Saturated fats are not as bad as we think!

You’d be surprised, but scientists for a long time have doubts about the harmful effects of saturated fat on the heart and its relevance to diabetes and cancer.

Bad reputation was assign to saturated fat about 100 years ago, when scientists after feeding rabbit with high cholesterol food noticed blockage of blood vessels with cholesterol plaques. These facts were confirmed in 50th years in long-term study; scientists found that eating saturated fat is associated with the risk of developing heart disease. These charges are based on the belief that saturated fats found in meat, eggs, dairy products, coconut and palm oil, raise cholesterol levels, which “pollutes” the blood vessels. After that, the popularity of meatless diets and low-fat products began to grow at an incredible rate, and millions of people refuse fatty foods in the hope to improve their health. But is fat mostly “criminal” or we were confused by commercial research, which is now based on the multi-billion dollar industry of dietary supplements and special products?

Saturated fats are essential for our body!

Fatty acids play an important role in metabolic processes; they are indispensable components of cell membranes, are responsible for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and contain essential n-3 and n-6 ​​polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs).

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It’s not that easy to understand what our organism cells (and especially muscle ones) require for normal metabolism of certain bio-chemical reactions that determine their growth and safety. One of important means to influence these reactions is vitamin taking.

Mineral and vitamin supplements are necessary for provision of numerous regulating reactions; that’s why their shortage leads to metabolism disorders and health problems. It’s difficult to overestimate necessity of vitamins and minerals: such usual factors as physical activity, diets, stresses, environmental pollutions can lead to vitamin shortage; and you can live without even suspecting it. Still such vitamin deficit will reveal itself through unhealthy hair, skin, nails, incorrect amino acids assimilation, weight loss, muscle spasms, low energy level and, in case nothing is done, through diseases.

vitamin supplements and minerals are especially necessary for those who, due to different reasons, are not able to stick to a balanced diet. If you either don’t want or cannot balance your nutrition then you should at least provide yourself with vitamins and minerals in capsules. It goes without saying that there’s nothing better than healthy nutrition, natural fresh and unrefined products: if you keep this kind of diet, most probably, you’ll need no vitamins and minerals in capsules at all.

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