Positive effects of Vitamin D for bodybuilders and athletes.

In order to obtain high and quality result day by day athletes train hard but at the same time they should not forget about supplements and vitamins that their body need. If your goals are to boost your size and strength then one of the essential vitamins you need is Vitamin D. It plays a crucial role for human body, by helping in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from the consumed food.

Calcium is necessary for muscular contraction. If calcium is enough in body then muscles contract better, and growth and fuel burning processes are enhanced. In case of shortage or no adequate stores of calcium in the muscle then full, hard muscular contractions cannot be maintained.

Phosphorus also helps in providing quick, powerful muscular contractions, which include the majority of movements during workout.

Because vitamin D gets converted in the body to a steroid hormone – 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D – it makes sense that it would have some effect on strength. This active form of Vitamin D binds to specific receptors found on membranes and nuclei of muscle cells. When it binds to these receptors, it enhances muscle contraction and protein synthesis – the buildup of muscle protein that leads to muscle growth.

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Vitamin D and IGF-1

To date, all the mini-articles I’ve written on Vitamin D are to do with ensuring sufficient intake and avoiding deficiency. This article is no different. But first, a brief description on IGF-1.

Insulin-like growth factor 1 is so-called because its structure resembles that of insulin. Created in the liver under direction of growth hormone, IGF-1 is a nicely anabolic hormone for pretty much every cell in the body, especially muscle. If you need a quick primer on vitamin D, check out the article Sun, sea and sex drive. As noted above, the study that article is based on found a correlation between sufficient vitamin D intake and serum androgen levels in men.

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