Is Thomas Delauer Using Steroids Or Natural?

Anabolic Steroids (or simply steroids; or roids; or juice; gear; AAS; peds and many more slang terms used to describe them) have got a hell of a bad reputation over the years and in fact, the media has made a big impact here into trying to make people believe that steroids are among the most dangerous compounds on the planet. While they are indeed dangerous, they are definitely not in the top end of dangerous compounds. So well, we are not here right now trying to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes and for this reason I should say – we do know very well that steroids are actually dangerous and we do know very well that they can be potentially fatal. But one very important thing to remember is the fact that pretty much as anything else; if you are going to abuse them then the risks are going to be a lot much bigger.

As dangerous as the steroids can actually, in case you are going to look to make some serious muscle gains in the gym and to pack on some serious size onto your frame with big muscles, then the anabolic steroids can potentially work just amazing for you and your needs. For this exact reason, even though it is a taboo topic and everybody knows that steroids can be dangerous, you are still going to see a lot of people all over the world using them. The steroids are allowing people to gain more muscles than they could ever imagine.

They are building muscles; they are burning a lot of fat; they are improving the athletic performance; they are speeding up the recovery rates and a lot much more except for this. However, how can you know if there’s someone who is using steroids? Very well… you just can’t always say it right away. There are evidences that should be checked first.

For this exact reason, we are going to look at Thomas Delauer and check if there’s anything which might indicate that he’s on steroids or he’s natural. You see, Thomas is an athlete that is having an amazing physique. He is looking so so amazing, however, this had led to people questioning whether his gains were all natural, or it was the result of the use of some anabolic steroids which greatly “pushed” him to get this condition.

So, we are about to talk about Thomas; understand who is he and then check for pieces of evidences which might indicate that he’s natural or on juice.


Legal Disclaimer

Before we can start with this article; we firstly need to cover us legally which means that we should note here that we are in no way associated with Thomas Delauer. We don’t know Thomas Delauer personally or anybody close to him and we have big doubts that we ever will. We also have absolutely no personal information of Thomas or his medical history. All the content that you are about to read is based on our knowledge on steroids and their side effects and information/ photo/ videos publicly displayed about Thomas.

We are having absolutely no idea whether Thomas is indeed natural or not and with all of the honesty, we most likely never will unless he decides to admit it himself; something we doubt would ever happen.

We are in absolutely no way, shape or form associated with Thomas and that’s why, this is all going to be based purely on opinions so it should be taken as such, rather than factual.

Anyway, without delaying it all any further; here’s a look at whether we do believe that he is natural or he is on juice.

Who is Thomas Delauer?

Here is a little bit of information about Thomas Delauer in case you are not familiar with him. Thomas Delauer is a social media fitness guru with one of the most impressive physiques in the entire fitness industry. He is standing at 5 ft 10 the exact same height as Layne Norton and he is weighing in at approximately 190 to 200 pounds on average. This guy is known for being ripped to shreds and that’s even in the off season (pretty much as Helmut Strebl).

Thomas, however, is having a very large fan base and generally he is not the target of online trolling or hate, compared to many other bodybuilders out there that get a lot of hate online. We assume that it is all thanks to the fact that he is an honest, genuine, down to earth guy that is giving some very honest advice that is based on his own past experiences that he got. Thomas is not spouting your usual bro science garbage that a lot of the Insta trainers seem to provide online. He is one of the very few guys out there who just does not keep harping on about deficits, hypertrophy; gains; atrophy; anatomical physiology; anabolic windows as well as other technical terms out there that the average gym goer wouldn’t understand even in their biggest dreams. Instead of all of that, Thomas is known for giving some honest, tested, tried and also very easy to understand advices and recommendations that really work out pretty well.

Despite the fact that he’s popular and has quite a big amount of fans, it is obvious that he just can’t avoid getting any haters which means that he still has some of them. Those are the people that very often, are those who are very fast of accusing him of using some steroids in order to reach the physique Thomas is proudly walking around with.

