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NO – to nutrition supplements and YES – to healty food

No food supplement can make initially incorrect workout efficient. That’s why the majority of highly advertised food supplements are simply useless. If your combination of training, natural food and rest is unsuccessful don’t believe that any food supplement can improve it. Most probably, the problem is that you either train, or eat or rest improperly. Find the reason of your failure and get rid of it; only then you’ll be able to ‘grow’ and only then it will be reasonable to experiment with food supplements.

A lot of beginners firmly believe that their muscles start growing as soon as they start taking one or another food supplement. When they don’t see any growth they direct all their enthusiasm not to organization of correct trainings and nutrition but to experiments with another ‘miracle’. They simply don’t understand that any food supplement is useless without considered training, balanced nutrition and full-fledged rest.

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Glutamine Powder

Glutamine keeps the first place among amino acids that our muscles and blood contain: it amounts half of all amino acids. Our organism requires so much glutamine because this amino acid fulfils vitally important functions.

One of the main features of glutamine is its influence on the processes of protein synthesis and decomposition. Glutamine intake stirs up protein synthesis and slows down its decomposition. It’s connected with the process of cell hydration: cells deprived of water ‘fall into’ catabolic state while cells well ‘impregnated’ with water on the contrary ‘launch’ the process of anabolism.

Addition of glutamine powder into your nutrition ration is useful in case of low-carbs diets that cause 25% reduction of glutamine level in our organism. Glutamine suppresses ketone formation (ketones are sub-products of fat metabolism) that increases when you stick to a low-carbohydrate diet.

Glutamine is characterized by anti-catabolic effect: it blocks cortisol (the main reason of disintegration of muscle proteins) activity in our muscles. Researches show that glutamine directly suppresses cortisol interference into muscle protein synthesis processes.

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