Pull-up bar Exercises

There are many ways to maintain your body in good physical form, and one of them is a pull-up bar. All of us are familiar with it from sport lessons.

What are the features of exercise on the bar to the other exercises? Well, first of all, it is kind of sports on which you have to work with your own weight. You can perform a lot of different types of exercises, in this case, the spine will not feel any extra loads, which is a big plus for people with scoliosis and back injuries.

If you are a beginner, you need to know that the technique of execution of strength exercises on the bar needs to be streamlined, because on it depend the result of your hard work.

For beginning, you need to estimate your capabilities to test your potency, by pulling up on the bar as much as possible. If you can’t pull up, then all you have left, as it does not sound trite – just to try. You should be able to hang on the bar at least 1 minute. This would mean that in your hands there is enough power. If you can’t pull up even one time, you can ask a friend to help you. Let him lifts you to the bar, but you should slowly lower yourself torso back to the starting position. Within 1-2 weeks you will be able to pull up one time. After that you will not need assistance. Try to pull up 2-3 times. Rest 2-3 minutes and try again. When you feel that has absolutely no power for the next approach, you can complete the workout. With each exercise the muscles will become stronger, harder, and will increase in size. Of course, only with this exercise you will not make an excellence figure, like a bodybuilder, but Goldenmuscles.com guarantee if you decide to train, then a variety of exercises on the bar for beginners is a great start!

In exercise on the bar, worked a lot of muscle, as: the latissimus muscle (upper side portion and the lower half of back), rhomboids (middle part of the upper back), a large circular muscle (the upper side of the back, just below the armpit). There is also a muscle – assistants, as: biceps, triceps, pectoral muscle, pectoralis minor muscle.

Muscle groups in pictures.

Goldenmuscles. Com is convinced that the technique of exercises on the bar – is an important point in training.

This includes:

• a reliable grip, the thumb should be lower

• avoidance of falls

• a slow lower

• breathing should be correct, inhalation when pulling up, exhale when lowering

There are basic exercises on the pull-up bar:

1. Chin-ups. This exercise gives the load on the biceps, forearms, middle back.

2. Pull-ups. This exercise develops biceps, middle back.

3. Rocky Pull-Ups/Pulldowns basically it gives load on your biceps and on a large and small circular muscle.

Also use a wide grip pull-up behind the head, pulling up on the one hand, the exhale on one-and two hands, and much more.

At the bar, you must perform at least 3-5 sets per session, for 8-12 times, resting for about a minute between them. As soon as you pull up in the first set 12 reps, in following you can use additional weights. In this way you will make accent on the growth of strength and muscle mass, not endurance.


Pull-ups each year sets new records, which occupy an honored place in world sports history. For example, if talking about pull-ups on the bar in one minute, in 2006, Stefan Hiland pulled up 42 times, while in 30 minutes, in 2007, the same Stephen Hiland pulled up 442 times, thus forever carved his name in the Guinness Book of Records .

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