Tom Holland: He used Steroids for Spider-Man or Natural?

Tom Holland has got so popular thanks to the debut that he made as Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War, then appeared as the webslinger playing the same character in the blockbuster movie Spider-Man: Homecoming the following year after the Civil War movie which appeared in 2016.

With all of this being said, in just a year or two, he already was super famous and known all over the world. That’s why, I guess it is very fair to say that this guy achieved great and amazing success at the age of only 21 years old. In addition to that, although he is one of the youngest Avenger and got into this super famous team of super humans most recently compared to others – he got an incredibly huge amount of fans already. Tom is having an astonishing amount of fans of 14.4 million followers on his Instagram account alone.


Legal Disclaimer

Before we can continue any further I need to mention this and to get the legal stuff out of the way. Even though Tom Holland sounds like a really nice young guy and we would like to get to know such a famous guy in person despite his young age, we don’t know Tom Holland personally and we are in absolutely no way, form or shape associated with him. We don’t personally know him or anybody close to him and we surely do not have the access to his medical history or any of his personal information. This means that absolutely all the material/ content/ information used to write this article was taken from public sources.

Since we are having no factual evidence, we are having no proof of whether he has, has not, or ever has used anabolic steroids or whatever else other drugs in the past. With this being said, the content in this article is all based purely on speculation on our part based on our knowledge of steroids, steroid side effects, muscle buildings and public information shared on Tom Holland. This is why, this article should be mostly taken as speculative rather than factual, even though we are pretty sure that our verdict is true in most cases. We still can’t guarantee it or provide 100% proves of our verdicts unless the person is getting out and admits it himself.

We need to mention here that the anabolic steroids are doubtlessly dangerous. Often media tries to put the steroids in an even bad light than they actually are but still, there’s no doubt that they are dangerous. It is known that people have lost their lives through the anabolic steroid misuse.

With this being said, regardless of the final verdict or outcome, we definitely won’t recommend the use of anabolic steroids to any of our readers. But while won’t recommend their use, we also surely won’t judge anybody that uses them either. We cannot recommend them and we cannot judge people using them. This is up to everybody’s own decisions.

We do understand very well that people is going to use them one way or another and that’s why, we would much rather say (and the only thing that we can recommend) that such people understand very well the risks of using them and should have a very good knowledge of how to actually use them effectively and risk free.

So, with all of this being said, let’s continue further and try to understand if Tom Holland, despite him not being a “big boy”, ever used or uses steroids. We would firstly need to try finding pieces of evidences, which might indicate, both for and against the steroid use on his part.

Who is Tom Holland?

By doing some research about this rather new “spider man” I found out that there are some Marvel fans who already believe that Tom Holland it is the “best Spidey they’ve ever seen” and following on from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. That’s because as they describe, it is because Tom is a great actor which seems to perfectly describe and enter the role of a high school loser/ Peter Parker thing, but in the same time he is also able to play quite a pretty cool and charismatic Spider Man. I guess we all know who Spider Man is and I guess we’ve all seen the Avengers, Captain Marvel, and Spider Man Homecoming. That’s why I guess we don’t need to introduce who Tom Holland is.

However, I do know what most of you are most likely thinking right now:

Are you feeling OK? Why in the world are we discussing whether a man (or looking at Tom Holland – a boy) who is weighing 140 lbs is taking steroids or not?

It is obvious that Tom is definitely not Dwayne Johnson and I think it is pretty obvious that most people looking at Tom never had this question whether or not he used steroids while most did had this question when looking at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, not every steroid user is looking like the Huge Dude Dwayne. Plus, in the same time, not all skinny guys out there are naturals either.

There are some of the guys out there who do not have the incredible genetics who are able to use steroids and in the same time have absolutely nobody to suspect them doing so. Do you want a good example of that? Did you known that Toby Maguire, another very loved Spidey, did used steroids? I highly doubt about that. But he did used them. When our first Spidey firstly played the role of Peter Parker (Spider Man), he was weighing only 71 kg (around 155 lbs) so he was too skinny for the role. He then later admitted that he did use some steroids which could have helped him in order to beef him up a little bit for the role. Surprised huh? With all of this being said I just want to mention that being a huge dude doesn’t automatically means you are on steroids and being a skinny dude doesn’t automatically means that you are NOT on steroids.

It is quite true that if you saw Tom Holland with his top then you would most likely think – “do you even lift bro?”

