Aerobic exercise and bodybuilding – are they compatible?

To eat five to seven times a day it is not an easy task, especially if you have to cook by yourself. Therefore, it is unlikely you will find at least one athlete who is not taking any supplements. Nutritious smoothies save time, and it is very important if you have a busy life schedule. But again, do not go to extremes and eat only supplements: supplements should remain supplements. Your main task is to consume the highest-quality products, and fully meet the needs of the body for nutrients. If your body does not receive enough “natural” protein from the foodstuff – then help yourself protein powders. Good supplements are also considered creatine, HMB and L-glutamine which have no harmful side effects, but the benefits – in bulk! But, from what supplements to stay away, if you are going to gain some weight.? Most of you should know – those which reduce the weight (ephedrine, caffeine, pyruvate). And another advice: do not buy supplements that contain too many carbohydrates and little protein. It’s a waste of money!
Argued, that athletes/bodybuilders when building muscles should completely refrain from aerobic exercise, because they “burn” weight. This is absolutely not true. If you have right diet, aerobic exercise will never burn your muscles, but fat – very much! Building muscles without aerobic exercise, in the “appendage” to the muscle tissue you will get fat too. In addition, we must not forget that aerobic exercises are very good for the heart and blood vessels. Here is what the Jay Cutler, IFBB pro saying: “I’ve been doing aerobics every day for 20 minutes, and I have everything in order – with muscles and heart! I do not understand bodybuilders/athletes who shun aerobics, being afraid to lose weight. But if you make heart disease with athletic loads then for what do you need “weight”? “

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