Dennis Wolf Has More To Lose Than To Gain at the Olympia

For a guy who was on many people’s short list to unseat Jay Cutler at the 2008 Mr. Olympia, Dennis Wolf sure has come down more than a few notches. That year, he finished fourth in a decision that many felt he didn’t even deserve. He announced that same evening that he was going to compete in the next Arnold Classic but an injury prevented him from doing that.

With a full year between contests, Wolf showed up at the ’09 Olympia extremely off and did not even place. That was a total shock to not only his minions but Wolf himself. But did the big German shoot up the list too fast, only to come back to reality?

Looking over his professional career, Wolf seemed to have peaked between 2007 and 2008. He finished fifth and fourth, respectively, in those two years at the O. At the 2006 Olympia, he did not place and has won only one show overall (2007 IFBB Keystone Pro Classic). Wolf has taken third at his two New York Pro appearances (2007, 2010) and seventh at the ’06 Europa Super Show.

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Sex for bodybuilder: necessity or hindrance?

Among bodybuilders broad different opinions about the influence of sex in the life of an athlete, on his power rates and the rate of progression. Some argue that having sex interfere on the normal recovery between workouts, others believe sex useful to progress in strength and endurance.

So how does sex actually affect bodybuilding? First, we will understand the arguments of each side.

What wrong see fans of dumbbells and weights in frequent sex? First, the process of recovery, so necessary for normal development and progression of bodybuilding is unthinkable without rest and healthy sleep. And it was in a dream and that is the desired recovery and super compensation of muscle fibers, which are so eager sportsmen. Opponents of sex in the period of training argue that too often, her personal life interfere with normal sleep and rest, because of what the muscles do not have time to recover and progress is minimized, or else non-existent.

In addition, semen contains a large amount of protein, so necessary for recovery and growth of muscle tissue. And its losss, especially before bedtime seems to be very painful. Of what will build muscle? Moreover, now the body has to expend energy and the same protein to create a new sperm – and this again happens at night, when the much needed energy for muscle growth.

As for those fans of weights, which argue for the existence of a regular sex life, they are also very reasoned. And their main argument is the quantitative content of testosterone (male hormone) in the body bodybuilder.

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Bodybuilder Workout Tips

The Ideal Bodybuilder Workout

Bodybuilding is a great sport but will need a lot of commitment and hard work. The emphasis is to build the muscles to a point that the body can accommodate. A bodybuilder workout for beginners will focus mainly on losing fat and gaining muscle. When the muscles are present, the bodybuilder workout will then focus mainly on making these muscles bigger and to maintain their size as well as adding to this.

Beginning the Workout

For beginners, the first thing you need to do as already mention is lose fat and gain muscle. Losing fat with exercise is initially done by doing cardiovascular exercises. If you already have no problem with fat in the body, then you might be interested to know that there is a particular diet that complements a bodybuilder workout.

The workout will be more effective with the aid of a special diet that addresses the needs of a bodybuilder. When you have the right diet, you must understand how this is maintained in order to maximise the growth of your muscle. By maintaining a diet that addresses the needs of the bodybuilder, you can ease yourself into weight training and an effective routine.

A bodybuilder muscle routine can be expected for the initial phase of your program, this can make your muscles feel sore for some time, especially during the first few times that there is an increase of weight or resistance.

Some simple Tips for the Beginner

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How Much Protein Should you Consume?

Make no mistake, heavy weight-training greatly increases protein requirements. The leading researchers who study protein requirements for athletes like Dr. Peter Lemon and Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky and leading sports nutrition experts like Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale have clearly shown that the protein needs of athletes are higher than those of ordinary folks(1,2,3). But remember, don’t get caught up in the mindset that you should only eat as much protein as you “need”. If you eat more than that the only consequence is that you will get leaner or possibly it might decrease your appetite too much.

Ideally, a 200 pound hard-training athlete or bodybuilder should eat at least 30 to 50 grams of protein at each of five or six small meals each day. 50 grams of protein is equivalent to one full chicken breast or two and a half small hamburger patties (there are tons of websites that give protein and calorie values for various foods that allow you to track your food intake).

Most top bodybuilder’s never allow more than 3 or 4 hours to go by without eating protein and they eat at least six meals a day. Their daily intake might include two to four protein shakes or meal replacement drinks since it can be difficult for even the most dedicated athlete to get adequate protein or an adequate number of meals from regular food.

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