Is Anton Antipov Taking Steroids or he’s Natural?

Anton Antipov is an IFBB pro guy who is competing in Men’s Physique. He has moved to America with his family a long time ago in 1997 and since he has arrived to the *land of opportunity* he has got several modeling contracts which brought him famousness as he got contracts with lucrative companies such as Wilhelmina and Boss Models. At the end of the contract with Boss Models, Anton started to lift weights and he’s been doing that since then.

In addition that, you can access his Instagram account and see he claims to be an 8x IFB Pro Champion; 5x Olympian; Bronze Medalist Arnold Classic; Super Dad and co founder of gee.gym. This guy seem to know what he’s doing. Oh yeah and since he has transformed into a beast with big muscles his fans amount got huge as he’s having amount of fans of 1.3 million on his Facebook page (strangely, much bigger amount compared to his Instagram account which is only a bit more than 200k).

Here is Anton Antipov’s stats for those who are wondering: height of 5 ft 11 and a weight of 186 lbs to 193 lbs (anywhere between 84 kg to 88 kg) all at a body fat of approximately 7%. Everything he has achieved alongside such stats is quite impressive to my opinion. But it won’t be as impressive if this guy is using steroids to reach all this success, so let’s check it out.

Even though he is having many achievements, Anton is coming across on social media as a very aesthetic guy with natural look… who’s also outspoken and that’s very important to take in consideration.

Very often, he is addressing to his haters (those who are saying that he is taking steroids) putting them in their place and saying that he is 100% natural as he doesn’t like when his success and hard trainings are little taken in consideration and said he’s taking steroids. You can see an example below:

As you can see, Anton replied to James who said he is taking steroids saying that he “gain muscle throughout a 10 year period, by quitting drinking, relying on clean food and training, killing himself in the gym”.

It does look like Anton is honest in his reply and he looks genuine in all his replies, nonetheless, we still can’t take it for sure because we do know that a lot of people have lied about their natural statuses in the past, that’s why I decided to check facts and evidences which could prove he’s indeed honest or just another liar. First of all, let’s check his gains timeline which is a huge indicator.

According to his own words, he says that he started to lift weights at around 21 years old (will share the source of this at the end of article). We do know (from a quick research) that his year of birth is 1983 this means that he started to lift weights in 2004. We can see the before photo above is taken in 2004. The only problem we don’t know when in 2004 he started lifting weights.

This is important because we do know that huge guys that are all natural have gained around 90% of their muscles during the “newbie” gains – those who just started to lift weights. Huge guys are genetically gifted (who don’t use steroids) and that’s the reason why when they are firstly starting to lift off weights their ability to build muscle give them the opportunity to get huge in an instant and they get much bigger since their ability to build muscle far surpasses an average man with average genetics. Nonetheless, regardless if you have great genetics or not, after the initial gains, those guys do not grow any much further.

With this being said, if Anton has been regularly lifting weights before that photo taken in Nov 2004 then it would be an indicator that he has been juicing, otherwise he couldn’t grow that much from 2004 to 2016. However, if he was looking like that in 2004 photo before he has ever touched a dumbbell then the gains timeline Anton had from 2004 to 2016 period can suggest that he can well be a natty.

But I’ve started digging more and more and then I found a photo of Anton Antipov in 2002 and here’s what he was looking like 2 years previous to the 2004 picture:

As much as we can notice, the 2002 pic is showing that Anton has had the exact same amount of muscle compared to what he looked like in 2004 photo. Due to the fact that we do know he was not lifting weights in 2002, this very well tells us that the 2004 pic could have been taken very shortly before (or just when started) he started to lift off weights. With this being said, the before/ photo transformation shows him what he looked like many years after starting to lift weights (in after photo) and when he never touched an iron (in before photo). With all of this being said, this does suggest that Anton can be natural, or at least his natural gains does look natural. Here’s what Anton has been looking like throughout over the years which can better show the gains timeline he went through.

Here what I can say from my observations:

Anton Antipov has had some amazing newbie gains which you can see from his 2007 photo. in that photo he was lifting weights for the last 3 years which means that in 2007 he already plateaued from newbie gains but he had amazing gains during this phase. And plus to that, it has been during the time when he would “stay up all night partying, drinking alcohol and smoking”! There’s a source which suggests this, will share it below. That sounds incredible, I know, but it definitely can be true.

In the picture after the 2007 I wasn’t able to find out when it was taken, however from Anton’s own words he said he later gave up smoking/ drinking and has started to eat more food. That’s making sense as we can see that he has gained some size since 2007 and that’s along side with some extra body fat.

Plus to that, then later we can see that in 2009 photo he has not gained any more muscle (which is natural for a guy who has been lifting for many years), but we can see that he simply lost fat and that’s what makes the big difference. That’s what has enhanced his muscle definition and is making his body look much more impressive. People may get the impression that nowadays he is much bigger compared to 2009 photo, but they are completely wrong. The only difference from 2009 to what he looks nowadays is that he has went from lean to shredded and that’s while he is maintaining the muscle mass he has already had. This is what gives the impression that he gained much more muscles, while he definitely hasn’t.

