2010 IFBB/NPC Ft. Lauderdale Cup Pro Figure, Fitness & Bikini Championships

For the second year, the Fit Girls Productions Team of IFBB Pro Shannon Dey and IFBB Pro Kristen Nagrani are attracting an all-female IFBB/NPC in Fort Lauterdale, FL.
Fort Lauderdale Pro Fitness and Figure Cup will be held on November 20, 2010. The hotel that will host this event is located just off of the Intercoastal Waterways.
Ladies with well defined bodies will share the stage. There are some new competitors this year, and it will be a lot to watch there.
It is an event that you should not miss.

IFBB Ft. Lauderdale Pro
Saturday, November 20th, 2010


Peggy Sue Barber
Michelle Craven
Nicole Duncan
Allison Ethier
Debbie Fowler
Ryall Graber-Vasani
Donna Jones
Tamee Marie
Deana Martinez
Michele Mayberry
Venus Nguyen
Kary Odiatu
Minna Pajulahti
Kizzy Vaines

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Greg Rando’s Quadriceps Routine

IFBB Pro League veteran Greg Rando talks quads

Massachusetts native Greg Rando entered his first bodybuilding competition way back in 1992 and nabbed pro status by winning the overall at the 2001 Team Universe. He’s entered eight pro shows over the past six years, and the best was his last: seventh at the 2009 Pittsburgh Pro 202, where he also won the best poser award. What’s most amazing about Rando’s many bodybuilding accomplishments is the fact that he has been blind since his teenage years, a so-called “disability” which has never held him back. Today, he is not just a successful bodybuilder but also a successful bodybuilding trainer. Rando’s wheels are among the best in the 202 class, so we got this inspiring athlete’s quad-training tips and quad routine.


* “I train quads once per week on a separate day from hamstrings to give most my full focus.”

* “I usually alternate a workout in which I start with squats or leg presses and finish with leg extensions [as in the sample routine] with a workout that begins with leg extensions followed by squats and leg presses.”

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