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Regardless what is your purpose of purchasing Arimidex and why you need it, you can save lots of money when purchasing it from the right store. We are the source of the best anabolic steroids and their ancillaries and since Arimidex is one of the extremely famous and widely used compound in bodybuilding, you can find it here too.

Arimidex is a compound that is used for treating hormonally positive breast cancer in women, but is popular among bodybuilders because is one of the best estrogen protective products on the market. The good news is that you can save immense amounts of money when using our source.

Arimidex cost is pretty high when trying to buy it from your local drugstore or other sources online.

A simple google search would reveal that the cost for Arimidex oral tablet 1 mg is approximately 1,500 USD for a supply of only 30 tablets.

That’s an immensely huge price.

You may also get a generic version of Arimidex which is going to save you a few bucks, but there’s no source that would save you as much as you can save for Arimidex price when purchasing it from this source.


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  • A supply of 50 tablets 1 mg per tablet of Anastrozole may cost you as low as 90 USD from this site at Various brands have various prices, and hence, you could find other brands charging less than 50 USD per 50 tablets 1 mg tablet. That’s going to be less than 1 USD per tablet, whereas you would need to pay more than 50 USD per tablet on other sources.

The Arimidex price difference that you can find is indeed as big as you can see and that’s reality – that’s how much money people can save when using the right source of drugs.

Yeah, you may wonder now – with such an Arimidex cost difference, there’s surely a difference in the quality but we can tell with certitude – no, there’s no difference.

The active substance Anastrozole is exactly the same in all products that you can find on our website as in the original Arimidex.

The difference is in the brand/ trade name. Different manufacturing companies have different charges + various different factors such as that we do not have a brick store meaning we save lots of money that we don’t charge you and lots others.

  • Also, we are working exclusively only with pharmaceutical companies that are GMP approved. This means Good Manufacturing Practice which is an international standard that ensures the medications made are 100% what’s claimed on the box. This means that if you get 50 tablets of 1 mg Anastrozole, then you get 50 tablets and each tablet contains high quality and purity of Anastrozole of 1 mg and no less.


Anyone who is skeptical may get a sample and take it to a laboratory test. There you would be said what is contained in the tablet, the amount, quality and purity. This way, you can make sure you are not getting scammed. And with our source – you never will.

Arimidex cost difference is huge and you would save lots of money as much as you can see. You may also check other sources and you will still save money.

As in terms of quality, we never  work with pharma companies that compromise on quality – you can check it yourself with independent laboratory test.


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As a conclusion – get the lowest Arimidex price here at and you get the highest Anastrozole quality that you will never regret.

Same goes for all other compounds that you may find here. We try our best to ensure our customers would be happy with what they receive both in terms of price and quality.

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