10 fat burning facts you need to know

To burn fat and keep it off the more ammo you can arm yourself with the better…

1. Burning fat and keeping it off is not necessarily about eating less but more about changing the types of foods you eat and when you eat them. ‘Knowledge is power’ definitely holds true when it comes to weight loss. Learn what you can. If in doubt send me an email.

2. At rest every kg of muscle on your body may burn 100 calories each day, and more if you exercise. Every kg of fat stored on your body only burns around a tiny 4 calories each day. This is why it’s important to swap fat for muscle. Muscle taps into maximum calories.

3. Carbohydrate foods trigger insulin release in the body. This is the fat storing hormone. High sugar carbs will stimulate a much greater insulin response. Apart from more potential fat gain the after effects are hunger cravings, waves of tiredness, and energy lows.

4. An average sized glass of orange juice contains the juice and energy of 5 oranges or more. Fruit juices are EXTREMELY HIGH in calories. Swap juices for whole fruits instead. And fresh is best, as fruit ripens more and more the sugar content increases.

The fat will come off more efficiently if you spread your food intake out over more meals per day rather than less. This is a great way to keep your metabolism steady and elevated. Ideally eat a balanced meal once every 3 hours during waking hours.

6. Every meal you plan should be focused on a protein portion, this is the most important part. Never miss it out. A protein deficient diet will lead to the wrong kind of weight loss. You can end up losing a lot of muscle and very little fat if you don’t cover your protein needs.

7. Meals do not need to be complicated. A meal can be as simple as eating an apple along with a whey protein shake. Or another easy option is stirring a few spoonfuls of berries into some unflavoured lite cottage cheese.

8. After exercise it’s important to consume a fast absorbed protein source (whey protein powder) within 20 to 30 minutes. This is a nutritional window of opportunity that will put the brakes on muscle tissue breakdown and start the recovery process.

9. For efficient body fat reduction you should perform cardio exercise at least 3 to 6 x per week. Morning sessions or straight after weight training are very effective times to hit cardio. Aim for between 20 to 40 mins for each session.

10. You should perform some type of resistance exercise 3 to 5 x per week. This can be using body weight, free weights, machines, or bands. Resistance exercise sends positive signals to muscle tissue and will enhance the fat burning process.

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