Dbol Results

Dbol is the anabolic steroid that can make you look like a bodybuilder and do it fast. The product is just amazing when talking about increasing muscle mass and overall size of a person, but that’s only when the person uses it properly.

  • Dianabol is the brand name, but most people call it shortly Dbol in the bodybuilding settings. The active substance is Methandienone or also known as Methandrostenolone and is considered the most famous anabolic steroid among bodybuilders. That’s because of its great abilities when talking about physique and performance enhancement.

Almost anyone who has ever searched for anabolic steroids have heard about Dianabol (Dbol) and that’s due to its very high effectiveness when talking about gains. Dianabol is the perfect compound when you need strength, when you want to get ripped and when you want to gain muscles – even to lose some body fat.

That’s why there are so many people who search for Dbol results. There are lots of them who are interested what are the results of Dianabol and how exactly this compound is going to work for them, what would be the final outcome?


Is very important to understand that Dbol results very much depends on you personally. There are various factors which determine how Dianabol would work for a person and what kind of results would be. For example, it highly depends on personal tolerance and response to the steroid.

Dianabol There are people who may respond way better than others to this steroid and therefore, they are getting more benefits and results and less side effects. But if you’re on the other side and you have very low tolerance to the compound (or maybe even allergies) then you may notice that side effects are too much for you so you may need to stop. Luckily, that’s rarely the case.

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Except for genetics, it also very much depends on other factors such as the dosage that you plan using Dianabol, your size, experience with steroids, your diet and workout regimen as well as many other factors. That’s why, Dbol results can be very different for different people.

Yet, assuming you have a normal tolerance and you use the compound properly then here are some of the most commonly reported results from using Dianabol.

Huge Strength Increase

Anyone who is using Dianabbol knows that in very short period after starting to use the compound – their strength levels are going to be increased, dramatically. There are people who are using the compound for only 4-5 days during their 6-8 weeks cycle and they are already noticing big strength increases.

You would notice very soon that you are capable to work out much longer but most importantly – your workout weights are going to increase step by step, because the previous workout weights would be too little for you.


Most people using Dbol notice that their maximum lifts are increased dramatically in a very short period.

  • NOTE! Do not increase the weight to the limit in case this is the first time using Dianabol. There are stories of first timers using Dbol who got ligaments or tendon damages/ injuries as their bodies were not capable to maintain such a big weight as their muscles were suddenly capable to lift.

Muscle Mass Growth

If you want to get Captain America’s body – you are on the right path. Dianabol is going to make you from the little skinny guy into Captain America pretty much as in the movie. It won’t make this transformation in a matter of seconds as in the movie, but it would only take you a matter of 3-4 weeks during the Dbol cycle.


Dbol results in terms of muscle mass growth are immense. There are people who gain different amount of weight – as mentioned, that’s highly depending on your genetics, Dianabol dosage, your lifestyle and so on and so forth.

Nonetheless, is not uncommon at all for a beginner to gain about 15 lbs in the first days of going through the Dianabol cycle.

At the end of Dbol cycle, the results vary, obviously, but people report gaining 20 lbs or even more of lean muscle mass with a boost in strength up to about 20% in terms of maximum lifts.

Dbol Results Conclusion

There are many before and after pictures of people using Dbol and proving how immensely helpful this anabolic steroid can be.

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People gain huge amount of muscle mass and strength in short periods of time which make them look much better. It all happens because Dianabol is a steroid that inhibits some processes in the body and boost others. But working out and having a proper diet is very important!

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