder in terms of hepatotoxicity compared to other orally active steroids.

Liver failure is something that is having very low chances of occurrence, especially with Anavar which is mild hepatoxic. Liver is a very tough organ. There are alcoholics abusing their liver for years without it failing.

With this being said, administering Anavar offers a mild liver strain, but is offering anything more serious is extremely unlikely, at least, as long as you use the compound properly.

During the Anavar cycle, the liver enzymes are going to raise, and that’s a side effect which is identic for both women and men. Nonetheless, the liver is going to restore back to normal as soon as you come off Anavar. That’s one of the reasons why is mandatory to wait for a while in between the cycles. You need to allow your liver to fully heal itself.

God thanks for liver’s self healing properties!

Nonetheless, if a person (man or woman, regardless) is or has suffered from liver damage in the past or/ and is consuming alcohol on a regular basis (or some OTC medication) then is a good idea to avoid Anavar (especially other orally active steroids offering even higher liver strain).

Suppresses Natural Testosterone

I guess everyone has heard that steroids are suppressing natural testosterone in men and that’s a huge problem because after men come off a steroid cycle, their testosterone production is lowered and hence, they have low testosterone levels.

Indeed, that’s a huge problem for men, but that’s a problem for women too. Although that’s way more problematic for men, women may suffer from this as well. Anavar (and especially many other steroids because Anavar is milder) would decrease endogenous testosterone levels and although not as huge problem for women, they can still report feeling dramatically less well-being and with a much lower libido after the cycle is ended. Due to lower testosterone levels.

That’s not such a huge problem for women, because they are naturally producing only a small amount of testosterone through their ovaries. Nonetheless, testosterone remains an essential hormone for normal functioning and well being, both for men and women.

Nonetheless, good news for women is that this crash doesn’t seem to be excessive for women and plus to that – it looks like women cannot do anything about it. Nonetheless, they still seem to recover back naturally in just a several weeks feeling normally again pretty fast without them doing anything.

Nevertheless, there are still women who prefer to go through a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) for recovering from the cycle and balance out their endogenous testosterone production although that’s not going to be as helpful as for a man.

Higher Cholesterol Levels

Despite the fact that Anavar is safer compared to other steroids when talking about negative impact on cholesterol values too (as with many other negative side effects) women should watch out for this commonly reported side effect either.

In fact, that’s a side effect that can affect both women and men either so regardless who uses Anavar (Oxandrolone), make sure you would keep your cholesterol levels in normal range.

As said, luckily, Anavar is milder offering this negative effect compared to other steroids, but that’s still possible so try to keep in healthy (usually with regular exercise and dieting).

The cholesterol values are negatively affected by Anavar because the good type of cholesterol known as HDL is decreasing whereas the negative type of cholesterol known as LDL is increasing (at least sometimes).

Good news for women is that it does looks like the negative effects on cholesterol isn’t as bad on women as is for men. That’s because the natural testosterone production (testosterone amount in the body) is way much lower compared to that of a man – thus, the cholesterol levels do not usually spike too much in women.

Is still highly recommended for a woman to monitor their cholesterol levels. It would be a good idea to check them before starting with Anavar, in the meantime, as well as after you stop with it, to make sure that you’re doing fine. This way you would make sure that the blood pressure won’t spike reaching the hypertension condition. It was noticed that all cholesterol changes would go back to normal as soon as you would stop using the steroid.

Dosages of Anavar For Women

The most commonly used dosages of Anavar for women are in the range of 5 and 20 mg a day. In fact, this is the range of Anavar dosage that women are recommended to administer. The most common dosage seems to be 10 mg a day.

Those women that want to see more results they are administering higher doses than 10 mg a day of like 20 mg or so. Higher doses taken by women were also experimented, but that’s not recommended due to dramatic increased risk of developing virilization side effects.

In fact, that’s why most women stop at 10 mg a day and don’t get anything more – for not increasing the virilization risks.

As said, the virilization side effects are usually temporary and reversible as soon as you stop administering Anavar. However, by running higher dosages or by running it for longer periods or cycling it often enough – there’s a risk that those symptoms to become permanent and that may be a huge problem.

Anavar-Lite That’s the reason why is highly recommended to start slowly, for example, at 5 mg a day. With time, increase the dosage to 10 mg a day, but that’s in case you can feel that you can tolerate the dosage and you need more. After a while, if you feel you can tolerate and need more, go for 15 mg and then for 20 mg a day. Exceeding this kind of dosage is not recommended. There are men who use 30 mg a day.

Anavar pills are coming in various strength tablets. The best for women would be the 2.5 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg tablets. If you only find higher dosages, you would need to cut the pills.

The steroid is taken in 2 different dosages throughout the day because Oxandrolone is having a short half life of only 9-10 hours. You need to maintain the compound in your system for offering best results. That’s why most women use one dosage when waking up, and the other one before working out.

That’s the reason why tablets that are coming in lower dosages are better for a woman. For example, if you stick to the most common dosage of 10 mg a day, then you would need to administer 2 pills of 5 mg per day. Again, try finding lower strength pills of Oxandrolone, otherwise you would require a pill cutter.

Female Anavar Cycle

As said, cycle lengths of Anavar for women are in the range of 4-6 weeks. We recommend to start with 4 weeks, then increase to 5 weeks if you need more and then 6 weeks when having enough experience and knowledge.

