Sergi Constance: Steroids or Natural?

Sergi Constance is a Spanish fitness model, 27 years old who have already managed to be the front cover guy of several big fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness as well as Iron Man. In addition to manage to appear on such big magazines, Sergi is also the founder of the gym clothing brand named Aesthetix Era and it is being sponsored by supplement company 1 Up Nutrition. As much as we can understand , Sergi is very well known and it is obvious that a guy appearing as a cover guy on so famous magazines is a guy with amazing aesthetics. Usually, guys with great aesthetics and being famous can’t really avoid getting at least some accusations of taking steroids. Here are Sergi Constance stats (these are facts, will share the source where I found Sergi’s Constance stats). He has a height of 6 ft 1 and a weight of 207 lbs (around 94 kg) at the body fat of 5%. I would say that this is very impressive. No wonder why he managed to become the cover guy of famous fitness magazines. The big Spanish guy didn’t directly addressed the steroids topic, nonetheless he said the following:
“I have been able to achieve the body I have today thanks to years of consistent dieting and training”

And by this we can conclude that he claims he is natural. It is a very good thing when a bodybuilder getting accusations that he is using steroids comes out and addresses the topic directly. Nonetheless, if this guy decides to simply ignore those who think that he’s actually using steroids it is not a real prove that he does takes them. It is just making those who think so to have an additional reason to think like that. That’s because a guy who is taking steroids definitely do not want to come out and talk on a camera about it. First of all because it is extra stress and secondly because he might have signs which could prove otherwise. With all of this being said, millions of men all over the world are idolizing this bearded beast and millions of women… well, you know… but, the question I am going to try responding here is: has he juiced his way up to such a great transformation or that’s thanks to his dieting, training and of course, great genetics. I’ve done a lot of research in trying to give maximum accurate answer. First of all, let’s check his gains timeline or also called “body transformation”. 6 years transformation for Sergi Constance ended up from the guy on the left to the guy on the right.

That’s a very good transformation indeed, but what this tells us? In the photo of 2010 (on the left) we can see that Sergi has already plateaued from his newbie gains. I wanted to see what does he look like before he ever started to work out but unfortunately, my research gave no results as the only pic of Sergi on the internet when he is young is the photo from 2010. That means that there are no photos of Sergi from the time when he was younger than 2010. That’s a sad news because checking how fast a person is gaining muscles is extremely important in trying to determine if that person is natural or not. As we can see, we couldn’t find anything. But what I’m trying to say is: for example, if there’s someone who is staying in the same size for a lot of years (while working out, of course) then this means he plateaued from newbie gains, but if that same guy is suddenly blowing up in size even if he long ago stopped growing in size then you can be sure that the guy is on steroids. The reason why I assumed that Sergi Constance in 2010 plateaued from newbie gains is because I have big doubts someone can look like that without ever touching a dumbbell.

In fact, the 2010 picture wasn’t online up until the moment he posted it himself. The reason it appeared is because a lot of his fans were asking him to post a transformation picture of him and that’s why they could see what he was looking like before he ever got jacked.

Unfortunately, he never posted what he looked like before he got jacked but he posted this before and after picture that I posted above. This may mean that he tried to say he never worked out in the before photo, but I have extremely big doubts.

But, after he uploaded that photo, he has got quite a good amount of criticism after he has uploaded this transformation photo with a lot of people saying that he does not look much different, except for the fact that he’s much tanned, lol. Well, I definitely agree with all those guys because as we can see in terms of muscle gains he didn’t really had a lot of it. He hasn’t built any muscle as much as we can see, he only got a tan and went down from 8% of body fat to around 5%. Well, ok, he got a bigger beard, a tattoo and put some oil on. But besides that, nothing.

Anyway, even though Sergi had quite a modest progress, this picture before/ after he uploaded is a great example of how amazing you can look in case you are going to get to 5% of body fat or lower while keeping same amount of muscles. Another good example of that is Ryan Terry (you can find his article on the site) who has got a very similar transformation while he went from lean to shredded.

With this being said, since Sergi has got such a little progress in terms of muscle gains (plus he didn’t lose an incredible amount of body fat) there’s no chance he has used steroids. If he did used any bulking steroids, at least in few doses and only a few cycles, there would already be a big difference in terms of lean muscles packed on. Those who start taking steroids can see a gain of around 30 to 50 lbs in lean muscles! With this being said, there’s a question which pops in everybody’s minds:


Did Sergi Take Steroids Before 2010?

Due to the fact that we have got such a big lack of photo evidence (no photos at all before 2010) we can’t answer this question so we don’t know if he took steroids in order to gain the muscle mass he already has in the 2010 pic. Nonetheless, we can still assume that he didn’t used anything as there are other factors indicating he is natural and didn’t took steroids before 2010. That’s because his body is looking very natural in that picture, if he would have used steroids then he would get at least a few symptoms of steroids. plus, that type of muscle mass that Sergi had in 2010 it is very possible to be achieved naturally if you are having some great genetics!