However, if you have noticed while watching his Spidey role, he did appeared in some scenes in Spiderman Homecoming being topless so you can analyze his body type. Doing so you can understand that in fact, this guy is in a pretty good shape. It is obvious he’s not too muscular and definitely cannot be called huge. However, you can see that he is looking lean and does have some muscles without being actually too big. That’s why, we can see that Tom Holland is lean and a bit of muscular and in generally a good shape. That’s why I started this topic and I am thinking about the question – has Tom Holland taken steroids in order to get in a good shape or is his athletic body simply the result of the hard work in and out of the gym? First off, it is obvious that to reach his body is definitely possible naturally, but you still need to watch your diet and do some workout. So, before I would continue any further, I wanted to check his body transformation, so let’s take a look at it.

Tom Holland Body Transformation

As we can see, this guy did went through a body transformation and although it is easily seen that he’s younger, he did got in a good shape with age. In the photo “before” we can see Tom in 2012 while he was shooting for the movie named “The Impossible” at the age of 16 years old while in the “after” photo he is around in the time while shooting the Spider Man movie in 2017  while he was 21 years old.

I guess we all know that bys tend to reach their full adult muscularity only by the age of 18 which means that it was quite clear the fact that Tom would still be naturally gaining muscles 2 years after the “before” picture. I can be quite sure since I’ve never weighed Tom, LOL, however, checking it with my naked eye, it does looks like as if Tom has gained an approximately of 40 lbs of muscles during those 5 years.

“Side note here: 40 lbs it is a typical amount of weight that a person is going to gain as soon as they start to take some steroids.”

There is quite a good chance that Tom Holland was not lifting weights in the time that he was shooting for the movie The Impossible and that’s why, we need to leave some room for the “newbie gains” which is a very important factor when it comes to building muscles and which, usually, that is approximately 20 lbs of pure muscles.

Nonetheless, as much as we can see, there is quite another of good 20 lbs of muscles which are still going quite unexplained. Thinking a little bit for a minute about this I think that there are 2 possibilities.

The first one is that he has taken some steroids and it was simple as that that he gained that weight. Second is that he is a late bloomer and has gained quite a significant amount of natural muscle mass from the age of 16 to 21 years old. I say this because, usually, by the age of 16 years old, people can already have quite a very good idea of how muscular a boy is going to be as a man. It is obvious that you can’t reach the same muscle mass when you’re 16 as if when you’re going to be 26 years old. But I just try to say that you might get a good idea.

A very good example of this is if you are going to look at photos of some certain bodybuilders out there (like for example Mike O’Hearn or Jeremy Buendia including others too), who we saw that they were already destined to be JACKED even from very young ages. It is obvious that at the age of 18 years they were not looking the way they do today, however, they could get a very rough idea that they are going to be jacked.

When we were looking at Tom Holland, however, at the age of 16 years old, we could see an incredibly skinny guy, he was looking like a kid who was nearly anorexic, however, in Spider Man: Homecoming, we can see that he is already quite a ripped kid who is looking pretty muscular without wearing his top, especially if comparing to how he used to look some years before Spider Man role.

I’ve been doing research and I found a YouTube video sharing “How Tom Holland Got Ripped to Play Spider Man”. You can take a look at it here:

if you are going to look at Tom, then I am pretty sure that not many people would think that he is on steroids as it is very possible to achieve a body like he has without drugs (and even without good genetics either). in fact, I am pretty sure that very few ever thought about this. but the same goes for Toby Maguire either as I am quite sure that very few people were thinking about him taking steroids.

Anyway, after we saw what he was looking like in his previous years and after we have analyzed how much of a dramatic change in the muscle hypertrophy he went through is what are causing the people like me to start asking questions. Especially having a bit of knowledge of steroids and how to build muscles or lose weight. I definitely wouldn’t have asked absolutely any questions in case Tom would look like Jeremy Buendia or Mike O’Hearn when they were 16 years old and then appear on the screen in Spider Man with the muscle size we have seen him in the movie (in case there’s still someone who haven’t watched it – that’s a really good movie which I think you would like, unless you don’t love these types of movies at all).

If we are going to have a look at how Tom was looking like when he was 16 years old or 17 years old and how he has grown (how his body changed), we can see that he had quite a growth spurt in regards to his muscle size in How I Live Now movie.

In the end, I think that it is quite evident the fact that it was all a natural muscle growth. First off, because we all know that there are many boys out there who get ripped in a very short period of time when they are in their puberty, second because he was too young to take steroids and third, because I think he would have had no motivation in order to take some steroids for playing the role of Isaac in that movie which he was portraying a skinny boy.

Tom’s Body and Preparation

Other very important thing to mention here is the fact that Tom Holland did mentioned it himself that he was eating a truck load of food while he was preparing for the role of Peter Parker. In fact, he said that he was eating so much to the point where he felt like spewing and vomiting. It is known that when there’s an extreme ectomorph that is combining some really big eating with lifting weights for the first time in their life, then they are going to gain quite A LOT of muscle compared to the average person out there. So, when analyzing his extremely lightweight frame then this makes me think that Tom would have under eaten for the quite a really good amount of time of his life.

