Julian Smith: Uses Steroids or Natural?

As much as I can guess, everybody knows that the world of professional bodybuilding is constantly changing, and it especially changed nowadays. That’s because, while in the past it was the men’s heavyweight dominating the Olympia, nowadays people are seem to care more and more about the classic and more aesthetic physiques out there, rather than mass monsters competing in the Olympia stage.

What’s more than that is that in order to get recognized nowadays then you definitely do not need to be an IFBB pro that is gracing the covers of fitness magazines with a multi million dollar supplement company that is sponsoring you. Thanks to the internet, social media or whatever else, nowadays, in order to build a fan base and to get the recognition that you are looking for and you feel that you actually deserve, all that you need is a strong work ethic, a good looking body, and constantly posing, uploading photos on social media.

If, in the past only such guys as Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler, Frank Zane and of course, Arnold  Schwarzenegger were recognized, super big and idolized by millions, nowadays guys can go from a nobody to an online internet fitness sensation nearly overnight and being an internet fitness sensation means a lot now.

A perfect example of that is Julian Smith – a guy that we are going to discuss about today. This is the reason why we are going to try answering the question  if does Julian Smith is taking steroids or he managed to reach all his fame thanks to an amazing body online naturally? It is hard to become an online fitness sensation with a lot of fans without getting steroids accusations and that’s why, we are going to check evidences and will try to determine if those accusations are true or not.

In this article you are going to find out who Julian Smith is, how he has gained so much popularity and most importantly – whether or not we believe his truly impressive physique is natural, or it is thanks to the use of some anabolic steroids which are often being referred as “juice” in the bodybuilding world. With all of this being said, let’s start digging.


Legal Disclaimer

Before we can continue any further writing this article and trying to determine whether we think that he uses (or ever used) steroids or he is natural, we firstly need to cover the legal stuff and get it out of our way.

We need to mention that we don’t know Julian Smith and we are in no way associated with him, or to anybody close to him. We have absolutely no personal information or medical history of this guy, that’s why, we can’t know for sure if he ever used or uses steroids and doubt that we would ever find it out for certain, unless he decides to come out and admit it – something that we doubt will ever happen. With this being said, the content that you are about to read in this article is based purely on speculation only on our part, out of public information/ photos/ videos etc. shared about Julian Smith, as well out of our knowledge of steroids and their side effects etc. That’s why, we certainly have no proof that Julian is on, or has ever used, anabolic steroids in the past.

The anabolic steroids are very dangerous, especially if not being used wisely and with big precaution, that’s why we would never recommend their use for performance or physique enhancing reasons. It is up to everybody’s own decision if they want to use steroids or not. That’s why, in the same time, we will surely not judge anyone who is using them either.

All that we want to do is simply to determine if a person uses anabolic steroids or not. But we are not going to recommend their use or judge a person using them. All that we can recommend is – if you or anybody is using them, then we would recommend to inform yourself and to understand how to use them properly, wisely and correctly.

So, let’s get back to our topic and talk about Julian, and whether we believe that he is on steroids or has ever used them in the past.

Who is Julian Smith?

If you are a person who is following the absolutely big and definitely competitive world of bodybuilders or especially online fitness, then you have some pretty good chances that you have heard of a guy that is named Julian Smith. But if you still don’t know who Julian Smith is, then you stand some chances to have heard of “the quad guy”. That’s right – Julian Smith is nicknamed – the quad guy.

There’s no need to mention that when a person has a nickname like this, it is obvious that you would imagine a guy which is having his quads really amazing, and trust me – this is only if you are putting it pretty mildly as he has awesome quads.

So, Julian Smith is an American bodybuilder which has a height standing at 6 ft (approximately 183 cm) and is weighing in at around 200 pounds (approximately 89 kg). His full name is Julian Michael Smith and although I earlier discussed that you don’t need to be a sponsored athlete – Julian is, and he’s also a bodybuilding competitor either. I do realize that these stats do not sound anything amazing – 6 ft guy with 200 pounds is nothing unusual, but the fact that his body fat comes in single digit would change your mind. Especially if you would ever walk around on the street and see this guy, you definitely won’t think of him as an average guy stats. And that’s especially if he’s going to be shirtless.