Another thing which makes me think that he did not used steroids is because there are a lot of guys who are blowing up in their size are prone to show off their progress on social media. But not Sergi. The fact that he didn’t got a better transformation photo is only suggesting the fact that he has been that muscular for a long period of time. Without progress, obviously, he didn’t show any progress. He had that muscle size ever since he started to lift weights. As I earlier said, if you are a natural then you are getting jacked like Sergi did (if you have great genetics) because you respond very well when starting to lift weights, however the progress stops after a while and you do not grow any more after that initial growth spike.

A random interesting fact: there is a photoshopped version of Sergi’s transformation picture that has been going around on the internet and especially on the YouTube. The definition in his abs in the before pic of 2010 has been blurred and as much as it seems, it made him look more average/ smooth and as much as we can notice, that’s been done in order to make his transformation look much more impressive. Here’s the photoshopped version of that picture:

More Vascular

The only thing that is suggesting Sergi may have used steroids in his transformation pic is that he has got much more vascular in 6 years. The enhanced vascularity it is a symptom often associated with steroids and a perfect example of that is Von Moger, but there are others such as Kali Muscle and others. Nonetheless, being vascular doesn’t automatically mean that you are using steroids, of course. The veins can become more prominent when your body fat % is decreasing.

Guys using steroids might get veiny even without a low body fat %. But regardless if you’re natural or not, by having a low body fat % you’re going to be veiny. However, you’re going to be a human roadmap by having a low body fat % and taking steroids – something that we definitely can’t say about Sergi. In fact, I can understand this effect as I can relate to it. my veins has started to appear when I got my body fat to 6%. Genetically, I am not a vascular guy at all and since I have a body fat of around 8- 9 % I do not get vascularity. But reaching 6% or less I do get the veins popped.

Yes, the vascularity can start appearing when you drop only 2% of body fat (if we’re talking about one digit because it obviously won’t happen by dropping body fat from 15 % to 13 %).

Sergi’s Shoulders

Sergi Constance is known to have some exceptional shoulders that are really popping out from his arms and people are wondering if that may be a sign of tren. Of course, Sergi’s shoulders are not as popped out as it is for Phil Heath or Jaco De Bruyn because those guys have some cannonballs, but still, Sergi is having some amazing shoulders that is very hard to be achieved for a natural guy. Some very big blocky shoulders is a sign of using steroids because the deltoids are having much more androgen receptors compared to any other muscle groups except for traps.

This is the reason why if there’s a guy who is taking anabolic steroids (that are extremely androgenic – the reason why they are called anabolic steroids) their delts and traps are literally going to blow up as seen in many bodybuilders taking steroids such as trenbolone and they can see this grow without even training those muscle groups.

But, as much as we can see analyzing his photos, Sergi’s traps appear to be relatively small in comparison to the rest of his body which is indicating that the size of his shoulders are the result of the training and his genetics, rather the taking steroids, otherwise they would have been much bigger. In addition to that, if he would have taken steroids then his traps would have been exactly as developed as his delts since they are having a lot of androgen receptors as well. you can’t take anabolic steroids and get your delts developed but not your traps.

Competition History of Sergi Constance

It is important to check the competition history of any bodybuilder and that’s because competing in a federation means they need to pass drug tests which can help us determine more information about whether the guy has taken steroids or not. Sergi does have a competition history as he competed in the WBFF muscle model category (along such big names as Jamie Alderton) and in addition to that he has also competed in NPC and IFBB events too.

It was important for me to check where he competed but unfortunately, all of this is not telling us too much. That’s because, none of those federations are performing a strict drug test on their competitors where we could say for sure if a bodybuilder competing there had no chance to use steroids. Such drug tests include polygraphs alongside with blood tests and urinalysis performed RANDOMLY throughout the year without a competitor knowing when they are going to be tested. The federations I mentioned earlier perform drug tests where the competitors know the date of the test which allows them to easily use steroids and then cycle off before the drug test, thus beating the test.

That’s the reason why from Sergi Constance’s competitive history we have no evidence at all which might suggest that he is natural or actually taking steroids.

Conclusion: Sergi Constance Natural or Taking Steroids?

My verdict is that Sergi Constance is all Natural. He doesn’t have too much accusations online about him taking steroids and the reason is because he doesn’t actually have any evidences suggesting he takes steroids. My verdict is based on the same thing: he is natural because of lack of evidence which could suggest he is actually taking steroids. He would have got a verdict of “cheating” if I would have found any evidence proving it.

This verdict is based on the fact that he has not got any muscle gains in 6 years period and from what he looks like in the photos. This means that his gains timeline is of a natural bodybuilder and his body looking is also natural. He doesn’t have the symptoms of steroids which are near to impossible to avoid if you’re taking steroids. Some of the steroid symptoms include: acne; hair loss; 3D traps; flushed skin; gynecomastia; bloating and many others. In addition to that, he is not having the artificial look caused by bulking steroids and doesn’t have artificial DRY look that is caused by winstrol; tren or anavar.

I just can’t see how a juicer can have a natural gains timeline, have a natural look, avoid side effects and pass drug tests (even if they are easily beaten). As a conclusion, I can say that Sergi Constance is a really huge guy but such a size can be achieved by anyone who is having great genetics and is working hard to achieve it without steroids.

Tell us in comments if you aspire to look like Sergi Constance and what do you think about him? Thanks a lot to the following sources:

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