Weight Loss Diet & Nutrition Myths

One more portion of delusions (this time regarding diets and weight losing):

In order to lose weight you need to exclude fats from the food you eat completely

In truth, it you want to lose weight soon it’s better to reduce the quantity of consumed carbohydrates that cause especially high insulin release what, in its turn, leads to increase of fat synthesis in our organism.

Fats (especially Omega 3) in small quantities can be even useful. You should understand the following idea: the less fat you consume the weaker necessity your organism has to use them as an energy source.

It doesn’t mean that you should eat a lot of fat food. It means that in case of weight losing you need to concentrate your attention on reduction of carbohydrates (and first of all on reduction of simple carbohydrates (sugar)).

You need to weigh yourself to find out how much excess fat you have in your body

In reality, this method to find out your normal weight is the oldest, the simplest and the most inaccurate one. People of the same stature can have different bone thickness, different amount of muscle mass, different sizes of their internals and different intestine length. All these factors determine body weight: for example, for a man of 180cm stature the normal weight varies between 150-200 lbs; for a woman of 160cm posture – 110- 150 lbs. That’s why the most correct way is to define the quantity of fat tissue: 15-19% is considered normal for men and 20-23% – for women.

There are special methods and special equipment to define percentage of body composition as well as there are specialists who can make required calculations. One of home useful methods of fat level control is waist circumference measuring: the upper waist limit for men is 94cm, for women – 80cm. In case the waist circumference exceeds 104 by men and 88 by women – immediate measures to decrease the quantity of fat tissue should be taken.

A gym workout is the main factor of weight losing

In reality, gym visits can help you increase muscle mass and this, consequently, will lead to your weight increase. The major factor of weight losing appears to be a DIET that guarantees you the situation when you lose more calories than you get.

Gym visits can assist this process only indirectly: due to energy expenditure during trainings but you’ll not be able to lose weight without a proper diet.

One can eat and lose weight at the same time when using fat burners

A huge amount of different ‘fat absorbers and fat decomposers’, food supplements and magic ‘Tibetan’ herb mixtures, mineral and microelement complexes are advertised, proposed and sold under this slogan. All of them promise you effective weight loss in almost no time. In reality, weight loss rate depends on total caloric content of your daily ration and metabolism intensiveness; it doesn’t depend on the method you use to lose weight.

No one of these supplements can help you if you don’t limit your daily caloric content so that it corresponds to the required one. Food is the main key to weight loss and we’ll have to limit our appetite if we want to achieve it.

Thus, actual weight losing is a laborious work that should be performed taking into consideration all peculiarities of our organism activity and outer factors influencing it. And it’s better if this process is observed by a competent specialist.

It’s unhealthy to eat before going to sleep – it leads to stoutness

In reality, our body weight is influenced not by any particular day part when we take food but only by its caloric content. The true trouble is that when having supper we often consider neither food amount nor its quality. Evening meal should be light: vegetables, lean meat, poultry or fish and fruit; and it’s better not to eat after 6 p.m. products containing fast sugars: white bread, pasties and cakes and chocolate. It’s connected with the fact that the pancreas will produce more insulin that forces our body to store fat. It’s better to eat sweets and baked goods at breakfast or lunch. And if you spent an evening eating a lot it’s better to limit your caloric content the next day.

One should drink less water to lose weight

It’s a very dangerous delusion following which can lead you to terrible consequences; starting with heart arrhythmia and ending with blindness and death. Water takes part in all biological processes and reactions of our organism. Little water amount will slow down the process of weight losing.

You should gradually drink 1 litre of water when training (without sugar if your aim is to lose weight).



No carb diet

Only the following products containing proteins are allowed: egg whites, low-fat fish (white meat), chicken breasts without skin, squids. Food is to be cooked only by means of boiling, grilling or steaming.

Products rich in cellulose and poor in carbs (greens, green vegetables, cabbage, and cucumbers) are to be consumed in such quantity that a daily carbohydrate amount containing in them doesn’t exceed 10gr a day. One needs to eat these products exclusively raw, uncooked. During the last 7-15 days of carbohydrate-free diet one should exclude from his/her ration even these products.

Low carb diet

It’s the no carbs diet predecessor. An athlete starts with taking of a daily sugar portion that amounts approximately 60% of his/her usual sugar intake and is regularly decreasing this amount during a planned period of time in accordance with the organism adaptation and slowing down of the lipolysis process. This diet is also very effective but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always allow you to achieve the maximum muscle definition due to slowing down of metabolism rate.

Proteins: the same ones of the carbohydrate-free diet

Carbohydrates: exclude ‘simple’ and ‘high-glycemic’ carbohydrates

Carb cycling diet

The main idea of this principle lies in the fact that you don’t allow your metabolism to adapt to a particular quantity of consumed carbohydrates.

Diet example: Monday – 0gr of carbohydrates, Tuesday – 50 gr, Wednesday – 50 gr, Thursday – 150 gr, Friday – 150 gr, Saturday – 250, Sunday – 350 gr, Monday – start of a new cycle. In case of this diet you eat approximately 1000gr of carbohydrates a week that amounts approximately 140gr a day. This is not much for a bodybuilder but your organism won’t be able to adapt to this figure and slow down metabolism rate in accordance with 140 gr a day.

Low calorie diet

The other variant presupposes simple reduction of daily caloric content without any kind of correction of proportion of macroelements (proteins, fats and carbohydrates). This nutrition type becomes less and less acceptable in bodybuilding and can’t be considered the optimal one for fat burning. Still, it is rather appropriate for growing high-quality ‘dry’ muscle mass and minimum growth of fat deposits.

Proteins: eat all protein products that are allowed by fat burning regime. It’s important to provide your organism with enough amount of protein: no less than 2gr of proteins per 1kg of body weight.

Carbohydrates: give preference to complex carbohydrates that raise sugar blood level slowly.

How many calories are required in order to preserve (not to lose) muscles?

If you lose more than 2 pounds of your weight a week it means that your body burns not only fat but muscles as well. We know that two pounds of fat streak contains approximately 7000 calories. It means that the total calorie deficit should not exceed 7000 a week. Divide this quantity in 7 days and you’ll get a daily calorie deficit. Still, this variant is rather risky one and can carry away not only fat but a part of your muscles as well. The safest daily calorie deficit amounts approximately 300-500 calories.

The success scheme of any weight lose diet is rather simple. You need to receive fewer calories with food than you spend throughout a day (when sleeping, working and having rest). All existing weight losing diets can be boiled down to this postulate.


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