As said, he’s a sponsored athletes but also an Insta Trainer and fitness model too. Plus, although he’s a bodybuilder competitor, he’s not actually competing at a competitive level. Nonetheless, even so he is having a physique that would rival any fitness model out there, that’s for sure. Especially if we are talking about his lower body parts – no ladies, I am not talking about that. I am talking about his legs which are amongst the best that you are ever likely to see. This guy surely has a physique a lot of guys out there would envy.

Early Life

Julian is originating from Oregon, USA, and has been interested in bodybuilding as well as health and fitness for as long as he can remember, according to the information that I have managed to find while searching for information online about this guy.

I also found that being a kid, he would very often watch Arnie action movies such as The Terminator, Commando, Conan and many others and he was always dreaming to get such a sheer size that Arnold was having then. Nonetheless, there’s a very important thing to mention here – remember that back in that time, Arnold was not competing on stage which means that Arnie wasn’t anywhere near as big as he was on the stage.

Julian has started to read bodybuilding magazines and he remembers to be very and very impressed by another bodybuilder, some of you might remember him – he was named Tom Platz (I guess veterans surely know who this guy is) and this guy was very famous for having arguably the best legs in the history of the sport. No wonder, taking in consideration Julian’s current legs. All in all, I guess there’s no need to mention that Julian was always attracted by sports and he very often played them, nonetheless, he always showed a special interest in bodybuilding, specifically.

Back in the time he was a teen, he has obtained a gym membership to Powerhouse Fitness and has started to take his training more and more seriously. Back then, he wanted to bulk up for football and for athletics and that’s why, weight training has been just perfect. As he was training more and more and time was passing by, he has started to learn more and more, obviously, and out of all of the body parts that are available to train (as we know – there are a lot), Julian was actually enjoying to train his legs more than anything and it is obvious that he was training them in a “special” way.

It is absolutely normally the other way around, as most of the guys are hating to train their legs and mostly because training the legs are very difficult and in addition to that, it is pretty painful, plus the legs are very often being covered up a lot so there is much less chance to flex them and to show them off. Nonetheless, Julian was among very few guys out there who really loved to train his legs and they were responding very and very well to his trainings, I guess – this made him train them even more.

He does admits that his diet used to suck, a lot, to begin with, and this is why he has slowed his progress, nonetheless – as soon as he has started to clean up his diet and started to watch very carefully what exactly he was eating, he very soon found out that his gains was coming very and very easily for him.

Then later, as the years went by, his gym members started to watch him go from the skinny and awkward teenager to a really big gym guy, a gym veteran with some of the most impressive legs whoever else had in that gym, and as they were thinking – probably in all of Oregon.

So well, he is not training nowadays, however he entered quite a few shows when he was younger and back in 2013 he has placed the first in his class at the NPC Washington Ironman, and the NPC Natural Ohio in 2015. And thanks to his amazing physique, he is now earning a living online where people can become members on his site for a small monthly fee, there, those people are able to read his workouts, learn insider training and also nutritional tips and also much more besides. Thanks to all of this, Julian did managed to become an “internet sensation” as he is currently having over one million of followers on Instagram and he has been featured on bodybuilding.com as well, plus he is a prominent figure on both big platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

As in regards to his training and to improve his legs, Julian is basically stating that you simply need to use the correct form, to choose the proper and correct exercises and obviously – use some heavy weight. That’s just amazing and as easy as it sounds. We do know very well that it is hardly ground breaking training advice, nonetheless – if it works then it works and that’s the most important thing. So, with all of this being said, let’s talk more detailed about Julian’s:

Leg Training

Online you can find videos of Julian Smith trying to help you with leg training. Below, I can share an example, a YouTube video named Leg Day with Julian “the quad guy” Smith. Hopefully it would help someone.


Before we can go further and try to answer the final question of does Julian Smith take steroids or he is all natural, we are going to need to take a quick look at how he has been able to build a set of such amazingly and impressive legs he has.

As much as we have noticed, he is performing every exercise very slowly and meticulously, with a full range of motion as well as heavyweight. As much as he said – he is training to failure and he surely likes to change things up. But as he said, there are a few of his favorite exercises and he did shared them with us. They include: barbell lunges; sissy squats; squats; sumo squats; leg curls; leg presses; calf raises and there are only a few of them that we mentioned here. Julian has a much bigger “arsenal” of leg exercises which can help you get at least a bit closer to how his legs look like.

