Is Phil Heath Natural or Taking Steroids?

In case there’s still someone who doesn’t know who Phil Heath is – the current Mr Olympia champion who won this title 7 times in a row. That’s something by far not everyone can achieve. In fact, in case Phil is going to continue dominating then he is going to become the most successful bodybuilder of all the time as he’s currently on the second place losing to Ronnie Coleman/ Lee Haney’s record of winning 8 Sandows. We are going to continue watching his progress and success over the years.

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that those who are competing (and especially those who are winning) in the Mr Olympia are indeed some mass monsters, nonetheless I still think that Phil has something nobody can achieve, and this is being proven by the fact that he just keeps on winning. He just has an outstanding body – his physique is the reason why so many keep on working out religiously. His muscle bellies are extremely full and round, so big and full that it creates a 3D effect if you keep on watching him. That’s something that I find amazing! The reason why looking at his body is creating the 3D effect (the popping out looking) is because the most dominant muscle groups are his delts/ traps. Those are the muscles that are extremely hard to get as big as Phil got but when they are so developed then that’s how you get that 3D effect.

Here are the stats and measurements of Phil Heath – he has a height of 5 ft 9; his competition weight is 240 lbs (around 109 kg) but off season he is weighing 275 lbs (around 125 kg) with a competition body fat of approximately 3% but it is higher off season. He measures 22 inches at his arms; legs are 32 inches; calves 20 inches; neck measures 18.5 inches and his waist is 29 inches.

Here’s how you would look like having such amazing stats and measurements:

Having such a body and being a x7 Mr Olympia champion there’s only a love or hate thing as you either love him, or hate him. Especially when there are so many people following him. That’s because checking his Facebook account you are going to see he is followed by 3.3 millions of people. However, there are a lot of haters as well and I noticed that a lot of people who hate Phil Heath has formed their opinions after they have watched the documentary movie named Generation Iron which although many started disliking Phil after watching it, I would recommend it because it is purely an awesome watch. Generation Iron is the modern version of Pumping Iron which I guess doesn’t need an introduction. However if you haven’t watched any of the films – I recommend you to do it. Both are awesome and I think that Generation Iron is pretty much same good as Pumping Iron, although many may disagree with my opinion.

Anyway, after Generation Iron has been released, a lot of people started to perceive Phil as an arrogant and big headed guy. For this reason, many bodybuilders (bodybuilder fans) have started to support Kai Greenese instead of the champ.

Anyway, if you’re still wondering if Phil Heath is on Steroids then you should know – yes he is. Many people still don’t know and many of them still think Phil is all natural. But that’s not true.


The Proves Phil Heath is on Steroids

Well, Phil is taking steroids because he has symptoms of taking them and he has admitted that he has taken them on a video when he was not aware that he has been filmed. There’s a youtuber that has the channel named “prophet muscle” which has confronted Phil Heath and have asked him why he is taking steroids and Phil tried to respond by starting with “because….” But he has then been stopped by his bodyguard who has told Phil not to talk about this topic anymore. Here’s the YouTube Video link.

But let’s check it further.

Phil Heath’s Gains Timeline

Gains Timeline is one of the best ways to determine if someone has taken steroids and that’s because a natural bodybuilders can’t blow up nearly overnight after they have plateaued from their newbie gains which happens soon after starting to regularly work out. There’s no much need to be expert to understand he used steroid because all you need to do is to look at Phil Heath when he was younger.

That’s how Phil Heath has been looking like when he was 23 years old and back then he was an absolutely all natural bodybuilder. Checking his old photos you cannot find a single steroid sign but checking nowadays photos you can see he’s on steroids. How do I know that?

Well, Phil Heath has been weighing around 192 lbs during that time, however he has gained around 50 lbs of lean mass since then. That’s definitely something that a natural bodybuilder won’t achieve since it is clear that at the age of 23 he long ago plateaued from newbie gains. Adding 50 lbs of lean muscle mass is extremely uncommon for natural guys but extremely common for steroid users as it is standard for someone who’s juicing.

Also, I do think that he was all natural at 23 years old because not only that he didn’t had any symptoms of steroid use at that age, a person using steroids is pretty much like a “newbie gains” when they firstly start to workout. They would experience most of their muscle gains in the first few cycles using the steroids, this is the reason why if Phil HAD ever used steroids by that point then there is going to be nearly no room for even more growth which he does seem to have experienced. Even by adding more, you definitely won’t add 50 lbs more.

