Cycles of Famous Heroes

Everybody know the famous protagonist of the great movie – Troy. Of course, he is Bratt Pitt. This man had to improve his body for this role. Do you like his body? He gained 8 kilograms of lean mass durring 12 weeks. He cutted his body excelent too. How has he done it? Change your body… We have „Achiles cycles“ for you. Our customers who use this cycle gained 6-8 kilograms quality lean mass which keep gains.



Winstrol Depot

Tamoxifen citrate

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Steroids cycles for beginning bodybuilders

When two or more anabolic steroids are used at the same time, it is called “stacking”. The time period in which a body builder or person uses these anabolic steroids is called a “steroid cycle”. Athletes stack anabolic steroids with other drugs to help maximize the results of their cycle. It has been shown that steroid stacks can cause an even more dramatic effect on the users muscle, than when taking only one type of steroid. Different anabolic steroids have different effects on the body, so when two different steroids are introduced (stacked) together, often times you will see the muscle gaining side effects of each different steroid! These steroid cycles may also include taking one particular anabolic steroid at the beginning of the steroid cycle and finishing up with a different steroid at the end, to better enhance the users desired result. Steroid stacks have been used for years and have proven to be a more effective way to build quality muscle than when using only one type of steroid. One very important thing to note: when using more than one anabolic steroid in a stack or cycle, the risk of harmful side effects increases. Within a steroid cycle, the users will often stack other non-anabolic drugs into their program to help minimize these steroid side effects.

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Solid Cycles for Different Goals! REVISED

This thread is for newbies and vets looking for cycles for specific goals. I have revised this as the Iron Game is constantly evolvoing and we need to keep up.

Now before I get started, I have to emphisize that your diet, training, and rest is the key to achieving your goals. All cycles can be turned into a bulking cycle or cutting depending on your food consumption.

In following example we describe some programs of achieving the effective results. It is shouldn’t take as a recommendations. In case of side effects the GoldenMuscles staff do not take responsibilities.
*Clomid therapy: 36 pills. 300mg day 1, 100mg next 10, 50mg final 10.
**HCG therapy is instituted for the prevention of testicular atrophy. The old practice was effective, but I feel prevention is more productive than trying to revert the problem late in the cycle.

Solid first cycle

Week 1 to 10: 400mg of EQ
Week 1 to 10: 4-500mg of test
Week 13 to 15: Clomid Therapy*

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