Top 10 Foods for Fat Loss


“What are your top 10 must eat foods for fat loss?”

Okay so Top 10 Foods For Fat Loss, this is not an easy task, there are so many things I want to do and say about foods for fat loss, for now, here we go.


(I had a bunch of Transformation Coaching clients tell me “that’s NOT food!”)

Okay fine so water isn’t “food” but it is the most important substance you can take into your body. 70% of people are walking around at least partially dehydrated in this country. I have a scale that does a general hydration check and suggest that every client be greater than 52% hydrated for optimal performance.

Water is 100% essential need to the body, and 100% essential for fat loss. If nothing else remember this the next time you chug down some water. “How do you think that fat leaves the body?” I will give you a hint, it doesn’t just magically disappear into nothing.


My next choice is eggs, especially egg whites and omega 3 eggs. You know there is just nothing you can’t do with good old fashioned natural eggs. Scrambled, hard boiled, baking, pancakes, added protein to smoothies (egg whites only for smoothies). They have the best Biological Value of protein you can ask for, the omega 3 have good fats. Not only is it a easy food, it is a cheap food. So my number 2 is eggs.


Oatmeal is a personal obsession, it is hard not to put it at one because of my pure love for it but nonetheless here it is, Oatmeal. A lot of people get very confused about oatmeal, how to cook it, which brand to get. Do I get instant, steel cut, rolled? My advice, cost wise and ease wise is to go with the Old Fashion Rolled Oats. Now, do steel oats have a higher fiber source and better process? Of course, but they aren’t as cheap, not as easy to find and take longer to cook and I find in some areas if you ask to much of people they end up giving up all together. So go into the store, get the old fashion rolled oats, still lower GI than instant, still a great source of fiber and great for the heart. Best of all they are easy to work with and cheap to buy. And… If you are smart with your recipes like those in your Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans, you can make almost anything with Oatmeal.

EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids)

Next up is EFA’s or essential fatty acids. These are essential. Yeah I know, not really a food either, but is it? They come from foods and are natural, so I consider EFA’s empowerednutrition.

Whatever source you choose it is natural and will change the way you lean out and the way you build lean sexy muscle. Not only that EFA’s will make you smarter and increase reaction time within a few weeks.

How you choose to get this from is your choice but I personally, and I will try not to advertise or name drop here, but go with a supplemented oil blend. We not only want good fats, we want a balance of good fats (3, 6, 9, DHA, EPA and the likes). This doesn’t mean not to get any fats from whole foods of course. Food like fish, nuts, oils, all great, but somewhere in the diet getting a pure and solid form of supplemented omega rich oil blend is something that is important not only for fat loss, but also for muscle building and for optimal health.


Berries. Particularly I would chose wild blueberries, raspberries and cranberries. Some of the best sources of anti-oxidants, fiber, low calories, easy to make anything taste good with and if you buy frozen you can save some cash, if you buy frozen and in bulk you can save a bundle. I like to buy frozen mixed berries from Costco or Walmart. Sounds crazy but the prices can’t be beat and the berries are huge (not organic I am sure, but its better than NO berries). Oh yeah, frozen is always my choice as it thickens my protein smoothie and chills the mix fast, no ice necessary.


I am NOT a huge fish fan for taste, but it IS one of the cleanest natrually occuring protein sources on the planet. I still don’t love fish (except fish sticks), but I eat it, especially salmon, salt water snapper, grouper and tilapia. I eat fish because it is a source of good fats and amazing source of protein. So maybe you are in the same off-shore fishing boat as me, and you don’t like getting it down, do it anyway. Long run it will do the body good. Heck I was so broke one year getting ready for a body building event that I ate canned (in water) tuna 4-6 times a day with either rice or pasta and salsa. I still haven’t come back to eat tuna from a can… the only way I can do it is in my wife’s awesome veggie fish cakes and tuna casserole.


Greens is classified as turnips, spinach, collard, kale, I would even throw in broccoli into that mix. These are the true super foods. Vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, low calorie, list goes on and on. You know even if, you know a lot of people fight me on the vegetables, I wasn’t a fan of veggies myself (for years I almost hated them) but let me tell you that you can sneak these suckers in so much you don’t even know they are there and one day you wake up and not only have you developed a taste for them, you actually like them and want to have them in your meals. Put them in an omelet, vegetable lasagna, toss into a shake with berries and protein and BAM you have one heck of a power combo. Don’t neglect you veggies!

My green veggie trick is to go beyond everyday veggies. Go for the uncommon and as you know my good friend and mentor Sam Graci is the creator of greens+ so my trick is to use greens+ or other greens products in my smoothies. They give way more bang for the buck and many more nutrients than you could consume without over eating your calories for the week.

PROTEIN POWDERS (YES I know… not really a food… or is it!?)

Now that I gave you my “eat your veggies” talk, let’s talk protein. Specifically, Whey Protein. Of course if you have a whey intolerance you can go with egg or soy (if you are vegetarian, go with Soy) but basically what I am talking about is whey protein powder. In general I am really pro “whole foods” (teh grocery chain too) but, in certain times a protein supplement has its place, especially post workout and breakfast and times of neccessity or higher/faster required protein intake. When choosing a protein powder, whey is number one. If you use it right at the time it right in the meal plan but still provide yourself with whole foods, it can be one heck of a protein source and save you money and time as well. Gram for Gram, Dollar for Dollar, there is NO better protein source on the market.


Sweet potatoes deemed the “antidiabetic” food are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and of all starch foods are the easiest to digest. Did I mention they are really yummy? Some of you are going to go out and find some research papers on sweet versus white potatoes and YES you will find some that show how sweet and white potatoes are of nearly equal value for nutrients, GI response and satisfaction. Personally, I have to go with what I know and I know I love the taste of sweet potatoes… so do my kids and I bet so do you. Oh yeah and they might just edge out white potatoes for both anti-oxidants and a slightly lower glycemic index response. So my safe bet and peace of mind is sweet potatoes every day.


Yeah this sounds odd.. BUTTERS?… Well I have to be honest I want to slip this in, just for me. Not for you, but for me. I LOVE Peanut Butter. My next favorite is Almond Butter. Both have awesome properties as long as you are buying natural versions and “just nuts”. Nut Butters provide many things positive, including satiety and satisfaction (no these are not the same), nutrients, omega fats and more. Let me be very clear on what I mean by satiety and satisfaction NOT being the same. Satiety (something Sam Graci and Barry Sears taught me) is about providing proper low calories stimulus to the brain with nutrients. Satisfaction is all about the “gut feel. I want you to get both. One trick Sam taught me is to drink a big glass of water and greens+ or water and a multi vitamin and wait 20 minutes, then tell me if you are still hungry. The answer is often times “no”. The reason was you needed to satisfy the brain and provide what I call mental satiety, not gut satisfaction.

Oh and one more thing… PLEASE DON’T send your kids to school with a Peanut Butter sandwich, shake or cookie, I don’t want you getting anyone in trouble with all the allergies to nuts out there. If you are like me and love PB Protein Smoothies, then you need to wash it down with water, wash your hands and consider brushing your teeth for the sake of those around you with allergies. Thank you.

So with this list realize that if you ate nothing but what is on this list that you have a complete balanced diet right here. Complete amino acids, good fats, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, all right here in these 10 foods. Mix them up even and have real power meals, put the berries in the oatmeal, put the spinach in the omelettes, it is endless. Some people might say “hey you didn’t list this or that”, don’t get me wrong there are definitely some other great foods out there, but as far as I what I feel the average person can easily and should keep in their daily diet, these are my top 10 for today.

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