Role of running in bodybuilding

Health – is the primary foundation of life, on which can build a professional career, safe family and much, much more, including phenomenal muscles. About benefits of bodybuilding we do not need to argue. It is evident, but bodybuilding does not give so much to heart. But aerobic exercises, like running, are perfect. They can really rejuvenate the heart for about 5-10 years!

Bodybuilder, who along with bodybuilding practice running, will obtain for sure the perfect athletic form and perfect health. Or, at least will become closer to this unreachable ideal.

Let’s start with the fact that running does not require special equipment and does not impose any special requirements for the weather. You can run anywhere, anytime. Running remains one of the most effective ways of targeted training of the heart. It actively contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, activates the metabolism of the heart muscle, prevents sclerotic embolism and infarction. Targeted training in running lead to a decrease of heart rate as during physical activity and at rest. It normalizes blood pressure, which usually tends to rise with age. In addition, running helps to reduce the total number in the body of dangerous substances triglycerides, which is formed from cholesterol.

Below are 10 most important rules:

1. Run simultaneously with bodybuilding.

Do not practice running as a separate type of physical activity.

2. Never run several days consecutive.

While running, ligaments are exposed to severe strain. It needs a post-exercise recovery in the same way as the muscles in bodybuilding. It is necessary at least a day of rest between days you are running.

3. Buy yourself a good shoe.

Danger in running also exists – it creates shock and vibration on the spine. To avoid this, buy branded shoes with thick and elastic soles, preferably with a special device that allows further compressing the foot by pumping air into a special cavity. Remember that all shoes have a special meaning. Some of them are designed for tennis, others – for aerobics, basketball, volleyball , etc. You need shoes for running!!!

4. Never run with an injury.

If you’ve got even a minor injury, such as a slightly stretched tendons of the foot or just feel uncomfortable in some ligaments, do not run. Replace running with swimming or cycling.

5. Choose surface.

Two things are equally harmful when running – too soft and too hard ground. It is not so good to run on the sand or on the asphalt. Also, do not run up and down the hill. Elevation changes while running has a negative impact on the knee joints.

6. Run as you can.

Bodybuilders have no need to set running records for speed or duration. You should orient only by the time of run.

7. Speed.

You should start with a leisurely run. Only this type of running can bring you pleasure. Then you will see that the running speed can be increased without any negative emotions.

8. Relaxation.

While running, the leg muscles work. Well, what happens to the rest of the musculature? Observe yourself and you will see that the shoulder girdle muscles are tense. This is the usual reaction of a beginner. You have to relax the muscles of the back, neck and chest. If you cannot, then you are running too fast. Slow running and achieve the desired relaxation.

9. Choose the right clothes.

To choose clothes for running is kind hard. When you just get out of the house, you might be cold. However, in the same clothes at the end of the distance, you will probably feel too hot. The rules are as follows: dresses in the heat easy, but in the cold, better wear several thin shirts or t-shirts instead of one or two warm. Make sure that the clothes are not bringing you inconvenience.

10. Make running a habit.

For bodybuilder running should be the same habit as brushing teeth in the morning. The reason is that the benefits of it can be achieved only by regular trainings. Positive changes can be seemed at the end of the second week of running and then are accumulate with time.

Good luck!!!

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