How to Inject Testosterone?

Carefully read this “How to Inject Testosterone?” step-by-step guide to learn how you can give yourself an intramuscular (IM) injection of testosterone or whatever other anabolic steroid that comes as an injection.

Testosterone (regardless of the ester – Propionate, Enanthate, Cypionate, or whatever other) comes as a solution that you must inject directly into a muscle. Other injectable anabolic steroids go intramuscularly too.

Before you perform an injection, it’s extremely important for you to learn what’s the dosage of the testosterone you need, how frequently you need to inject it, what to expect from a cycle, and so on and so forth. If you have any questions regarding dosage, testosterone form, frequency, cycle length, etc. feel free to use our cycle advice form.

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Before we continue, check below the tips on how to reduce pain from injections.


Advice on Reducing Post Injection Pains (PIPs)

  • Warm up the solution. You can heat it up by keeping it under your armpit or under hot water for a few minutes. A lot of people say this method actually works very well.
  • Relax muscles. When injecting, try to keep your muscles as relaxed as possible. You shouldn’t perform a shot if the muscle is sore from activity or a previous injection. To aid further muscle relaxation, perform the injection after taking a hot shower.
  • Apply ice. You can reduce pain by applying ice or special creams (like lidocaine) after performing the injection.
  • Massage injection spot. Massaging the injection area before and after injection could help reduce pains.
  • Inject slowly. The slower you inject, the better. A general consensus – about 30 seconds for 1 mL (cc) administered.
  • Limit the amount. Never use more than 2 mL per shot. The more you use, the harder for your body to absorb and might cause pain.
  • Switch esters. Esterless injections are more painful than those with esters. Also, the longer the ester you use, the fewer chances you have to experience pain. Testosterone Enanthate, for example, is more likely to cause pains compared to Testosterone Cypionate.
  • Reduce the concentration. Often, people using high concentrations of testosterone (such as 400-500 mg/mL) report experiencing pain. The frequency of reports is much shorter with lower concentrations (such as 200-300 mg/mL).
  • Rotate injection sites. Don’t inject in the same spot. Allow your muscles to recover from the shot by constantly changing injection sites.
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Testosterone Injection Sites

Lots of people seem to ask what’s the best place to inject testosterone? There are 3 places I recommend injecting testosterone intramuscularly. Which ones you choose is just a matter of personal preference. Just go for the place that is least painful and easiest for you to perform the injection. Nonetheless, considering that you often need to change injection spots – you are likely to need to use all 3 injection spots. In fact, there are 6 places because each place has 2 sides.

They include:

  • Thighs (both sides)
  • Glutes (both sides)
  • Delts (both sides)

Although there are other places where you can perform an intramuscular injection, I do not recommend them. There are too many veins, blood vessels, and nerves and you are likely to hit them.

So, either go for the deltoids muscles, the quadriceps muscles, or the muscles on your buttocks. Each one of them is popular among those who perform self administration of intramuscular injections often.

Preparing for an Intramuscular Injection

Gather All Your Equipment

You’re going to need the following:

  • A 1-3 mL syringe depends on the amount you want to use.
  • A thick (large bore) needle of 18 to 21 gauge needle that helps draw the medication out of the bottle. It makes it easier to draw.
  • A thin (small bore) needle of 22 or the most common 23 gauge (blue) for injecting the medication. Thinner needles cause less pain. Make sure the needle is long enough to reach the muscle. 1-1.5 inch long is usually enough.
  • Your Testosterone bottle.
  • Few alcohol pads
  • Few cotton swabs and/or band-aids


This is an extremely important step that many might not pay attention to. You need to make sure you’re using only never-before-used and sterile needles, syringes, alcohol pads, etc. Don’t ever use the same accessories twice. Moreover, disinfect and clean every object that you’re about to use and all surfaces where you perform the injection. Then go and wash your hands very carefully. Use enough water and antibacterial soap.

