Superdrol Cycles

Superdrol, shortly called SD, is a powerful orally active steroid. In fact, Superdrol is considered to be among the most powerful steroids on the market. Superdrol (SD) is just the trade name but the main ingredient is actually called either Methasterone or Methyldrostanolone.superdrol-methasterone-odin-pharma

  • From the name “Methyldrostanolone” you may understand – it is a methylated version of Drostanolone. However, except for allowing oral administration, Superdrol is very different from Masteron in terms of being way more powerful. It was nicknamed “Super” Anadrol. Anadrol is often called Drol shortly. Therefore, it ended up in SuperDrol.

Those who used Anadrol know how powerful the steroid is. And now imagine what Superdrol is capable of doing. The steroid has a high oral bioavailability that kicks in the system really fast. That’s why users are capable of seeing drastic results from using the compound shortly after starting a cycle.

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However, Superdrol is an extremely powerful orally active steroid. That’s why SD is very likely to cause negative side effects. Especially when talking about liver health. That’s because Methasterone is known as a very hepatotoxic steroid.

In the end, it is very important to learn about Superdrol cycles. You should learn how to use it properly, otherwise, you risk your health.

What to Know About Superdrol Cycles

Superdrol cycles are usually pretty short – they only last a few weeks. They are taken in short bursts to offer a drastic boost in physique and performance for a short period. Is not recommended to run Superdrol cycles more often than 2-3 times a year.

The maximum a Superdrol cycle should last is 6 weeks. We do not recommend using this compound in longer cycles because you greatly risk your liver health. But you could run it for only 3-4 weeks better. This is going to make it less toxic to the liver.

  • We highly recommend using a cycle support supplement that would help you protect liver health during all Superdrol cycles. Use supplements as they could help protect your organs and stay away from various side effects.


Most commonly, Superdrol (Methyldrostanolone) is used to kickstart a cycle made of injectable steroids. Usually, injectable AAS take a while until they kick in the system. So, oral steroids like Superdrol are added to “boost” the cycle from the very beginning.

By administering it, your workouts would become easier. You would recover faster after each workout too. You are going to get way stronger. Most users report a surge in strength within the first weeks of using it. But you are also going to pack on muscle mass too. In a very short period, users are capable of adding 10-20 lbs of muscles.

Dosage During Superdrol Cycle

Superdrol dosage is in the range of 10 mg and 40 mg per day. We do not recommend using higher doses because it poses a big risk for your health. Anything over 40 mg a day of Superdrol is a huge dosage. In fact, 40 mg a day is already too much for most people.  

  • We recommend beginners to start at 10-20 mg a day and only if you have more experience to increase up to 30-40 mg a day.

Regardless of the daily dosage you choose, we recommend dividing the total daily dosage into at least 2 doses a day. Once a day administration won’t maintain stable blood levels.

You can stack various different steroids with Superdrol. The compound can be used for cutting and for bulking. That’s why, which steroids to add is up to your goals. Nonetheless, in whichever case, we highly recommend avoiding adding any other oral steroid. Superdrol cycles shouldn’t be used with other orals because this would offer way too much liver stress and hepatic damage.


Also, remember that you should run a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after each Superdrol cycle. This compound is suppressive to natural testosterone. Additionally, a PCT would normalize your HPTA, liver function, etc.

Example of Superdrol Cycle

Beginner: week 1-2 Superdrol 10 mg; week 3-4 Superdrol 20 mg.

Intermediate: week 1-6 Superdrol 20 mg a day.

Professional: week 1-6 Superdrol 30-40 mg a day.

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