His Diet and Nutrition

I guess it is pretty obvious that we need to talk about his diet and nutrition and talking about this, I can share another YouTube video with Julian Smith which I found and I thought it is very interesting:


As said earlier, Julian stated that his diet sucked really bad when he was getting started with the bodybuilding thing and he said that as soon as he cleaned it all up, he managed to make some really big progress and some very impressive improvements that can be seen nowadays.

As much as we have found, he is currently practicing IIFYM, which stands for: If It Fits Your Macro; which basically is allowing for more flexibility with the diet, as long as you carefully monitor the amounts that you are consuming. So well, being known as the flexible dieting; it is being quite controversial as there are some people who analyzed it and who believe that it is encouraging poor dietary choices compared to other diets which try to completely exclude such dietary foods.

Regardless if this is controversial or not, this diet surely worked for Julian and I think that this is what really matters. I am not very sure if it would work for everyone the same because as we all know – everyone is pretty much very different from one another, however this diet has had huge impact on his physique. Nonetheless, now we would try to determine if he has such an amazing physique all thanks to his specific diet and smart training or there’s something else added too?

Is Julian Smith using or ever used Steroids or he is all Natural?

So well, now that you do know who Julian Smith is and you know quite a little bit more about this guy, I think that it is the right time to take a look at whether or not we believe that Julian is in fact using steroids (or has ever used them), or he managed to reach it all naturally.

I only wanted to warn you once again – this is all purely speculative and it shouldn’t be taken as factual. Below I am going to share some pieces of evidence which may indicate both for and against steroid use on Julian’s part.

Julian was Competing Naturally

 As I earlier mentioned in this article – Julian has taken the first place in his class back in 2015 at the 2015 NPC NATURAL Ohio show. So well, due to the fact that it is called a natural show, then surely this proves the fact that Julian must have been absolutely free of steroids, isn’t it? yes, that’s true, but only at the time.

What I am trying to say is that every athlete is required to hand over urine samples if they want to compete, so Julian provided them and he was all clean, however – we are currently in 2019 and Julian does surely look quite a little bit bigger and even in a better condition than he was when he was competing. With all of this being said – does this mean anything at all? Not too much.

What I am trying to say is that he could very well use steroids before the show and also after the show, however there are very little chances that he did used anything at all in the time of the show. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Kali Muscle and Bradley Martyn. I’ve analyzed both these guys, they both competing in NPC but they both got the verdict that they are using or used steroids.

The fact that he has competed in a natural show doesn’t prove that he’s absolutely all natural. It only gives a little bit credit to the fact that he may be natty after all, but it definitely doesn’t prove it!

Checking Julian’s Size

If we are going to talk about Julian stats on the paper then many may say that he is pretty average, at least, his stats sound as if he’s average and that’s because he stands at 6 ft in height and is weighing only 200 pounds. That’s definitely nothing to be super impressed since even though these stats cannot be said to be small, he surely can’t be classified to be as big as someone like Mike O’Hearn (you can read his article on our site, if interested).

I say it all due to the fact that there are IFBB pro bodybuilders who are shorter in height than Julian is, nonetheless they are weighing around 100 pounds more than him and that’s while they are all of solid muscle with very low body fat percentage. One thing to mention here is: you don’t actually need to be a steroid expert in order to understand that those guys are taking some juice, however, it is getting a little bit harder when it comes to talk about steroid use and smaller dudes like Julian. That’s because even though they are smaller, it doesn’t mean that they never used steroids. I have examples of people who are even smaller than Julian, but are known to be on juice.

So well, first of all, Julian is quite far from being called a small guy, however, at the same time, he definitely cannot be classified as huge either.

And so, specifically because of this fact it is quite hard to determine whether his gains are thanks to the anabolic steroid use (well, at least part of it), or it is all thanks to hard work and big determination. We’re going to try to find it out.

His Condition

Well, if you are ever going to see Julian with a pump in the time that he is wearing a tank top in the gym, you would be ready to swear that he weighed at very least 20 pounds more than he actually does. The reason behind that is that ripped guys are giving the people the illusion of being much bigger than they actually are. This effect is seen in many other bodybuilders and it is seen only in those who are having low body fat percentages.

Julian Smith is not super ripped, nonetheless we can’t ignore that he is indeed shredded, and that’s despite the fact that he is not competing anymore on the stage. It is known that Julian is always having a six pack set of abs, he is vascular and in addition to that, he is having veins that are popping out everywhere and plus to that, he also happens to have some of the craziest leg development that are currently existing on this entire planet.

