Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate is a fast acting version of testosterone that is sold under numerous brand names such as Testoviron. Propionate is just one of the multiple esters of Testosterone and other anabolic steroids. This ester is attached to Testosterone. Thus increasing the release time of the hormone in the system after users administer it. That’s why each Testosterone version has its own half-life (release time).


Testosterone Propionate is known for its ability to produce great muscle and strength gains really fast. That’s because it kicks in the system fast. Although it increases the release time, it doesn’t increase it as much as other Testosterone esters do.

In fact, Propionate is known as the shortest Testosterone version. With the exception of Testosterone Suspension (no attached ester at all). But out of all esterified testosterones – Propionate is the shortest one. That’s why people choose Test Prop in order to have great results really fast. Yet, they don’t need to have injections multiple times a day as with the Suspension version.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

So well, Testosterone Propionate is still absorbed by the body fast. That’s why frequent injections are important for maintaining stable levels of testosterone. That’s why we recommend using Test Prop at least every other day. Nonetheless, most people report getting better results when using it on a daily basis (same time of each day).

Additionally, some people suggest that Test Prop injections are more painful compared to other testosterone versions. Again, with the exception of Suspension, which has no ester at all. That’s because the solution is less oily when comparing to other versions. So it’s more painful. That’s why it could regularly leave users feeling sore or have PIP (Post Injection Pains).

  • The fact that you may experience PIPs and you need to use them frequently (at least every other day, but most people administer them daily) are the main disadvantages of the Propionate ester version of Testosterone.
  • However, on the other hand, you get really fast results. Testosterone kicks in the system much faster so you yield those gains and benefits of this hormone quicker.


Testosterone Propionate Benefits and Side Effects


When administering Testosterone Propionate, you’re going to get the exact same results as with any other Testosterone ester. You are likely to get the same benefits and side effects. That’s because any testosterone version does just one thing – increases testosterone levels. That’s why the benefits and side effects are the same. They are different from one person to another depending on genetics, dosage, and cycle length, mostly.


Therefore, increasing testosterone levels may have different benefits.

Testosterone Propionate Benefits:

  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Boosted strength
  • Reduced fat

However, increasing testosterone levels may also lead to high testosterone symptoms.

Testosterone Propionate Side Effects:

  • Androgenic issues (acne and hair loss)
  • Estrogenic issues (water retention and gynecomastia)
  • Cardiovascular issues (high blood pressure)

The difference is that you’re going to start experiencing both the benefits and side effects fast. You’ll get much faster results. In the first few weeks, you may notice your strength dramatically increasing. But may notice side effects too.

Testosterone Propionate Cycle

Most commonly, Testosterone Propionate is coming in bottles of 10 ml, containing 100 mg/ml of Test Prop. It should be administered by intramuscular injection. Large muscle areas are preferred sites of administration.

Can be stacked with other steroids in case you previously had experience with Testosterone. It is commonly used at the same time of the day, either daily, or at least every other day.

Beginner Cycle

I wouldn’t recommend beginners Test P because of the painful injections. Plus, you need to administer it frequently. But if they go for it, a common cycle is:

  • 100 mg every other day for 8 weeks.

Intermediate Cycle

People with a bit of experience usually stack Testosterone Propionate with other compounds. Beginners shouldn’t because of the increased risks of side effects. Anavar, Winstrol, or Clenbuterol are common. They usually use:

  • 150 mg every other day or 75 mg/day for 8 weeks.

Advanced Cycle

Professionals never used it every other day and they generally use it for cutting cycles or for fast bulk. They always add other steroids. But which ones depend on the goal. It goes like this:

  • 100-150 mg/day for 8-10 weeks for bulking (with bulking steroids)
  • 50-75 mg/day for 8 weeks for cutting (with cutting steroids)


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