You could also try: first week of Anavar 5 mg per day and then all the 4 following weeks (5 weeks in total) with 10 mg a day.

In fact, this cycle is also good enough for those women who are running Anavar for their first time. You may reduce the dosage or omit the last week in case you notice you cannot tolerate it. But this cycle is going to offer big results.

You would get used to the compound in the first week and then all the following 4 weeks would be good enough to offer you the desired results.

The cycle of 1-6 weeks 10 mg a day of Anavar for women is more suitable for those who already have experience.

IMPORTANT! Anavar (Oxandrolone) is recommended to be taken on an empty stomach in order to increase its effectiveness. That’s because if the steroid is going to be taken with meals, then this would reduce the effectiveness, as less of the steroid would be absorbed, therefore the effectiveness is reduced.

The reason is because the pills are fat soluble, when dietary fat is going to be in your stomach (from foods) and administering Anavar, part of the active substance is going to be dissolved before reaching your blood system.

NOTE! Another thing to mention is that you may administer Anavar with grapefruit juice. Using it with grapefruit juice instead of water is going to enhance the effectiveness of Oxandrolone. A good dosage of the active substance is decreased because of an enzyme called CYP3A4 and grapefruit juice is inhibiting that enzyme. As a result, you would allow more substance to enter the blood system.

The potency of the steroid is highly increase with grapefruit juice, sometimes increasing the potency to 5 times. That’s how you increase the effectiveness and save money. Instead of administering high dosages, use low dosages with grapefruit juice.

The result of combining Anavar with grapefruit juice and administering it on an empty stomach would hugely increase effectiveness, therefore you would require less dosages, and save money.

Anavar Price

As said, you can save money by following the above tricks. However, it was already mentioned that Anavar is one very expensive steroid. That’s why is so recommended to follow those tricks.

Luckily, women don’t need high dosages and they use it for shorter cycles, so they won’t spend as much as men.

As said, is important to find a trusted supplier, this way you would avoid Anavar’s high market price and you also won’t get scammed being given other steroids or nothing at all, under dosage compounds or low quality ones.


Buy Anavar here.

Anavar Results

According to women who already were fit enough, they noticed really big changed in approximately 2 months. Is believed that non professional athletes who just started dieting and working out adding Anavar are going to notice results way faster.

According to the professional female athlete, she noticed that her body got much leaner and more cut and she also was able to notice that the strength numbers greatly improved too.

She reported experiencing much more stamina, energy and endurance with more strength, allowing her to work out and exercise more, and with more weights. According to her words, she absolutely maxed out her effort and training with the help of this steroid.

Once again. These are the words of a professional female athlete who was already lean and cut and was having a training lifestyle for years. She stated that she hasn’t changed anything at all – her training style and volume, her diet, general lifestyle etc. The only thing added was Anavar (Oxandrolone) and according to her words – “I was getting was I deserving for a long time of what I was putting into training”.

If you’re untrained or started your “bettering physical condition” journey for a few months, adding Anavar is going to offer more results and much faster.

How Long Will It Take to See Results?

A lot of women are wondering the exact same thing when thinking about Anavar – “How long will it take to see results when using Anavar?”

That’s a question that highly depends on your lifestyle, workout, diet, tolerance, response to steroid and many other factors.

But generally, Anavar (Oxandrolone), as said earlier, is having a half life of 9-10 hours and that’s why, this is a steroid that kicks in very fast.

If you’re doing everything alright, it doesn’t take too much for Anavar to kick in your system and to give you results, because a good amount of it would stay in your body within the first days.

With this being said, women are capable to see noticeable changes to their bodies and physical appearances in the first weeks of using it. As said, there may not be huge differences in weight, but they are going to become leaner with increased muscle tone.

But results of Anavar won’t be seen without working out and dieting (in calorie deficit). The steroid boosts the effects of dieting and working out – it cannot be used as a replacement.

Also, how fast you would notice the results of using Anavar depends on the dosage too. For example, with 10 mg a day of Anavar you would definitely notice much more than with 2.5 mg a day of Anavar both taken for 4 weeks. But is very important not to overdo it – higher dosages increase the risks of side effects.

Check some Anavar for women examples here.

Anavar for Women – Conclusion

Anavar got nicknamed “the girls steroid” because is the most famous steroid for women and there are really good reasons why Anavar is so popular for women.

Mainly, that’s because Anavar is a very powerful steroid for building lean muscles in the time of burning body fat, with very low risks of virilization symptoms or other negative side effects.

Is just very important for a woman to find high quality Anavar for sale. That’s why is so important to find a trustworthy and reliable source. You won’t only save money by using the sources, but you also make sure not to get scammed.

In the end, Anavar remains highly effective and still approved by FDA, proving its safeness. According to many sources, the effectiveness vs risk ratio of Anavar is always on the top. That’s why, people can safely use Anavar (Oxandrolone) knowing that they would get beneficial side effects while avoiding negative side effects.

NOTE! Anavar does sound like a perfect steroid all round, but you still need to work out, to properly diet, and use it as recommended, otherwise it might become dangerous or not as effective as you expect. Try to learn as much as possible and follow all the rules.

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