GP Deca 250

gp-deca-250-2868 Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Nandrolone Decanoate
Pack: 10 ml vial (250 mg/ml)

Trivial name Nandrolone decanoate [USAN]

Chemical name* 17beta-Hydroxyestr-4-en-3-one 17-decanoate

Systematic Name [(8R,9S,10R,13S,14S,17S)-13-methyl-3-oxo-2,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17-dodecahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-17-yl] decanoate

Index name Estr-4-en-3-one, 17-((1-oxodecyl)oxy)-, (17beta)-

GP Deca 250 by Geneza Pharmaceuticals is an injectable steroid which contains 250mg per ML of the hormone nandrolone deconoate with high anabolic effect. This drug was one of the first steroids that people start to use. It is coming from 1960 year and for beginning was used to combat wasting diseases in cases when people were restricted to bed rest or couldn’t exercise to maintain lean mass throughout recovery.

This drug is single in that the enzyme which converts testosterone to the more-potent DHT actually converts nandrolone and block cortisone receptors allowing less cortisone to arrive at their destinations within the muscle and connective tissue. That is why it is so popular and it is used amongst bodybuilders.

It is basic steroid that people takes to whet their appetite for hypertrophy! It has the ability to add muscle as well as most other powerful steroids, yet has half the side effects and far less levels of toxicity within the tissues affected.
Bodybuilders often take this anabolic injection twice per week in the 300-600mg/week dose. This steroid is a poor choice for tested athletes due to how long it lingers in the system. Those people who are looking to use nandrolone and have it out of the system quicker will generally opt for a product like GP Phenyl 100 (Durabolin). It will aromatize in high dosages, but not at the rate of testosterone.

This steroid can be used for increasing or decreasing muscles. Bodybuilders often take it with Testosterone for one of the most common and effective bulking cycles. The deca / winstrol stack is also very popular. Winstrol helps block the progesterone buildup while the Deca heIps with the joint issues that some suffer while on Winstrol.

A lot of bodybuilders chose Deca over stronger testosterone because it has less chance to aromatize within the body. Deca is very effective drug, taking it anyone can see that their bodies are running at an optimal level and the entire system runs quite well.

Another thing that can make bodybuilder take it is the fact it is able to infiltrate the joint connective tissue, cushion it and protect from soreness and the aches and pains of training.

All steroid affect bodybuilders bodies, and Deca it is not an exception, but they are much less than other steroids. There are some examples of side effects: Attitude can get hostile, sex drive can be out of control, sperm production can be non-existent and headaches can prevail.
Most of effects can be solved by combining with a drug that does supply the missing activity: e.g. testosterone.

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