Training and alcohol

First you quit smoking, then think about what you eat and how much you sleep, even after buy a beautiful jars of various sports supplements. All this you do in order to make your body attractive. For the beauty you have to change your lifestyles but from cake are easy to give up, then what about alcohol?

Birthdays, parties … Sometimes you just can not resist and not refuse, and of course, hurts the question – how it affect the results of training? Will it fall endurance or appear fat? How much alcohol can you drink without serious consequences for the organism? To answer these and other questions let us try to understand what alcohol is and how it acts on the body.

Alcohol (ethanol) – does not contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats, but has an energy value of 7 calories / g. According to its properties, it is more like carbohydrates, but unlike them, can not be converted into glycogen in the muscles and delayed for later use. For our body alcohol is toxic and at the first ingestion begins to be processed at a speed of about 10 grams / hour. For example, if you drink 200 grams of vodka, then only 8 hours the body gets rid of excess alcohol. During this time, in the body can occur interesting changes, which can not be avoided, but you can try to compensate. You can easily find a lot of information about the dangers of alcohol, but we are more interested in its effects on an athlete.

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