Testosterone Blend

Testosterone blend represent a stack of esters of different lengths in the same cycle, such as testosterone with the propionate – short ester attached and testosterone with the enanthate – long ester attached.
This combination of testosterone is characterized with strong androgenic and anabolic proprieties. This fact make it very popular in bodybuilding as a efficient supplement in gaining strength and mass.
Testosterone blend enable sportmen to inject at moderately frequent intervals and produce stable testosterone levels within the body for a long period. The propionate ester allows test blend to display a rapid elevation of blood plasma levels of testosterone. The enanthate ester, which releases at a slower rate, prolongs the blood plasma levels of testosterone.
Testosterone blends stack well with practically any oral or any injectable and can make for a very good base for mass building cycles. Thus mean that in most cases Testosterone blend is taken as a bulking drug.
The dosages that is usually chosen by bodybuilders range from 250 mg to 2 g/week.
Testosterone Blend is produced by many reputable pharmaceutical companies such as Geneza Pharmaceuticals (GP Sust 270), Sciroxx (Pentadex 300), Balkan Pharmaceuticals(Sustamed) Axiolabs (Sustaplex 325), Organon (Sustanon 250), British Dragon (Sustabol), Gen-Shi Laboratories (Susta).

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