However, when you are going to see how amazing his physique actually is, then it is pretty easy to understand why and it is not a wonder why he does have some haters. Thomas is having some really big pecs; very clear six pack abs; he has both big biceps and triceps; he has boulder shoulders; he is having a very impressive set of wheels (this is the slang for legs in the fitness industry, for those who don’t know it). I think that it is quite hard to actually believe that his truly impressive physique can be reached naturally without the help of any gears; nonetheless, for now, we are going to give him the benefit of the doubt and we are going to try and to address whether he could potentially be natty or he did used something. The steroid accusations are getting even more when people find out how much this guy managed to transform his body. Below I am going to share a pic of how Thomas used to be in the past and how he managed to change.

Early Life

Thomas Delauer has grown up in Italy and as we all know, it is the country of healthy foods. He was surrounded by family members who all were promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They were always encouraging him to pursue sports and physical activity and while living in such a an amazing part of the Mediterranean, he was also fed a variety of fresh and healthy produce.

At the age of 12 years old, he was studying art and while he used to sculpt from clay, he stated that he fell in love with the perfect physique. If you have seen movie Pumping Iron (I guess you did, since you’re here, but if you didn’t – watch it, you won’t regret) remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger was comparing bodybuilding to sculpting and I guess you can understand where he was coming from. Thomas has stated that rather than sculpting physiques from clay; he instead wanted to sculpt his own perfect physique. This was the moment when he has taken quite a good interest in bodybuilding and resistance training. according to his words, he would look online, he was interested in reading books and magazines, was watching DVDs and been trying to gain as much information about bodybuilding as he possibly could.

But like a lot of newbies out there, the first try that he has had into the bodybuilding world has bit quite a bit of a fail. Nonetheless, this wasn’t for no avail because as he says – his mistakes did helped him to transform himself, change his body, and get as the successful man that he currently is. According to his words; Thomas said that his biggest mistake has been the fact that he was trying to bulk up way too quickly. That’s how he reached the body size you can see in the first photo above on the left.

He said that he was consuming fat too many calories and was doing it at the wrong times during the day and therefore, he gained weight, he gained a lot of weight and it was not the good weight. nonetheless, though, he was still able to gain some bulk, which is pretty obvious. And in the same time, he was also able to learn from his mistakes. That was one huge mistake but it was one of his huge steps into helping him to become one of the most aesthetic humans to ever be on the earth. What’s even more than that is that it has also helped him to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to his clients and to his followers on the social media which means that they have the opportunity to avoid doing the same mistake that he has made beforehand and I think that this is amazing.

Training and Inside Tips

We do know very well that Thomas Delauer it is one of the most aesthetic bodybuilders and humans at all to ever walk on the planet; however; how did he build such an awesome physique?

Very well, now we do know that there are some of you who will be thinking and automatically assume: steroids. and yes, we do remember very well that the main topic of this article it is to look at if Thomas Delauer is indeed taking some steroids or he managed to reach it all naturally, but before we can continue with that, let’s just look at some of his key training principles and inside tips.

According to what we managed to find, he is stating that training it is a game of health and that ultimately, we should never lose sight of why we are actually training in the first place. it is obvious that we are all having goals and objectives in our lives and the same goes for training as it is absolutely no different from it all. With all of this being said, Thomas has said that his training should be about feeling good, rather than only vanity; even though a little bit of vanity definitely won’t hurt, obviously.

Therefore he said that in order to motivate himself, he doesn’t really get fired up by listening to Disturbed or Rage Against the Machine at some insane volumes that people are used do, nor does he swallow gallons of pre workout stuff before going to gym. Instead, he said that he is digging deep mentally and is thinking about how far he has come and how much he has achieved. According to him, this is his motivator and what helped him in the gym.

He has landed multiple sponsorships and many magazine deals. This has led him to motivate other people, he is having one of the best physique in the whole fitness industry and plus to that, he is one of the most successful social media fitness gurus currently on the scene with his own website, nearly 700k of followers on Facebook and 1.3 million of subscribers on his YouTube channel. In addition to that, he is not always listening to music when he’s training as he said it himself, he says that listening to music with headphones can sometimes be ignored.

Very well, is Thomas Delauer actually on steroids or not?

So, after we have discussed about his past, his habits and training, I guess it is the right moment to talk about the subject and check whether we think that Thomas Delauer is using some juice or he managed to reach it all absolutely naturally?

Just keep in mind that this is purely speculation on our parts; although we do believe that our evidence is real so the verdict is most likely very close to reality; this still remains to be speculation only. So well, here are some potential pieces of evidence both for and against the possible steroid use on his part.

