The Well Known – Dwayne Johnson is he on Steroids?

Dwayne Johnson – also known as The Rock is a very well known actor and previous WWE wrestler that’s considered one of the biggest and strongest actor because of his extremely big body and lean muscle mass physique.

This is the guy who inspired a lot of gym rats and the guy which gives you the strength to keep pushing and lifting when you’re out of energy.

There are some people who are saying that Dwayne Johnson has been destined to be a huge man because of his genetics whereas his father – Rocky Johnson being a huge man and a best back in his days as a pro wrestler. Another thing which makes Dwayne Johnson a person that is prone to become the way he is today is because of his grandfather – his mother’s father – Peter Maivia who was a Samoan wrestler and it is currently included in the WWE hall of fame. With such a history, it would be obvious that say that the way The Rock looks nowadays is a bit thanks to his genetics. You can see the his grandfather and his father in the photo shown below.

The internet is full of questions and articles about Dwayne Johnson’s workout schedule and diet plan since with such an amazing physique, it is obvious there are a lot of gym buddies dreaming to look at least anything similar to Dwayne’s body. Nonetheless, there are a lot of speculations if Dwayne Johnson is taking steroids or not and when it comes to body transformations – that’s extremely important to take in consideration.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has admitted to use steroids

There’s an interview with Dwayne Johnson in 2014 where he has admitted to use steroids as soon as he was 18 years old with some of his friends without actually knowing what he was doing. However, he says that he never has ever used them since then so it means he didn’t touched them for a long time now.

There are 2 reasons why The Rock said he has never touched them since. The first one, of course, is because that’s true. Maybe The Rock never used steroids since his teen years so his body physique is all natural. But there’s the second option – he lied and he did used steroids and there are a number of reasons why he might have done it. One of them which I think is the most possible – he doesn’t want to set a bad example to kids all around the world and make teens use steroids as he did since he said it was a mistake as he used them without knowing what he was doing. And it is obvious he does know the risks of using steroids.

I will try to find out if he was lying or The Rock indeed never used steroids since his teen years.

How much Dwayne Johnson has changed?

I can assume that in the photo above the answer is well given – The Rock has changed a lot! Dwayne Johnson has went through a huge transformation and we can see it by doing a real quick research online.

Since the days Dwayne Johnson was still in the WWE, he has gained a lot of mass and bulked up a lot and all of that without adding any fat at all! In fact, it looks like as if he lost body fat! While his body fat was already low back then, it does look that his body fat is even lower now and he looks overall much more ripped compared to how he used to look 20 years ago while he was a wrestler.

Any experienced weight trainer can confirm the fact that to add a really big amount of mass (especially such a mass as Dwayne’s) without adding fat (and in fact, burning fat so much as Dwayne’s) is impossible. Plus to that, I think that there are other factors that we should pay attention to – Dwayne’s muscles which have noticeably grown but there is also his head (skull) which does seem to be larger and it is having a square look to it.

But what I’m trying to say about paying attention to how much muscles he have added  – pay attention to how synthetic and juicy look he has now compared to how they were in the past. and generally, such a synthetic look is near to impossible to achieve without using steroids. All in all, his body and muscles itself looks as if that’s a person who’s using anabolic steroids. Anyway, sometimes we might make a mistake so let’s pay attention to details.

Huge Traps

As much as we can see, Dwayne Johnson is indeed having huge traps that a lot of guys out there can only dream of. The Rock traps have always been one of his most dominant muscle groups but without using anabolic steroids, it is extremely unlikely to have such overdeveloped traps and in the same time – it is very well known that’s it is a common thing for steroid users to experience huge growth in their traps region. There is a scientific explanation to that – the trapezius spot is having a high number of androgen receptors and by using anabolic steroids it is extremely likely that this muscle group is going to grow a lot.

With all of this being said, if you’re a person who start with a steroid cycle, then you’re going to notice that your traps are going to be the first muscle group that are going to have a *boom* and will grow noticeably. And that’s especially going to happen if you’re going to stick with some steroids that are having a high androgen level.

Flushed Skin

I guess it is pretty hard NOT to notice that The Rock skin is quite different compared to other people’s. This could be only a coincidence and you can also notice that The Rock’s skin is looking much more darker compared to how it used to be 20 years ago! This doesn’t actually mean that his skin actually got darker or something in this matter, but that’s actually a sign of an elevated body temperature. It is obvious that when you have a black/ Samoan grandfather you are pretty prone to get your skin to a few shades darker. Yet, in white men, a higher body temperature is able to make their skin to look quite pinker/ red.