To our knowledge and notice; usually he looks like he’s walking around with about 5% of body fat on average and that’s definitely not much more than an IFBB pro bodybuilder who is just about to step up on the stage at the Olympia. In order to simply get to this type of a condition it is pretty hard, but there’s no need to mention that in order to maintain it all the year round it is something that’s perhaps asking for way too much, if we are talking about natural ways.

Please don’t get me wrong, I definitely do not try to make the allusion that this is impossible as it is not. It is definitely and completely possible to reach it and maintain it with a very strict diet, a lot of cardio, the perfect lifestyle and of course – the right training, nonetheless – that is very hard to be achieved.

But here we have Julian who seem to make it look as if that’s something pretty easy to be done. It definitely could be all thanks to exclusively hard work and dedication only, or it also thanks to the use of the powerful fat burning properties of steroids such as Winstrol and Clenbuterol.

Julian’s Legs

We just can’t ignore his legs and we definitely cannot talk about the “quad guy” without mentioning his legs. They indeed look awesome! They are very big, they are symmetrical, they look aesthetic, vascular and they are definitely chiseled.

In fact, this guy has such amazing legs that he is having more definition in his legs than there are some bodybuilders that have in their upper bodies when they are competing on the stage. It is obvious that Julian is having some amazing genes when it is coming down to training his legs, otherwise he couldn’t build them like that, especially since he noticed that his legs are getting muscular pretty easy even when he wasn’t “the quad guy”, however the real question is – can he build those legs to look that good naturally?

To be honest, we are not sure and we can’t answer that question with certainty; nonetheless, we are not going to be shocked to find out that steroids did played quite an important part in Julian’s amazing legs. Let’s get further.

He has No Obvious Signs of Steroid Use

There are some people out there who is all very simple when it comes to determine if they are on steroids or not, that’s because everything that you need to do is to look at them for a few seconds and to check for the obvious signs of steroid use as you can see them effortlessly. But that’s not the case for Julian, for sure. And it is not only because he is not as huge as those guys on Olympia stage. Being huge is a sign, but there are some examples of really big guys who got the natty verdict. And being “smaller than mass monsters” doesn’t count as natural automatically either.

Except for being unnaturally huge, there are other obvious signs of steroid use and these signs are usually getting even people who are smaller use juice. Such obvious signs of steroid use include: those people are having flushed skin; they are sweating a lot; some of them are having acne, they are extremely veiny; they are having the “preggy sign” – bloated stomachs even with abs being see; gyno; boulder shoulders that give a 3D effect and they are having high blood pressure, much higher than when you are natural. There are other visual effects either. It is obvious that not all bodybuilders who are using steroids are having all of these effects, or any effects. And it is also obvious that there are some natural guys who might get these effects. But still, there is some distinct between them.

Anyway, in the end, Julian is not having absolutely any obvious signs of steroid use at all.

What’s the conclusion?

So, in the end, we should try answering – does Julian Smith take Steroids or he is all Natural?

So well, I have to admit that this is a pretty tough call. Anyway, I must say that based on the evidence that I have managed to find above, there’s absolutely anything (no actual evidence) which could prove that Julian Smith is taking any anabolic steroids at all, or that he has ever used them.

If he would have used fat burning steroids – he wouldn’t manage to be as shredded all year round (he can’t take them 365/ 365 and that’s why, when coming off them you get a bit of bloated, especially on the face – Julian doesn’t) and plus he would have at least a few steroid signs. And if he would have used bulking steroids then we would witness how he would get much bigger but as we can see – he’s not getting any bigger. Plus, he would also have at least a few steroid signs (at least, odds are that he would get some).

That is why, as a conclusion I must say that he may be natty, nonetheless – we would not be very shocked to find out some day that he was running some fat burning compounds (very unlikely bulking compounds); or some less potent steroids at some lower dosages either. This is mainly based on the fact that he has a freakish condition and some amazing leg development – some of the best in this world which has granted him the nickname – “the quad guy”.

Tell us in the comments below what do you think about Julian Smith? Do you actually consider that he ever used steroids? Provide evidence which I might have missed. Also, tell us what do you think about his legs. Any other thought about Julian Smith – please write it down below. Special thanks to the following sources which greatly helped me in writing of this article.








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