With all of that being mentioned, we can see that Phil Heath has already been huge at the age of 23 years old and that’s even with him being absolutely all natural. That’s what proves him to have won the genetic lottery as many wouldn’t look like him at 23 years old even if they would use steroids if they are not genetically prone. Due to his “genetic gift” he has the nickname of “the gift”. That’s the reason I say that many people are thinking extremely wrong when they think that anyone might look like Phil by just taking steroids and a bit of training. This guy has been training extremely hard before juicing so he was already a monster even before touching steroids, but he continued to do extremely hard work after juicing so that’s how he become such a man that mostly remembers me of Hulk.

What are the Steroids that Phil Heath is Likely to have Used?

To my opinion, Phil has taken 4 different compounds in order to achieve that physique and it includes: trenbolone; anadrol; anavar and hgh and insulin. I am going to explain each of them in particular.


To my opinion, there are quite high chances that Mr Olympia champ has used trenbolone. That’s due to the fact that this steroid is known to help users to build muscles everywhere, however the human’s shoulders and traps are known to have a higher number of androgen receptors, and since trenbolone is extremely high in androgen – these muscles are known to grow up the most. As much as we can see, these are the 2 muscle groups that are Phil’s the most popped out with traps like cannonballs. He got very big, especially his shoulders and traps – sign of trenbolone. Plus to that, tren is giving you that dry/ shredded look which it seems that it is making it easier to achieve the striations.


Except for taking Trenbolone I think that he may have also used Anadrol. This stuff is known as one of the most powerful bulking steroids in the world but it is also known as one of the harshest as well. in short – the more powerful, the harder are the side effects. If you’re going to start using anadrol then you are going to be experiencing some extremely big increases in strength and very big gains in size and it does seem that Phil got huge gains. But in the end, what’s the reason why I think that Phil might have actually used this harsh bulking steroid? You can find photos of Phil off season. By checking those photos of Phil off season then you are going to see he is looking really bloated and he is almost fat… he’s almost fat despite the fact that he still doesn’t have a high body fat percentage, and that’s really strange for a natural bodybuilder.

Nonetheless, it is one extremely common side effect of using anadrol in large amounts – the water retention. You’re nearly guaranteed that you are going to get the water retention side effect if you are going to be using anadrol. This water retention is going to result in a smooth/ puffy/ bloated appearance. This is the side effect that you are not going to see on Phil during the season, however it cannot be unseen during him in the off season. So there are quite high chances that he has been using Anadrol.

HGH and Insulin

It also does seem that Phil has been using HGH along with insulin, a combination of compounds that is pretty famous among the bodybuilders because of making muscles grow, but it also has a very common side effect which is the “steroid gut” that a lot of the IFBB pros are having nowadays (and one of the best example is Kali Muscle who has one of the biggest “hgh gut” out there).

A lot of bodybuilders are having this gut when they are using hgh but if they use insulin along with it so now many may wonder why would someone use insulin if it causes this bloating looking side effect and won’t use hgh alone? Well, that’s because insulin is a highly anabolic compound and using it is causing nutrients to be shifted into the muscle cell, therefore more muscles. This is pretty much close to why bodybuilders are using dextrose post workout in their protein shakes and that’s because it is creating a more anabolic environment. Anyway, I think that the effects of it are over hyped, however I might be wrong.

There’s one last thing that I can mention:


That’s a steroid that I am pretty sure he uses and that’s because as soon as the leaves fall down and September comes around the corner, Phil is preparing to go out and “fight” off with the best bodybuilders around the world and when he does it, he comes out drier than the Sahara desert. I do know that Hany Rambod who is his coach, is trying hard to achieve such a result so this is largely thanks to his coach that in this period is taking a full control of his competition preparation while is controlling Phil’s water/ sodium intake in order to flush out as much extracellular water as it is being possible. By doing so, it is allowing Phil to show as much muscle definition as possible and to achieve a thinner skin.

Nonetheless, Phil would be limiting himself extremely much if he wouldn’t take a compound that would help him to dry him out even more than what is possible. As much as I know, there are 2 main cutting steroids that can help you achieve such a result: Winstrol and Anavar. As I said, I think it should be Anavar. The reason is because I don’t think it is Winstrol and the reason is that your muscles appear as flat as a pancake but this doesn’t seem to be the case for Phil and this is because his muscles are looking extremely full 24/7. By using Winstrol, I have big doubts that his muscles would look like that, but by using Anavar, he can do it. I do think that using Anavar, when cutting down and trying to dry out, Phil could achieve the extreme dryness and without compromising on the muscle fullness.

All in all, I think that he may have used all these steroids. Tell us what do you think comments about Phil Heath. By saying all of this I’m not trying to judge him and I definitely do not want to encourage steroid use. As I earlier mentioned – thinking you could get as big as Phil by taking steroids is a huge mistake unless you have the “gift genetics” which only very few are given.

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