With all of this being said, you may wonder why I am linking the use of steroids with the skin tone. So, the steroid use and the body temperature are close related since steroids elevates your blood pressure since the steroids are increasing the testosterone levels. The increase in the testosterone levels are results in the increase in the LDL levels (unfortunately, LDL is the bad type of cholesterol). So, in the end, the blood pressure is spiking up and therefore a higher body temperature is often/ faster flowing through your body.

This is another reason why men are having a higher rate of heart attack (higher chances) compared to women – men’s cholesterol levels are less healthy because of men’s elevated levels of testosterone numbers. All of this indicates the use of steroids use.


It seems that The Rock with hair is something that people are already laughing at since bald The Rock is much better looking. Nonetheless, that’s another sign of use of steroids. The Rock started to lose hair a long time ago, in an age that is unusual for people to start losing hair.

But doing a very quick research on steroids you can find out that people using anabolic steroids can start losing hair very young. In the end, The Rock’s baldness is another sign that he does uses steroids.

So, is The Rock on Steroids or not?

So, based on all the evidence that I have managed to find out, it does seem as if Dwayne Johnson is indeed on steroids.

According to the interview he given some years ago, he said that he used steroids for only 2 weeks when he 18 years old and he never touched them since. However, it does seem as if he was lying because he does have a few steroids side effects. So, with this being said – what The Rock is using?

What Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Uses?

Based on everything we managed to find out, it seems that The Rock uses Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone.

I think that Dwayne may have used testosterone in his wrestling days which is helping him to gain mass and to look huge overall. We all know that the steroids are rife in the wrestling industry and that’s why if you are going to manage to get big naturally then it is nearly for sure that you are going to take them to dwarf your competition and therefore you’re going to be the biggest and the *monster* out there.

To my opinion, the testosterone is almost going to explain his huge traps which were stemming back during his WWE days a long time ago. We can notice that he has finished his wrestling career and he got focused on bodybuilding and since he ended his wrestling career he has gained an near to impossible amount of size while he lost fat! What’s strange is that he couldn’t manage to achieve such a size back when he was in his wrestling career. All of this happened after it and he lowered his body fat, looking more ripped and gained a huge amount of muscles all in the same time.

Then, there’s Human Growth Hormone which is the compound that I think Dwayne’s is very likely to use in order to gain the amount of muscle he gained and in the same time to burn fat which is very important. In addition to that, I earlier mentioned to pay attention to his skull which has increased in size and it is another sign of HGH use.

Also to mention here – there are some people who say that The Rock does not have one of the most important and well known HGH side effect – the belly protruding. Although that’s indeed a very famous side effect – there are a lot of people out there who are using HGH and do not get this *belly side effect*. That’s because they are not using it along with insulin and because they use HGH reasonably.

There are many bodybuilders who are using the HGH and they avoid this side effect too. You can find information online which serves as a prove that the combination with the HGH and the insulin is what actually causes the bloated belly side effects that can be seen in famous bodybuilders such as Ronnie Coleman.

Is Dwayne using or ever used anything else?

Whilst we cannot be sure if Dwayne Johnson is currently using any anabolic steroids, there are some reasons making me think that he did used something and I think they include: Dianabol and Trenbolone.

First off, Dianabol is working very similarly to testosterone and it is one of the most famous steroid out there. It is so famous because it is one of the best steroid out there that it is increasing muscle mass and strength. However, there’s still a huge difference between them and the biggest one is the fact that it is much more powerful than testosterone for building muscles but in the same time it is also much more prone and likely to cause much more and worse side effects (including water retention as well).

The other steroid – Trenbolone is another thing which I think The Rock may have used at some point during his extreme workout schedule and I think that’s mostly because of his traps and his shoulders which seem to be much bigger in comparison to the rest of his muscles (although he looks huge overall). As I earlier said, the traps and shoulders are full of androgen receptors and the trenbolone is causing much more growth in these areas as it is a very powerful androgenic steroid.

I can’t be sure if he did used the steroid but there’s a big probability. Nonetheless, I don’t think that he has used a very high dose of this product, otherwise his shoulders would have had a much bigger look.

Plus, The Rock’s muscles are extremely big and very smooth looking and that is not quite a sign of somebody who is using trenbolone. That’s because that’s a steroid which would make your skin look extremely dry. It happens because the steroid is flushing out the water from your body as it acts like a diuretic. Nonetheless, The Rock does look as if he’s holding some water and this makes me think that he may be using some other AAS too.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a famous bodybuilder all around the world and that’s very important to take in consideration. He has blessed genetics from this father and grandfather and yet, he may be using steroids to achieve such results. What do you think – is he still using steroids or not?

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