Try to reduce the risks of infections and contaminations as much as possible. You need to keep everything clean, sterile, and disinfected.

After you have everything prepared, clean, and have proper knowledge (dosage wise, frequency, etc.) you are ready for your first shot. Firstly, prepare your syringe.


Testosterone Injection

  1. Remove the cover of the medication bottle
  2. Clean and sterile the medication bottle (the lid) with an alcohol pad by wiping it carefully. Let it dry.
  3. Remove the syringe from the package (unseal it). Never touch the tip of the syringe. Attach the thicker (drawing) needle unless it comes pre attached. Switch it to the drawing needle in case it comes pre-attached with a smaller needle. Don’t uncap the needle yet.
  4. Pull the plunger on the syringe back and draw air into the syringe. Draw air to the exact mark that you plan to inject (same amount). If you plan to use 0.5 mL (cc), draw to the 0.5 mL (cc) mark.
  5. Uncap the needle and insert it into the bottle through the disinfected and now-dry lid. Push the plunger. Inject the air into the medication. It’s important to inject air for increasing air pressure in the vial. This makes it easier for you to draw out the thick oil (testosterone is very thick).
  6. Turn the bottle upside down (syringe pointing up). Make sure the needle is within the fluid in the vial.
  7. Pull back on the plunger to get the medication inside your syringe barrel. Draw the exact amount you need.
  8. Pull out the needle from the bottle and put it down the bottle.
  9. Recap the needle. Remove the large needle. Attach the small (23-gauge) needle. Remove the cap.
  10. While keeping it pointing up, tap the barrel to make all air bubbles inside raise to the top. Slowly push the barrel until a tiny drop of solution comes out at the tip of the needle. Make sure there are no more air bubbles left inside.
  11. Your syringe preparation is complete. Get ready for injection.

Performing Testosterone Injection

  1. Sit in a comfortable position to have your muscles maximum relaxed. Take a deep breath in case you’re nervous. Choose an injection site. Common injection sites for first-timers are the thighs. Go for a spot anywhere in the middle third of the thigh on the lateral half. Do not attempt to inject into the inner thigh. There are lots of important nerves and blood vessels!
  2. Clean the skin of the injection site you’ve chosen with an alcohol pad. Let it completely dry. Uncap the needle
  3. Using your writing hand (dominant), keep the syringe above the injection site at a 90 degree angle. Don’t attempt injecting it at other angles. Keep your fingers off the plunger. You need to hold the syringe like a dart.
  4. At the same time, using your non-writing hand (non-dominant), stretch the skin around the injection site. You need to spread the skin to allow the needle to go in easier. You’re going to use your thumb and fingers to make the skin tight.
  5. With a single, fast, firm, and continuous movement – jab the needle all the way into the muscle. Make sure to inject it at 90 degrees angle and make sure the needle fully gets it.
  6. Do not push the plunger. You need to draw back on it to see if blood comes out. If you notice, you draw blood it means you hit a vessel. You’re ready to inject only after drawing the plunger and there’s no blood. If you draw blood, pull the needle out and choose a different injection spot.
  7. Slowly push the plunger to inject the medication. At a controlled pace of around 30 seconds for 1 mL(cc). Testosterone is thick so you may need to apply some pressure.

Take Care Post Injection


  1. As soon as you fully depress the plunger and you inject everything from the inside of the syringe, you can withdraw the needle.
  2. However, while the needle emerges, it may pull on your skin causing extra pains. That’s why I recommend applying some pressure around the entry point of the needle while you draw it. Use an alcohol pad. Carefully wipe the area. If you’re bleeding, apply a cotton ball or/and band-aid at the needle entry point.
  3. Massage the area. Apply ice or special cream if required.
  4. Make sure to dispose of the needles in a special sharps container.
  5. Throw away all the used accessories such as syringes, needles, and others. Never attempt sharing them with other people or re-using them again.

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