Thomas Delauer Transformation

Very interesting it is the fact that Thomas’ body transformation it is pretty different from the most bodybuilders out there. Usually, when you are looking at the bodybuilders and the possible steroids use on their part; when they are transforming their bodies, they are doing it by bulking up and then adding a lot of weight of pure muscles to their size. That’s the usual scheme for a bodybuilders; but for Thomas it was different as he didn’t do it.

That’s because, as much as you can remember, we mentioned that Thomas has made some mistakes and the main mistake was that he was bulking up way too quickly. There’s a photo which you can check as well where you can see him in the moment when he bulked up way too much. So well, while he was in his twenties, Thomas has been close to 300 pounds and as much as we can notice from his photos, that definitely wasn’t muscle – it was mainly fat much rather than muscle. At that moment Thomas has taken the decision to change his life and managed to lose more than 100 pounds in his weight and he has even documented it.

Throughout this weight loss he has been inspired to become a trainer and to help other people who are struggling with their own weight problems because he was in their “skin” and understands them very well. He managed to lose more than 100 pounds in the time that he has been maintaining muscle mass and more than that – while he was even building muscles. I guess there’s no need to mention that the outcome of this was simply amazing.

Below I am going to share a youtube video where you can see how to lose weight fast from Thomas DeLauer advices. Hopefully, you are going to find this video helpful.

Interestingly enough, the steroids can help you do the exact what I have said above – lose weight while maintaining and even building pure muscles. However, there are a lot of people out there that have lost that type of weight in that method all naturally as well and this is why this is neither proving or disproving the use of anabolic steroids.

Thomas’ Condition

It is impossible not to mention the fact that besides the fact that Thomas is being very close to 200 pounds of pure muscles, he happens to be one of the most ripped guys out there as he’s indeed ripped to shreds. It is a very rare phenomenon if you are going to see him at any higher than 6% of body fat, for this reason this guy is having some very amazing and visible abs for, I guess, as much as we can remember him.

But with this being said we need to mention that in order to simply get down into single digit body fat percentages for a fairly short period of time it is already a pretty tough task, however managing to get it so low and then to continue maintaining that type of a condition all the year round then that is indeed taking a special kind of passion and dedication that by far not everyone can do.

In the theory, steroids are known that they can make it easier to control your body fat and muscle mass levels to keep the muscles up while body fat low and that’s because the steroids have properties helping you to speed up the fat loss whilst promoting the muscle growth and repair.

It is obvious that you can also stay in some great shape through a very good diet, through cardio as well as lifting, nonetheless, there’s no doubt that it is pretty hard. But on the other hand – we do know very well that Thomas is a very dedicated guy who cannot be stopped from reaching his goals. His the perfect example of the guy who, if he’s setting his sights on a goal, then he is not going to stop until he is fully going to achieve it. A perfect example proving it is when he was trying to bulk and he was so dedicated that he bulked way too much.

His Diet

There are several methods to check if someone is using steroids, but a dead giveaway of a bodybuilder who is using steroids it is to look at their diet. What I am trying to say is that if they are indeed eating very clean then it can be tough, however if their diet suck badly then this can surely be a giveaway. Are you asking yourself how?

Very well, there are some powerful steroids like Trenbolone that are so thermogenic that they are allowing people to burn their body fat and that’s even when they are in what would be classed as a caloric surplus. Keeping this in mind I shall continue: there are bodybuilders out there who are on steroids who finish their training and they immediately head out for pizza, for burgers, fries, friend chicken, cheesecakes, McDonalds, ice cream cookies, hot dogs and everything else other junk that it is being full of fat and would ordinarily cause the people to become obese from simply looking at that type of stuff. But those bodybuilders eat all of that and still remain with low body fat percentages, how’s that? Steroids. despite the fact that they are eating a lot of junk foods, they are still very often having at least slightly visible abs and they are leaner than an approximate of 90% of the general population.

So now, we have Thomas’ diet which we know that it is very clean since he has changed quite a lot since he has lost the weight, and currently his diet it is on point. He is placing an emphasis on the health and so he is eating super clean meals for the majority of the entire time.

