Jaco De Bruyn Is Natural or Taking Steroids?

Jaco De Bruyn is a South African bodybuilder and WBFF pro muscle model who has got millions of fans and thanks to his amazing physique he ended up being sponsored by supplement company named EHP labs alongside another famous bodybuilder named Josef Rakich.

As earlier mentioned, Jaco is super famous and has an amazing physique, therefore he’s having an army of followers on social media, with over 4 million fans only on his Facebook profile. Jaco De Bruyn is really jacked and is very lean. He does not tend to look too shredded in the off season, nonetheless, when it comes down to performing on a stage, his physique condition is just amazing. With an army of followers and with a great physique, getting accusations online that you’ve reached all of it with the help of steroids is nearly inevitable and that’s why, we decided to check evidences proving that Jaco De Bruyn is all natural or has taken steroids. First off, let’s take a look at his stats. At the height of 6 ft 1; he has a weight of 96 kg while he is off season and an estimated body fat (also off season) of 7 %. In addition to this, Jaco is also possessing some of the best rear delts even known to a man. In the end, after he has built such an amazing physique, there are a lot of his fans that are speculating if he has ever taken anything in order to reach it all. Let’s check it.


Competition History

I have earlier mentioned the fact that Jaco is competing in the WBFF federation, in the muscle model category. This is the reason why we need to check WBFF’s Drug Testing policy as this can help us determine a lot about the fact has he ever used any steroids. So, I have taken a look at their testing policy in order to see if they are a strict organization when it is coming to detect the steroid users and the short answer is – no. I have checked their drug testing policy but there’s absolutely no mention about “drug testing” on the entire WBFF website.

I was curious why they do not offer any drug testing policies so after I have done a lot of research I have found out on the bodybuilding.com there is a forum thread where the WBFF direct of operations reveals the federation’s drug testing protocol. And this explained why there’s no drug testing policy on their site.

As much as we can see, the WBFF is a federation that do not test their participants, don’t test them at all. To be honest, I really admire their honesty in a sport that very usually is being forced to bullshit so much, because of the law issues. That’s because the anabolic steroids are illegal in nearly every country of the world, well, except for Mexico and Thailand where not very much is being illegal there.

Nonetheless, the WBFF director did mentioned the fact that they are not going to comment whether they are for or against the athletes to be using steroids in their competitions. Even though I do honestly think this is very admirable (and quite fascinating at the same time either), it just cannot help but to reflect on their athletes. Well, a natural bodybuilder is very hardly going to be lured to a federation where it blatantly it is not a level playing field. That’s because, what’s the point of taking a part in a competition as an absolutely all natural bodybuilder where you know that everyone else is most likely going to be juicing. This is “not fair” as you would most likely have no chances of winning. Nonetheless, this still doesn’t mean that he did took steroids. The fact that Jaco has been competing in the WBFF, it definitely doesn’t automatically mean that he is on steroids, for sure. Nonetheless, it does mean that he has taken the part of a competition that is not taking drug tests for determining if someone is taking steroids. Let’s take a look at his gains timeline.

Gains Timeline

Checking somebody’s “gains timeline” it is by far the most effective way to know if the person is taking steroids. and due to the fact that we are living in this amazing era where there is social media and we can easily a person’s gains timeline because athletes just can’t resist uploading a few pics of them every week, we can easily determine it. So, I can very easily analyze their progress/ gains throughout their entire life.

According to the information I managed to find, Jaco has been born in 1983 and he has started to train at the age of 23 years old. With all of this being said, he has started to lift weights in around 2006. I have checked his gains timeline and as much as it seems, he used to be natty in the first few years of lifting weights, then it seems he didn’t resisted the temptation and in around 2010 – 2011 he started juicing as it seems he was all natural until 2010. That’s because, as we all know, after a few years of training we plateau from the newbie gains and as soon as we stop from growing because of the newbie gains, we can only expect some very few tiny gains for the rest of our lives, but as much as we can see, it was all different for Jaco where he transformed extremely much since 2010 to 2011. He has blown up in 2011 and has transformed from a 7/10 slightly above average gym rat to a JACKED international superstar.

To my opinion, that’s quite a strong evidence that could suggest Jaco has started to take steroids in around 2010. Are there any other evidences suggesting that he has ever taken steroids? Let’s check his other

Steroid Symptoms on His Body

Flushed Skin

His red or “flushed skin” it is one of the most common side effects with the steroid users and as much as we can see, we can see that Jaco has this flushed skin side effect, that’s why we can well assume that it is thanks to steroids intake. That’s another strong evidence of taking steroids because I can see it again and again with a lot of steroids users, nonetheless, I never see this effect from somebody who has been all natural.

