Make Your Shoulders Attractive

Quick guide for beginners

When did you last time hear anyone saying: “Look at this guy deltoid muscle”? Let’s be honest, the shoulders have never been viewed as one of the “spectacular” muscle groups – this status for a long time ago has been reserved for breasts, biceps and abs. This confuses many beginner, not allowing them to pay due attention to the basic principles of effective training. No bodybuilder is complete without a nice back (shoulders being an important part of them). To develop an effective program that can make your back V-shape, you must first pay attention to some rules, which are listed below. Taking them into consideration in accordance with the training process you will achieve great results

For beginning you must understand the anatomy of your shoulders. Remember, the driver must know by rote motor device, a gynecologist – you know what, as a bodybuilder – muscles. In this sense, the shoulder built up begins with an anatomical atlas. So, what do we see? The deltoid muscles consist of three parts: anterior, middle and posterior. The posterior is the biggest one. Each beam requires special exercises. But more attention you should pay to posterior one. Deltoids are located on one of the most difficult (and therefore fragile) joints of the body. That’s mean that to train them with extreme weights is not recommended. The anterior deltoid generally contributes to all pressing-type movements, including the front press or bench press. The middle deltoid is mainly worked during movements in which the weights are raised laterally, while the posterior deltoid is developed through exercises that allow the shoulder blades to be squeezed together. So, results will be achieved with sets of exercises for all the beams, with particular emphasis on the posterior one.

Start with a complex exercise. Holding the dumbbells in front, at your sides, or behind your back during lateral raises will allow you to shift the effort of the movement onto different parts of your deltoids. The right decision will be to start workout with following:

– for anterior beams – raise the dumbbells in front of you; inhale, exhale, be careful not to round your back. Shovels should be omitted, and chest lifted;

– for middle beams – raise the bar laterally, make sure that your wrists and elbows did not change their position;

– for posterior beams – slightly bend your knees and bend your body forward so that the back and hips to form an angle of 90 o, while the back is almost parallel to the floor. The chin should be slightly raised and your shoulders lowered. Dumbbells are just below the chest, and elbows slightly bent. Straining and reducing the shoulder, your arms in hand, they form a nearly horizontal line.

These exercises are simple to perform but they are all great to build up your shoulders.

How often to train shoulders, this is the main question for many beginners. The problem is that the shoulders are involved in many exercises for other muscle groups. So the total load that fell to their share during week cycle of training can easily become excessive. Let’s take a simple example: training chest. Bench presses that are main exercise in training chest, directly load anterior beams. And what happened? So, should exercises for chest and delta be spread on different days? No, the best solution for beginners would be contrary, to combine delta and chest in one workout. As was already mentioned, the exercises on the chest loaded deltoids too. It is reasonable to take a moment and then load warmed deltas with full program. In this way your deltas will have enough time to rest. But in case you decide to spread the chest and shoulders on different days of the week, in any case do not train shoulders before training chest or the next day after that. In other words, your delta should not work two consecutive days.

A variety of training – is the key to success. Following the above mentioned rules, you greatly increase your chances of developing deltoid, following the example of champions. In fact, they all went the same way. Something new to invent here is difficult. If your deltas training program still does not bring the desired result, you need to perform it by yourself. Here is one of two things: either you overload your deltas, or not train enough. Overloading is easy to diagnose. Usually it is part of the general stagnation of performance when you have no drive, no appetite and poor sleep. Well, but if you have none of this symptoms you should add some intensity, just add weight and reduce the number of repetitions.

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