What’s even more than that it is that he is also taking in fat much less protein than other bodybuilders out there. In the time that there are some bodybuilders out there that swear you would need 2 g of protein per pound of bodyweight, it is different for Thomas. He managed to link to several scientific studies out there which have indicated that you actually only need to take in as much as 0.6 g of protein per pound of bodyweight and that is going to be quite enough for you to build up muscle mass you desire. With all of this being said, Thomas is only taking in around 120 g of protein per day.

It could be that this is all that he needs, however it also could be that the reason he is looking so amazing, despite the fact that he is taking in so little protein (compared to other bodybuilders out there), is because he could be taking some kind of steroids?

No Signs Of Steroid Use

There are some people out there that when you look at them you can see that the steroids experiments gone very bad for them and that’s because they are on so much gear that their bodies do not look natural anymore, and there are obvious signs of steroid use. Some of those signs can get even natural people, but they are not as pronounced as for people on juice. That’s because these people are very often having their faces being bright red; they are losing their hair a lot; they are having an oily skin; they are all covered in acne; some really huge delts and traps (since these are muscle groups with most androgen receptors – they respond the fastest and the best to steroids use so they grow immensely); those people are like 100 pounds heavier than they should be and generally, it is pretty obvious that they are on steroids because of multiple signs.

There might be people out there who might be using very few steroids in very little dosages and hence, they do not really have any steroid signs on their bodies. Plus, this happens only if that’s how your body responds to it. but since using very few steroids in very little dosages, you won’t be seeing any much results. so, very little results and very little side effects that might not be seen. Or you do get results but you do get obvious side effects of using steroids that can be seen with naked eyes.

Either Thomas doesn’t use anything at all or he’s among those people who respond very well to steroids and he uses them in very little dosages hence has very little side effects that are not seen. I say it all because Thomas does not seem to have any obvious signs of steroid use at all and although there are small chances that he still uses something in very small dosages, my bet would be that he doesn’t use anything at all.

He is not having flushed skin, he’s having no acne, definitely no hair loss; he has no gyno and his shoulders do not look like cannonballs, and although he has very low body fat percentage, we definitely cannot say that he looks like a human roadmap. In addition to that, as big as he is, he is definitely nothing huge for someone in his size. (a good example of a huge guy for someone in his size is Kali Muscle – you can check his article on our site).

In fact, I can say that other than the fact that he is having quite a great physique, you just cannot really say that there are any signs at all that he did used steroids at all. but, let’s honestly talk now – does absolutely every single guy out there that looks great and is in an amazing physique means that is on steroids? I highly doubt about this. Looking great doesn’t automatically mean that you took steroids. That’s why, could Thomas be natty after all?

What’s the Conclusion?

Well, after everything that I have earlier mentioned I guess I can make a conclusion and answer the question: Is Thomas Delauer on steroids or he’s natural?

Very well, my verdict is that he’s in fact a natural guy. This verdict is based on lack of evidences which could prove that Thomas has taken anything at all. I have come this verdict after a lot of deliberation because it does look as if this is a guy who uses steroids, but there’s nothing that can prove it. I would give him the verdict of a juicer in case I would find at least something which could prove it, but since I found nothing, I guess he well deserves the natty status.

Thomas is having an amazing physique and he generally looks awesome but this doesn’t mean he takes steroids. that’s because we surely have seen other steroid users in the past with less impressive physiques than Thomas’ and in the same time, we also have other examples of natural athletes with more impressive physiques. This is the reason why I think that he’s natural. There’s nothing which could prove him being on some gear: you just cannot avoid absolutely all the side effects of using steroids and Thomas doesn’t seem to have any. Plus, he’s not huge, at least not unnaturally huge, which could indicate that he used any bulking steroids.

So, I am pretty sure that he never used any bulking steroids and I do believe that he is natural, but if he did used anything in his life then I assume this was many years ago and he only used fat burning steroids such as Winstrol, Clenbuterol, or maybe Turinabol. These are the things that he may have used in the past in order to help him get down so much of fat in the time that he was maintaining and building up muscles. We cannot prove that he did used them so there’s quite good chances that he never used even these steroids. but if he did used at least anything in his life then I doubt that it is anything more than that.

Tell us in the comments below what do you think about Thomas DeLauer. Do you still think that he is on steroids? Provide evidences which we might have missed in the comments below. Have you ever got any help from him and his videos/ advices? If you have anything to say in regards to Thomas please say is below.

A lot of thanks to the following sources which greatly helped me in writing of this article:

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