While he was under eating and then started overeating and I guess in combination with quite some a good workout, it is obvious that gaining muscles and size was inevitable. I mean, when there is someone who is undereating like that for many years (especially as a kid) and is not doing absolutely anything serious weight training (during his earlier years), then the human body is having absolutely no motivation to hand onto muscles and that’s because your body simply does not lift weights and so it kind of decides that you do not need that extra muscle mass. It is obvious that as a result, you are skinny and not having any muscles. As we can see Tom at 16 years old.

That is why, naturally, he would have lost quite a really good amount of muscle size over those years which he could have been gained back for the Spider-Man Homecoming if he were to overeat (or at least to simply eat normally instead under eat) which he did suggested that he was doing by gorging himself.

Therefore, we have the idea that it wasn’t the steroids. He was too young, he didn’t need them and his muscle gains was from the fact that he started to overeat and that he started to workout properly in preparation for the movie role. All of this in combination, I think that it is pretty possible for someone to have that muscle mass added to their frame.

In fact, the same overeating principle of regaining muscle back it is how Christian Bale has got hench so quickly from the Machinist to Batman Begins. It is known that he was heavily undereating for the Machinist while then later was heavily overeating for the Batman. Steroids, training and genetics are all playing an extremely important role in muscle building. However, by not eating your body simply don’t have what to transform into muscles.

Checking Other Evidences

By saying that I am checking other evidences I mostly mean that I want to check Tom’s body. You see, most of the bodybuilders who use steroids are having at least some symptoms suggesting that they are using steroids. Those are commonly known as “steroid symptoms” or “steroid use signs” which can be seen on someone’s body. Not everyone who use steroids are having them and there are some natural guys who might have some signs on their bodies indicating that they might use steroids, but in reality they are not. Nonetheless, there is still some difference between those signs when you’re natural and when you’re a juicer. Some of the most common side effects of using steroids include:

Being huge (we can see this definitely doesn’t apply to Tom); being bloated or having water retention (Tom isn’t having it either); Tom doesn’t have acne, he doesn’t seem as if he’s losing hair; doesn’t have hgh gut; extreme vascularity; flushed skin; 3D delts and shoulders; and generally, doesn’t seem to have any other common side effects of using steroids.

There are just no symptoms which could prove him taking anabolic steroids for bulking (except for the fact that he gained unusual muscle mass, but then we ruled out how he managed to do it) and we have big doubts he ever used steroids for fat burning. First off because he had to bulk up and gain weight, second because there are no side effects seen on his body. Therefore, we leave very little chances that Tom might have used anything at all.

What’s the conclusion?

Based on everything I earlier mentioned my verdict is that Tom Holland is Natural and reached his size and body type for playing as Spider Man all naturally. My verdict is based in the lack of evidence which could prove him being a juicer and evidence proving that he’s natural. I give this verdict despite the fact that Tom managed to gain quite a lot of muscle mass since he was 16 years old until 21 because there’s a logical (and natural) explanation how he managed to do that.

Anyway, in the end I guess we all knew that, isn’t it? I just wanted to make sure and so I had to analyze his case. I think that it is very important to understand one thing: when there’s someone who is an extreme ectomorph, pretty much like Tom, and in addition to that they do not lift weights at all… they do have more potential to build muscles compared to other people out there. That is happening because those people are suddenly starting to pump iron and to eat a lot of food which is unusual for them and their bodies, therefore they are going to build a lot of muscles, much more compared to other people because they simply have lost so so much of their muscle mass and size in the first place because of their previous bad eating habits of greatly under eating.

Another thing is that, as I earlier said, Tom doesn’t have any symptom of steroid use when checking his body. That is why, as I often used to mention, for me a person gets the steroid verdict when there’s got to be at least one or maybe 2 pieces of compelling this evidence. And usually, those who get the steroid verdict do get at least 2 pieces of evidences proving it, or even more.

In the end, you could watch this YouTube Video of Tom Holland / Spider Man. You are going to find out more information about his workout, diet and his body transformation. I found this video really helpful and interesting while been doing this research so I recommend it to watch.

Tell us what do you think about Tom Holland in the comment section below. If you have anything else other to add about this actor, please do it below. Maybe you have other questions to ask? Ask them all and we would try to answer them. Is he among your favorite actors? Is he among your favorite Avengers? Have you ever wondered if he is on steroids? Do you actually think that he is on steroids because of some evidences that we might have missed? Write it all down!

A lot of thanks to many sources which greatly helped me in writing this article. These are the sources which helped me the most:


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  1. In all this “evidence” you collected you failed to actually look in depth at when your pictures were taken. The impossible was filmed in 2010, not 2012, making him only 14. Throws all your figures out by 2 years. Garbage article!

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