Bodybuilding Nutrition Basics

It is possible to train full-bore on squats, dead lifts and a few other great exercises, but if you are not adequately consuming the building materials your body requires, you can rest assured that you will not achieve the gains you desire. If you can’t get the necessary combination of training, ordinary food and adequate rest to deliver good steady gains in muscle and might, you should not even think about taking any non-nutritional bodybuilding food supplement.

The studying of practical and effective nutrition and training is not only great, but it is necessary. However the purpose is to help you build a stronger and better developed physique, not just to educate you for the sake of doing so. You should aim to apply the learning with every ounce of drive and desire that you possess.

Vitamin and mineral supplements, unless you find you are seriously deficient in something, cannot make an immediate impact on your training, other than the placebo effect in some cases. However, what they do if taken in the long term, is benefit your health which will then allow for an increase in training longevity. A good potency and well-balanced vitamin and mineral formula taken all the time not only will benefit bodybuilders, but would benefit everyone.

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Goodbye Knee Pain?

Pycnogenol’s dual benefits make it an ideal bodybuilding supplement

Looking for another line of defense against that knee or shoulder pain that’s been bothering you? A patented compound from the bark of the French maritime pine tree (Pinus pinaster) may be the answer.

The bioflavonoids and polyphenols that are within Pycnogenol are similar to the compounds in red wine that contribute to its ability to improve heart health. Studies have found the compound to have a variety of benefits, including decreasing blood pressure and improving skin health. Several recent studies report that Pycnogenol can also decrease joint pain while improving joint function. This makes it an excellent choice for bodybuilders suffering from pain in their knees, shoulders or other joints that have been overworked from years of heavy lifting.

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