Injection sites and procedures

In no way should any oil based steroid be injected into the veins, you would be looking at serious problems if you did. The best place to stick it, is in the “bum”, the glutes if you like. Target it on the top right of the right buttock, or top left of the left buttock etc. The best type to use is a “green top”, sized 21G 1-1/2. This type is excellent for the oil based jabs and can be used for water based solutions also, but a good one for such as Winstrol would be the “blues”. The size for these should be around 23G 1-1/4″. Always inject water based fluids, nice and slowly or you will find the fluid could just shoot right out again, take it steady. All jabs must be deep and direct, no messing about here, straight in. This area is best chosen due to the fact that it is thick and can take the jab no problem.

Be careful NOT to get close to the lower spine as you may hit the sciatic nerve, if you do you will know you have. When you come down from the ceiling you may experience temporary paralysis of the area, but it will return, do not worry. Keep to the right and you will be okay. Other areas to go for would be the outer side of the thigh, DO NOT GO FOR THE INSIDE of the thigh as there are many more veins and arteries that do not need hitting, I assure you.

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