With all of this being said, Anton’s gains timeline are definitely looking natural and do not indicate any steroid use. His newbie gains have been significant and therefore he has bulked up to gain only a bit of more muscles and therefore has stayed the exact same size ever since. With this being said, if he did HAD taken steroids from 2007 to 2009 period then nowadays he would have been a LOT much bigger than what we can see him nowadays.


Anton in Clothes

I know this sounds strange – but even though Anton is having an amazing physique, he is looking pretty much like anybody else with regular fitting clothes on. So he looks regular whit regular clothes. That’s something very normal for a natural guy because juicers are getting huge. So Anton is looking regular because he is not huge. That’s very important. He has simply got a good amount of muscles and after that has dieted down and got shredded. The fact that he is very ripped to shreds is what is making you get so impressed when he is shirtless.

With this being said, how big your muscles are looking like is mostly being determined by the size of your waist. This is the reason why your muscles can very often look much bigger after you get a cut. This is the reason why if you’re getting shredded and you are having a tiny waist (in comparison to other parts of your body) then you do not need 22 inch arms in order to look jacked.

He has no physical signs of steroids

That’s super important to mention because usually, those who are juicing are having AT LEAST a FEW symptoms of steroids, but he doesn’t have any. It is extremely hard to impossible not to get any symptoms of steroids even if you use small doses of it and small cycles. Some very common symptoms of taking steroids include: HGH gut, artificial / unnatural look of the body; flushed skin; acne; signs of bloating (water retention); big traps; less hair and others. He has none of them.

The steroid users are very known for having boulder shoulders since the shoulders and deltoids are having a lot of androgen receptors (much more than any other body parts) therefore they grow a lot. Anton does have very impressive delts, nonetheless, they are not as huge as it looks like for steroid users (check Kali Muscle or Phil Heath or many others).

So, it is very clear that steroids are not the reason for his big shoulders, first of all because they are not as big and secondly because they were already very well developed (for a guy who doesn’t lift off) in 2002 before he has ever started to lift weights. That’s very important.

Many Wonder if Anton have Gyno?

Since I’ve seen many people wondering about this I started doing research so I have seen a few pictures where Anton is having puffy nipples. The puffy nipples effect (or gyno) it is a common sign of steroid use and that’s because the steroids are causing your testosterone levels to go up through the roof. Well, you might wonder what does it have to do with the nipples. Well, testosterone doesn’t have anything to do but estrogen has. So, when the testosterone levels are going up to some exceptional levels, the estrogen is also going up.

For those who still don’t know – estrogen is the female sex hormone (as testosterone is male’s sex hormone) and when the levels of this female hormone are high in men, their nipples can become puffy (as it is seen in women’s nipples due to their naturally high estrogen level compared to men’s estrogen levels). When men get the estrogen level even higher then they can get some real life breasts.

Nonetheless, estrogen is imbalances can also happen during the puberty which means that it is possible for a natural guy to experience gynecomastia. Nonetheless, from what it looks like in Anton’s photos, it is very clear that steroids are not the cause of his puffy nipples. Plus, he only has puffy nipples and not actual boobies. But the reason why it is clear that the nipples are not puffy thanks to steroids is because you can take a look at the pic of him in 2002. Even then, he already had puffy nipples. It is clear that he had a hormonal imbalance, which has caused this and he had hormonal imbalance before starting to lift weights (when there’s no reason to take drugs).

This thing has also had Ulisses Jr when he went through puberty.

What’s the Conclusion?

As much as we can see, there’s no evidence which can indicate Anton Antipov has been taking steroids and therefore, he is a natural guy. Usually, my verdict of steroid user is given to those who have at least some evidences which indicates it, but Anton has no evidences of taking steroids, thus he is a natty to my verdict.

I would say that this is not a big surprise as much as it seems because Anton is a natural guy due to the fact of how honest and open he is on the social media. That would have been strange. Anyway, we have determined that he is natural and that’s thanks to his world class genetic when it comes to build muscles. Anton Antipov is had a better looking body than most of the gym rats and that’s before he has ever started to lift weights. But as he said it himself; Anton didn’t get it out of nowhere and that’s because he had to work a lot of doing it.

What I am trying to say is the fact that it is one thing to have some insane genetics, however it is a completely other thing to actually fulfill this potential by working your ass off for more than 10 years. and that’s not to mention the fact that he was constantly eating clean for a very long time and has been dieting a lot until he has got as shredded as we can see him nowadays. How people can do it? Just look at him at the pic where he has bulked up and gained some fat. Since then, he has lost at least 7% of body fat! That was the main reason and main difference between what has made him look so epic. He has same amount of muscles, but the body fat was main reason how he changed from average to epic.

Tell us what do you think about Anton Antipov in the comments section below. If you have anything else proving he’s on steroids also leave it in the comments below. Thanks to the following sources:

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