This flushed skin can very often symbolize a very high body temperature. So, the high body temperature can be the result of some kind of irregularity with the blood and blood pressure. Such kind of irregularities with the blood can be (and often are indeed) caused by steroids and that’s because of their impact on the cholesterol levels. There are some steroids that are increasing the LDLs (bad cholesterol) and decrease the HDLs (good cholesterol) – this is creating the spike in the blood pressure and is creating a flushed appearance.

3D Delts and Traps

Jaco De Bruyn, pretty much like Chul Soon, is having some extremely big shoulders that are giving them both a 3D effect. This is another evidence of taking steroids and that’s because extremely big shoulders is a sign of taking steroids.

Plus to that, that’s definitely not a shock for me to see that he has traps that are equally as developed and that’s because both of those muscle groups are containing an extremely large number of androgen receptors, much larger than any other muscle groups. This is the reason why shoulders and traps are growing extremely much for a juicer, without even training them too much. That means that when a person is taking an anabolic steroid that is particularly androgenic in nature, their shoulders and traps are going to blow up much more than any other muscle groups. As much as it seems, this is the exact same case with Jaco as that’s what it looks like it happened.

Excessive Vascularity

Excessive vascularity, as much as you might have already guessed it – is another sign of taking steroids. There are natural guys who are getting a big vascularity effect but this very rarely happens, plus, they do not look like a human roadmap. So, from looking at Jaco’s gains timeline, he had some very little vascularity when he has been a natural guy. With this being said, we know that he is not a vascular guy by natural/ genetically. But since 2010, he has got increasingly vascular. How this happened? That’s right – steroids. They are going to cause you to have thinner skin as they are directly going to affect the amount of collagen in your skin. In fact, they are actually lowering the collagen levels.

So, what’s the result of lowering the collagen levels? The skin is losing its thickness and that means that there is going to be less skin that is hiding your veins, therefore they are moving closer to the surface of the skin and are going to be much more visible. This is the reason why the more body fat % you have, the less vascular you are. You have more skin that covers your veins. But natural guys who are getting veiny are having only a bit of visible veins, Jaco De Bruyn, when it comes to vascularity, is pretty much like a human roadmap. Wriggly worm veins all over the body!

What’s the conclusion?

With all of this being said, we can finally answer:

Is Jaco De Bruyn on Steroids?

Yes, as much as it seems, Jaco De Bruyn is using steroids or at least, he did used them after 2010 period. I concluded this based on the evidence which suggests that Jaco could very well be taking steroids. In fact, I think that this is one of the most comprehensive verdicts that I have ever written. Jaco is having several signs of being on steroids on his body, plus there is his gains timeline that is pretty conclusive.

Nonetheless, the fact that he is on steroids shouldn’t take away the fact that he worked hard to achieve it all. you just can’t take steroids and look like Jaco. Plus to that, I really respect the fact that he was not playing the natty card repeatedly on the social media. He was not lying being a natural guy, he just doesn’t make it public that he is on steroids and I think he might not do it because he has an army of followers, as I said, and it wouldn’t be a shock to hear that many of his followers started juicing only because they heard Jaco does it so they wanted to achieve such a body as his.

In the end, steroids or not, he has still built a world class physique that has got millions of people admiring (and there are millions of other people taking steroids who never achieved such a body) so although he does uses steroids, there are numerous of other factors playing a role in building such a physique.

Potentially Steroids Used

First of all – trenbolone. But I also think he used testosterone as well. in any case, I am quite sure that he is on trenbolone. The reason why I am so sure is because trenbolone is a very androgenic steroid which means that your delts and traps are going to explode as soon as you are going to start using this steroid. Jaco is having the very typical side effects of using trenbolone specifically and it includes the flushed skin, the excessive vascularity and as I earlier said – the 3D effect of having huge delts and shoulders which is the result of taking highly androgenic steroids such as trenbolone. In addition to that, tren is making it a lot much easier to achieve striations, and that’s particularly in the chest and that’s because of its diuretic effect which is leaving you to look really really DRY. When off season, he might look alright, however when Jaco is getting shredded for the competition, his chest striations are getting insane, something that is not specific for a natty, but is very specific for someone taking trenbolone.

Plus, I have said he is taking testosterone. I would say he is very likely taking it because of the sheer size that he has gained since 2010 and that’s because of how full he is looking. So, there are signs that he might have taken each of these steroids in particular but what makes it an even stronger evidence that he has taken specifically testosterone and trenbolone is the fact that the combination of these 2 steroids is very famous. Test and tren is a very powerful and well known combination because they are offering amazing results. The prove: Jaco De Bruyn. This guy has responded like a boss since he started to work out and take the combination.

But don’t forget that you won’t be reaching the physique of Jaco De Bruyn by simply taking those 2 steroids. Reaching such a physique you need to spend years of training and working hard all along with a great dedication and diet. Tell us what do you think about Jaco in the comments below. Do you respect him less because he takes steroids? Or you respect him the same way? Special thanks to the following sources which greatly helped me in writing of this article:







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